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Preschool Corner: Peeps and the Real Meaning of Easter

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The title really does sum up our week. The local schools were on Spring Break this week, meaning kids were knocking on our door all.the.time and there were many distracted kiddos on hand.

That’s not to say we didn’t actually accomplish the basics, but the rest of our fun focused on learning about the true meaning of Easter ~ and blowing up Peeps in our microwave.

Sad, but true.

Resurrection Eggs

First we used our set of Resurrection Eggs along with the LOVELY printables that Carisa put together to help teach and review the REAL reason for Easter. I had one of the older sets, but managed to lose them somehow, so I ordered a new set this year. We had fun reading the Easter story from different Bibles this week too.

Resurrection Eggs

Both of the boys are really enjoying the eggs ~ and we’ll be using both the eggs and the printables each day until Easter. Kaleb was especially fond of the donkey in the first egg. :)

We also played the Build a Bunny game together ~ Kaleb and I played the puzzle part of the game and Zachary did the drawing part of the game {it’s a two page printable, so don’t panic when you open it!}.

Peeps War

The best part of the week? Blow up a Peep or Peep Wars. We sent a good quantity of poor, unsuspecting Peeps to their microwave demise. Really, it was an experiment of sorts. A very fun experiment.

First, we put two Peeps in together to see how long it would take them to either explode or melt…hopefully not catch on fire. Would the color of the Peep make a difference?  Here is the first round of competitors and their time in the microwave:


peeps 30 seconds

peeps 45 seconds


Tasty, no? We had fun doing multiple rounds with the Peeps to see if they would actually blow up or if they heated up faster if just one was in at a time {they did}. The boys were VERY fascinated with the whole process. :)

Additional Resources

Here are some links to some other great Easter resources around the web:


Stories & Books We Used

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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