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Preschool Corner ~ Animal Sorting File Folder Game

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While we still went through our usual routine this week, I’ve finally been getting back into a groove and getting ideas for some new printables.

So of course I have to put some together and test them out on my own kiddos, right?

Both of our boys love playing with animals {especially our Schleich animals}, so we gathered all of the animals that we could find around the house and had some fun playing and sorting and sorting and playing. Zoo animals, farm animals, ocean animals ~ they came from near and far to be a part of our school time.


A little later we sat down to play the Animal Sorting game that I put together. There are three different types of animals ~ farm, zoo, and ocean animals that need to be sorted and put under the header where they belong. Each animal type has 9 different animals in that category and has it’s name listed along on the card.

Zachary and Kaleb both had fun playing with this printable game and I set it up differently for both of them. Zachary spread the game out on the counter to sort the cards, but the file folder {with velcro dots} helped Kaleb have a more defined area and visible amount to sort {the printable shows how you can set it up with velcro for younger ones}.

We also used the cards for Zachary to read and identify. On a few of the cards I changed the words to see if he was really sounding out/reading or just visually identifying the pictures. For example, instead of saying ‘panda’, that picture card says ‘panda bear’.

Animal Sorting Game Collage

Click on the thumbnail to download the pdf file

Reading & Phonics

Zachary is sitting down every day to read with me, but we mix it up a little bit as to what he reads from. Two days a week he gets to pick a Scholastic reader {the little square red books} and the other two days he reads a few pages from the Beehive Reader 1


We’ve been learning about nickles and dimes in the last two weeks, so we’re practicing counting by 5’s and 10’s ~ I have a skip counting printable coming soon for these!

Zachary is doing great telling time to the 1/2 hour so now we’re moving on to the quarter hour. Both of the girls are working on Roman numerals, which makes Zachary want to learn them too. Our main clock in the house has Roman numerals on it, so he has been having fun trying to figure out the time on that clock. :)

We also pulled out our Number Card printables to sequence numbers and start learning some of the early Roman numerals {one and five}.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your animal sorting activity! I’m a speech therapist and was able to use it in my session today to focus on a variety of expressive language skills, such as prepositions, spatial concepts, and vocabulary building. I am so grateful for your generosity!

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