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Plans for Next Year ~ Preschool Corner {&5K too}

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Preschool CornerSeveral {ok…way more than several} of you have emailed and asked what in the world we will be doing with Kaleb next year for school. Is he moving up to 1st grade? Will I be finishing up the rest of the literature based printables that began this year?

The short answers are no and yes. {And yes, I enjoy being difficult! ~ grins}.

Kaleb’s birthday falls at the end of November and at the moment it’s a little hard to place him grade-wise {well, based on the public school timeline it is}. Because there are different activities that we participate in, we have to say he is in PreK or K or whatever appropriate level applies.

BUT…at the moment he isn’t quite ready for 1st grade for various reasons ~ some skills that he hasn’t fully grasped, the need to ‘mature’ a bit so he can work on different skils…and while I flip-flopped back and forth trying to figure out how to handle it, I realized something.

We homeschool.  Kaleb can be mid-year and that is ok. As he is ready to move up to the next level, he can. {Yes, that would be a ‘duh’ moment}.

{For the record…it’s ok to be mid-level ~ I’ll give you permission, m’kay?}.

So the LONG answer {assuming you are still reading this} is that we will still be working on literature-based printables and other printable packs and adding in additional curriculum pieces to round out our year. When Kaleb is ready to move up, we’ll just ease into it.

That would be the beauty of homeschooling. We can work on what is appropriate for each one of our kiddos.

And I’m ok with that.


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  1. So glad you answered before I asked..lol Were following behind you and your site has been so helpful. Even with Pinterest, I still come back to you for some awesome ideas =)

  2. Carissa R says

    Thank you for sharing.  I am in exactly the same boat – son with a b-day end of Nov.  I went to a convention over the weekend and went back and forth between K and 1…  Thank you for permission! :) Love the freedom homeschooling allows (although after teaching public school for 8 years, I sometimes forget…)

    • I know just what you mean! :) My other thought too in doing it is that it’s easier to bump him UP later, but so much harder to hold them back when they actually understand what is happening. It’s not that he’s failing anything, he’s just literally caught in the middle! :)

  3. nicole pope says

    Too funny girl!  My daughter turned 5 in February and would start kindergarden in the Fall if we were going to public school but we started K work on her birthday.  People ask all the time what grade she’s in and I’m like, “errr, kindergarden, a little 1st, some preschool?!?!”  It took me a long time to be ok with her not having a grade level like her friends do.  I’m the one needing to be de-schooled!

  4. Courtney says

    Right with you on the mid-year. My oldest daughter is ready to move on to second grade in some areas (like handwriting! LOL) but is definitely not ready in more important areas…like reading. ;) So we just keep plugging along. She’s made such great progress this year inn her reading that I have a feeling she will some day catch up, but I’d rather let her move at her own pace than develop a hatred of reading!

  5. I really appreciate this! My son will turn 5 at the end of November, and I am thinking of starting kindergarten with him mid-year. But I am hung up on the same thing, and even though I haven’t started or made my final decision, I am still getting puzzled looks from people, wondering why I would do that to him and have him be “in between.” I want to do this based on his readiness, so thank you for your permission. :)

  6. 7nickels98 says

    Hi!! This is this first time I am going to follow a blog. I LOVE this one though ;) i watched your “how to pronounce my name” and cracked up at your first few comments – especially about the 80s and 90s (i grew up in 80s – but was never found of those slangs :). You have a beautiful name though :-)

    ok. So back to my “real” comment. I just wanted to encourage you. I have 5 kids. I sort of group them as 3 olders (13, 11, 9) and my munchkins (5 – on Sunday and 2). I will sidetrack & say I wish this sight was around for my two older guys ;). My 11 yo son’s birthday is October 21. So I ran into that issue. I had many friend with kids born in that year too – earlier in 2000 (wow time flies :). Tyler “technically” had to start school the next year. I didnt care. He was ready. So I taught him. Actually he learned to read when he was 4. He is now avid reader. He is reading the Hobbit and he (on his OWN) read the falla y detective, which is is frequently pointing out my fallacies when I speak ;-). Now my 9 yo daughter was a little different. She has had struggles with dysphagia, but overcoming them beautifully. My oldest is so focused it almoat scares me that I gave birth to such a focused kid (that LIKES pre-algebra! Lol :). I digress..as always..lol! The beauty of homeschooling, though stressful at times – more than I would like to admit – is that we get to teach, challenge, and embrace our blessings exactly at the place that they are! I am so blessed that God called me to this!! Sorry for rambling! I just completely empathize with that feeling of being on the cusp. Just meeting the kids where they are is ok with me too! Thank you “Yo” or “Lanty”…Jolanthe – so beautiful ;-)

  7. And that’s the glory of homeschool :)

  8. yay for the the ah ha moment (not a duh moment)!  Sounds like you have a great plan for Kaleb next year!  I’m excited about convention (going to do some planning there) :-)

  9. I actually talked about something similar in my post this week!  I struggled the last couple of weeks with when to start Kindergarten with my 5 year old.  Should I start more formal lessons now (while he’s asking), wait until the traditional school year, or after his 6th birthday in December?  After much deliberation, I realized the same thing last week…WE HOMESCHOOL!  Who cares when we “officially start” or if I stretch a school year out longer than average?  I will declare him Kindergarten this fall for church activities and such, because he is mature enough to move up with his peers (and too mature to be with the incoming 3 year olds), but I’m happy with the decision to start lessons now.

    • We have some subjects we’ll move up with….and some we’ll just keep plugging away at {no worries!}. The only thing that makes it difficult are those classes {like at church} that do it all by grade level. :)

  10. Kei Jager says

    This post could not have come at a better time as my husband and I are planning for next year w/ our boys (will be 6 and 7) and in the beginning early phases of planning for our daughter who is almost 3. I get so frustrated that there is this feeling that if you shove off the tradition and what is “normal” you are made to feel like you’re doing something wrong.  How will I explain to people if my traditionally graded 2nd grader is ahead scholastically  and doing 3rd grade work? Or if my daughter who wouldn’t be able to begin traditional school kindergarten until she is practically 6 years old begins homeschool kindergarten as soon as she turns 5, will I be doing something wrong?
    Anyway, thanks for the “ok” and for  reminding me that my family is not the only one facing difficult decisions. I feel more resolved in our decisions now. Thanks :)

  11. My daughter’s birthday is in November, too, so even though I did some preschool with her I have another year to figure out what we’re doing. :) 

  12. Momneverstop says

    Hello  in there–This is Moo-Maw. I would love to sign up my daughter to receive
    your Bible Activities Bible story crafts.  I am asking and will pay for her to receive
    because the Bible story crafts are given of the Lord.   I love the Jacobs ladder craft.
    Jennifer also works at a day-care , in puppet ministry and a very busy mom.
    Pl ease e-mail me of how to receive that of this ministry Bible Activity.
    Thank you,   Moo-Maw   momneverstop@yahoo.com

    • Hmmm…I’m not sure what you are referring to, so I think you may have my site confused with another. I’m sorry that I can’t help you out, but hope you can find the site. :)


  13. Both my girls have February birthdays so that would be really tricky for us in PS. My oldest is gifted so she really would’ve been bored because of the age thing.  My little one seems to be more on track for her age, but with her bday also being so late and her attitude being so strong it could go either way with her. lol  So grateful that we can homeschool and give them an education meant for their abilities. 

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