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Preschool Corner: Three Letter Word Printables

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So, how about some more printables? The title of the cards still makes me snicker every time I read it – makes me think of four letter words…and well, then I laugh. Somehow it just makes the printables seem like something they are NOT. They are educational ~ and all words are safe for your children to use. {grins}

I got the idea for these cards last week when visiting Clemencia’s site. She posted about a literacy game she had picked up at a thrift store and since I don’t have the game, but loved the idea, I put one together last night. The pictures aren’t puzzles in mine, but you could easily make them simple four piece puzzles.

Click on the graphic to download and print the document.

The printable has twenty pictures of words that are spelled with three letters. I made letter tiles with both lower and uppercase letters {’cause each child is different}. You can use the picture as a prompt for your child to sound out and spell the word pictured.

I haven’t uploaded the pictures of Zachary playing yet, but he is having too much fun trying to spell and read right now, so this is a perfect time for this game for him! Hope you all will enjoy it too!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    where can i download the “Three Letter Word Cards ~ Free Printable” ? thanks

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