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Preschool Corner: All About the Letter Ee

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Eggs and elephants were the topics we covered this week for class. Once I started with the elephants it was a little hard to stop, especially once the handprint came into play. :) Too cute and too fun.

Be sure to check out my Letter E post from last year too for some additional ideas to use for the letter E, including a printable collage sheet, a different alphabet page and games.

Before I forget, if you are looking for the links to past alphabet posts, they are all at the bottom of the blog in the footer.

Alphabet Book

You’ll Need:

  • Gray paint {we had fun mixing black and white together}
  • Paintbrushes
  • Green markers
  • Pink ‘ears’ for your elephants
  • Googley eyes
  • Wet wipes {for quick clean-up}

To Make:

{Note: I cut out the pieces ahead of time since we have a short amount of time and a lot to do ~ otherwise I would recommend letting the kids cut out their own pieces as much as possible!}

1. Mix up the paint {if needed} and have kids color grass along the bottom of their alphabet sheet.

2. Paint your child’s hand with the gray paint, completely covering the fingers and palms.

3. Have your child place their hand on the paper {fingers pointing down toward the grass on the bottom} and gently press hand onto the paper so that the paint transfers.

4. Add an ear and an eye to your elephant and paint a thin tail.


Elephant E ~ This week our letter craft for that looks like the letter we’re learning about was a fun little elephant. You can see it up close and get directions in my E is for Elephant post.


Egg Matching ~ I put numbers on one end of a plastic Easter egg and the same number of dots on the other end. The kids had fun counting the dots and finding the number match {works great if you either mix up the egg colors or use all the same color egg}. They also counted out pieces of elbow macaroni to put inside, depending on what number was on the egg.

Uppercase/Lowercase Matching Game ~ Found a great letter E matching game over at Homegrown Hearts where the kids sort upper/lowercase letters. Be sure to check out her other E printables.

I Spy ~ These are things that we found either in our classroom or brought from home to share for show and tell. Can you find the things we spied? {this will print great as a 4×6 print}.


During our group time, we took a raw egg and put it into a jar filled with warm water {it sank}. I made some observation sheets for the kids to predict and record what would happen when we added salt to the water.

We added a LOT of salt.

And it finally floated up to the top {thank goodness}.

Songs and Rhymes

During our group time we sang the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and then later replaced the word ‘ears’ with other body parts: elbows, eyes, knees, hands, etc… and the kids had fun trying to see if they could throw those things over their shoulders.

One of the boys is VERY flexible and can put his foot over his shoulder!

Additional Resources

Be sure to check out another one of my posts for some more ideas for teaching the letter E. There are some different activities and printables in that post too!

Stories & Books We Used

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Timmonsjr says

    I am a stay at home grandmother working with my one grandchild who is just one.  I love this handprint E idea (and lots more things I am looking at!!) and would love to know if you have done the entire alphabet with handprints, fingerprints.  I would love to create this with my grandchild, not only for her, but as a loving keepsake for her parents!

  2. I have a lot of hand print ideas…email me, beverly at westexhart@yahoo.com

  3. I saw yout Alphabet book a while back and lost the print outs I had made. They were like the one above with the hand print elephant for E…I had a copy of all the pictures to make for A-Z. How do I find them again? All I find now is the E. Thanks

  4. Hi,
    I just found this site and was wondering how I get a copy of the hand print pages for A-Z? Looks like so much fun and I think our preschoolers would really enjoy this.


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