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Purchasing Velcro in Bulk {Reader Questions}

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There are several things that I use quite a bit of ~ laminating pouches and velcro. After the year that I spent what seemed close to a gazillion dollars in velcro dots at Walmart, I went looking elsewhere to find better prices.

A heads up ~ buying velcro in large quantities is not for the faint-at-heart. I found a friend who has an obsession about the same level as my own and we split the cost and the goods between us. For the same price as purchasing about 4 boxes of velcro at Walmart, I had about 50 times the amount of velcro.

Needless to say, I won’t need more anytime soon. :)

Here are some great sources online to purchase velcro in bulk. Typical velcro dots at the store are about 5/8” in size. I purchased the 3/8” white velcro dots for our Weekly Grid Workbox System from Textol Systems. Textol does have the larger 5/8” velcro dots, but we purchased them much cheaper at Feiner Supply {and Feiner often has a free shipping offer on orders over $50}.

A few things to note:

  • You need to purchase both sides of the velcro ~ the hook {scratchy side} and the loop {fuzzy/soft side}
  • Most of the velcro comes in black or white {I usually buy white}
  • The velcro comes with an adhesive back

Hope that helps a few of you out!

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    This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    1. It’s actually $50 for their minimum order at Feiner’s, but my order is placed and on its way.  Can’t wait to get it and finish up the project.  Thanks for emailing me this info!

    2. Momuv3princesses says

      I tried Feiner Supply not realizing that the order needed to be over $50. I tried to split the order up with others in our local  homeschool group and it still didn’t work. So I ending up buying off ebay. It was actually VERY SLIGHTLY cheaper than Feiner Supply and I only had to lay out $10 (but it also took almost a month to come). You had totally given me the idea to look for the stuff in bulk! Thanks!!

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