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Reading List for 6th Grade

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 6th grade reading list - assigned literature for the school year

This year Zachary and I will be sitting down together quite a bit to review his reading and I am very much looking forward to that! In years past with our girls, we typically wait until we are finished with the book, but this boy requires a little more…umm…hands-on to make sure he is staying on target with his reading. Much of the time together will be spent talking about the various books and discussing the story lines in-depth.

In addition to his assigned reading list, we are trying to push him outside his comfort zone a little and have him choose a book he wants to read for fun. While our girls were both voracious readers and this wasn’t hard with them, it has been more of a struggle with him. That’s not to say he isn’t getting there, but there are so many other exciting things in the life of a sixth grade boy.

A Peek at the Assigned Reading List

6th reading list 2016

Several of the books on this list are based on the Ready Readers 2 guide that we are using this year for literature and reading, or the alternate suggestions. A few of the books also tie in with the historical period we are studying as well. During the week we are using Ready Readers to look at our current book and take a comprehensive look at the conflict, plot, setting, characters, theme, literary devices and author of the stories. The guide provides us with a fabulous set of questions (and answers) to get us started – and it has already been great! 

Additional Reading

Along with the above books, I’ve pulled together some additional books using the  Reading Roadmaps guide (also put out by Center for Lit). Overall, I’m really appreciating the book suggestions it offers for grades K – 12. Although it doesn’t offer the same in-depth questions and comprehension as Ready Readers 2, it does provide some basic information for discussion (theme, plot, and conflict) for all of the recommended stories.

We’ll be filling out a book report form, story chart, or creating a simple literature summary for the below books (including plot, characters, setting, theme/conflict, and one literary device used in the story). Overall, the goal to have Zachary learn more about various aspects of literature and assuring that he has a firm grasp on key literature terms, literary devices, and knows how to look for those things in his reading.

What books are on your kid’s reading list for this year?


Additional Reading Lists

American Literature high school reading list 2016_edited-1

8th reading list 2016

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  1. This list is for my 7th grade ds, who is reading at lower than grade level. Some we “buddy read”; others I will be reading to him. Some are “just for fun,” while others are selected to tie in with our world geography study this year.

    Charlie’s Raven
    Hans Brinker
    The Jungle Books
    Magical Melons (read Caddie Woodlawn this summer)
    Nory Ryan’s Song
    Swiss Family Robinson (maybe)
    The Incredible Journey
    Peter Pan
    The Wheel on the School
    Trumpet of the Swan
    Bill Wallace titles–Pick of the Litter; No Dogs Allowed; A Dog Named Kitty; Beauty

    The list for my 4th grade dd is still in progress. She, too, reads below grade level and finding something that’s not too difficult yet not too babyish is a challenge. At the moment she is reading the familiar picture books.

    What I hope to read to her:
    Finish the Paddington series (4 more to go)
    Stuart Little
    Trumpet of the Swan
    Wizard of Oz
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Maybe begin the Cleary books

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