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Paperwork and Tea Time

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Just when I think that I’ve managed to get into a good routine with our school year, we start a new year and there are all sorts of fun, new things to throw into the mix. While our oldest {7th grade} is working a bit more independently in her schoolwork, an added benefit to me {oh, that is SO tongue in cheek} is keeping up with all of the paperwork and correcting. The older the kids get, the paperwork seems to grow exponentially in some areas.

grading papers

I so love paperwork. {Please, note the sarcasm.}

This school year has managed to absorb even more of my overall time {more planning, grading, reviewing…}, but it’s all a good thing. Really, truly. There are days that I feel a little bit overwhelmed. Sometimes a few more than I would care to admit.

Slowing Down and Focusing

One thing that I’ve started to do with the girls this year is have a weekly tea time. They each have their own special time with me – one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. The main intent was to review schoolwork, talk about assignments, and make sure we were on the same page with things, but it has really been such an added blessing to our week.

tea cup

While we do get all the paperwork covered, it has been a time where we can chat, share things that have come up during the course of the week, and just enjoy being together. Essentially, it’s a time to be intentionally focused 1:1 on the child in front of me and connect with the heart inside.

One thing I’m learning through all of it is to just slow down. It’s a season where I am having to put a few things aside in order to focus on what is important and needs my immediate attention.

And that’s a good thing.

But don’t think those little boys running around the house want nothing to do with mom. Now they are wondering when their tea hot chocolate days are going to start.

I really wouldn’t have it any other way.


Do you have focused 1:1 time with your kids? How do you carve special time to share with your children?

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I love that you have a separate tea with each the kiddoes. I have 4 myself and I think that this is an idea that would go over really well in my house. I try to make a quiet tim with each one at some point, but this makes it so special. Idea —stolen :)

  2. I love the idea of tea 1 on 1. Right now in our house each kid gets 2 nights a week before bed to read with me. I let them pick whatever book is interesting them at the time. It has been a nice, quiet way to end each day. I think I will implement tea time for my 2 older who work independently while the littles nap!

    • We are loving bedtime reading too. So much more reading going on since I made separate piles for the girls and boys…but more time. But I LOVE this time with the kids!! :)

  3. I love this! I have 3 boys, so it would definitely have to be hot chocolate! :-) One thing I try to do a couple of times a week is have each boy pick a book and we go in my room and shut the door and read together on my bed. They think it’s pretty cool to get to hang out on mom and dad’s bed together! Or, if we don’t read, we play a board game together (although I often say no to Chutes and Ladders…that has to be THE MOST frustrating game in the world! :-) )

  4. What a neat way to intentionally connect with your girls each week!

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