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Quarter Mile Math {Review}

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I will be the first to admit that drilling our kids in math is one of my weakest areas. Mainly because I dislike drilling, they dislike drilling and then there is general unhappiness all around. Even though our kids do well overall in math, their speed and fact skills could really use a little help…okay…truthfully, a LOT of help.

I was sent a GREAT tool that stopped our kid’s whining and complaining and they are literally begging for more! Barnum Software sent those on the Homeschool Crew the Quarter Mile Math program {Levels 1, 2, & 3} Deluxe program to review and our kids have fallen in love with it.

Quarter Mile Math is geared toward kids from grades K-9 and helps improve mental math skills {and their keyboarding too!}. Kids ‘race’ either a horse or a race car to be the fastest to the finish line. Each correct answer that kids give helps their horse/car gain speed and their scores are shown at the end of the race. During the race, kids compete against their own best races – so they can compare their current score and see how they have done over time {click here for a quick video demo}

Features I love:

  • The kids stay on the same problem until they get the answer right.
  • The ‘game’ aspect encourages my kids to keep playing and try to do better with each game {my kids are very competitive!}
  • Even when the kids get an answer wrong, their horse/car doesn’t stop or slow down {i.e they aren’t penalized}. For a few of my kids this really helps them not to be discouraged!
  • The software helps focus on specific skills and we can track their progress – which is great to see.
  • Printable topic progress chart so I can keep track of how the kids are doing
  • The website offers a special section for homeschooling families with additional resources and support for homeschoolers.

Just in the short time that we have been playing it, Zachary has learned several row of letters/numbers on the keyboard and can identify them very quickly now. He is thrilled that he can play along with this game too! Even though he is in the beginning stages of the program, it’s one that will grow along with him. I even installed it on my laptop so the kids could play during breaks in our school time ~ and playing with Mommy’s laptop is a BIG deal in our house {so you know that Mommy likes it}.

Barnum Software has a topic list that summarizes the range of topics and problems that the math software covers – and there are over 323 of them! Main areas include: Numbers and Letters, Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Estimation, Percents, Integers, and Equations. The sub-topics include so much more! This is something that our family will be able to use for years to come.

The software is available in either cd-rom format or as a download from their site. If you’d like to give it a try before you buy it, they have a free demo available on their site. Quarter Mile Math has two different user options ~ the Deluxe version and the Standard CD version available to order

~ The Deluxe version requires internet connection, although you do not play online. It is $2.95/month, or $19.95 per family for a year. DSL or cable internet connection is required for this option.

~ The Standard version is actually a cd-rom and is a one time purchase of the software that installs directly to your computer’s hard drive. Depending on the levels chosen, this option ranges in price from $39.95 to $89.95.

The software is Windows {Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, and Vista} and Mac compatible. See the site for more details on the Mac compatibility. Barnum Software also has a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Overall, I am so excited that we received this to review and am looking forward to using it this year with out kids. And the fact that I’m willing to give up my laptop to let the kids use it ~ well, that just speak volumes about the product! :)

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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