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The Preschool Corner Guidelines

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To help answer any questions about The Preschool Corner, I am posting a few guidelines here:

  1. What is The Preschool Corner? The Preschool Corner began when I decided to start posting “preschool only” things that I was doing with my preschooler to have a better record of the things that I was doing with him during the week and also have a “quick reference” for others to follow. Being able to click on the “Preschool Corner” folder and read/review what we’ve been doing during the year is extremely helpful to me (and hopefully to others too!). I turned it into a blog carnival so that others can partipate and we can get great ideas from each other!
  2. How do I participate? First, put together a post on your blog for The Preschool Corner. Tell everyone what you’ve been doing during the week and post pictures if you have them! Please be sure to include a link back to my site so that people are able to find other bloggers that are participating in the carnival – feel free to use The Preschool Corner graphic in your post if you would like). Then publish your post. Once you publish, copy your permalink and head to my site. You will find my Preschool Corner post and at bottom will be a Mr. Linky. Add your name to the list. Please use your permalink and NOT the main page of your blog as your URL.
  3. When will the links and entries be posted? I will be working on putting up my posts on Friday/Saturday, so be sure to check on those days for the most recent post.
  4. Can I use previously published posts? Absolutely YES. You can enter the URL for a prior post during that week or you can write a new post. Please only use one Mr. Linky one time with each URL.
  5. Can I link to a You Tube video of a great idea? If you have a great video with ideas to share, link away!
  6. Can I use the Preschool Corner graphic? Please do!! It will be at the top of each of my Preschool Corner posts and is also on my sidebar. Feel free to grab it!
  7. Can I link up to both Preschool Corner and another carnival. Yes! I know that some of you do weekly wrap-up posts with your other children too and it’s fine if you want to link up to Preschool Corner and another site too. All I ask is that you please link back to Preschool Corner somewhere in your post.
  8. Please mention The Preschool Corner and link back here to the master list.
  9. Please feel free to email me with any questions or if you need more explanation of Mr. Linky.

Ready to join us? You can see the most recent Preschool Corner posts simply by clicking HERE. The top post will be the most recent one. Looking forward to having you join up with us and sharing ideas!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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