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Our School Year So Far – Three Weeks Down…

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Three weeks down in our school year and we’re back into our full routine. So far, it’s been good with a little bit of attitude thrown in one day {grins}. Want a peek at how it’s going?

Picture Smart Bible

Everyone is loving the Picture Smart Bible so far. Kaleb is using the set of printables that are already filled in and having a wonderful time bossing telling the other kids the words that need to be filled in the blanks. The coloring – well, that’s enjoyed by all.

Nancy Larson Science 4

This past week we added history and science back into our weekly schedule. About two minutes into our Science 4 lesson on microscopes, I remembered that I was supposed to get batteries for said microscope last week. We only spent about fifteen minutes trying to find the mini screwdriver to open up the bottom {sigh – I love it when I forget to write things down}.

Kaleb is LOVING his Science 1 program. We’ve been talking about human development and the peanut gallery in the rest of the room is not always helping when they chime in with answers. While I am so glad that they remember the answers, sometimes it nice to hear the one who is supposed to be working on the lesson {big sigh}.

In history we’re learning about the War of the Roses and also Ferdinand and Isabella. Am I the only one that doesn’t remember much of this from my days in school? Makes me all the more determined to find ways for our kids to embed this info in their brains. {grins} Do you know what two houses fought during the War of the Roses and how it ended up being resolved?

Home Art Studio

That’s just a bit of what we’ve been learning. We’ve also working on handwriting, math, language, spelling, and reading. This week we’re pulling art into the mix – there’s a little first grader who keeps dropping the Home Art Studio DVD in front of me and begging.

All I have left to do is finish up a reading list for the girls that goes along with what we are studying in history. While I love that they are reading on their own, I really want to make sure that they are reading some quality books during the year in addition to the ‘fluff’ reading {please tell me I am not alone in this?}. On the same note, it reminds me that I need to pick up a few of those non-fiction books in my pile and put down some of the fluff reading I have next my bed too {grins}.

How is your year starting out? Are you back into your routine?


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Nicole @ Journey to Excellence says

    Wasn’t the War of the Roses a nasty divorce between Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas where it ended with them both falling to their death off a chandelier? Yeah, that’s how much history I remember from childhood. And it’s even sadder that I remember that movie. Sigh. Thankfully my kids love history so I am getting a second chance! :)

  2. I am all about quality book, fluff reading does not educate but entertain, both have their place. but not necceraly in the classroom!

  3. Krista Guerrero says

    Glad to hear your school year is off to a good start. We also are on our 3rd week and it is going well, except for when I lost my temper and screamed during our Latin lesson. :( It seems that the kids get a bit hyper towards the end of the school day and are as eager to be done as mom, but they show it in a different way. They jump up and down and want to be in charge. That was a good lesson in having patience and not getting angry. Fluff reading has its place, but I compare it a bit to cereal. Sugar cereal tastes good but has little to know nutritional benefit to the body. I don’t feed it to my kids. Fluff books, well, little to no benefit to the brain, depending. There are just way too many great books to read to spend time reading junk. At least that is my opinion. My problem is I have a bookshelf full of great books to read, but it isn’t getting done as much or as fast as I would like it to.

    • I am so glad they want to read, but trying to explain to a few of the kids why a book from a ‘fluff’ series is great for personal reading time and doesn’t count as school reading can be tiring. :)

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    • Krista Guerrero says

      I know. My 9 and 12 year old have taken a sudden liking to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. I prefer this to nothing, but there are so many better choices. I hope their zest for reading these carries over to other things. They do learn vocabulary from reading and that is a good thing.

  4. woohoo so glad things have been going well! We are doing well so far as well! I am adding in Home Art Studio this week as well :-)

  5. That is my favorite time in history! The War of the Roses was the House of York (white rose) and Tudor (red rose). Henry VII (Tudor) killed King Richard III (York) on the battlefield and then married his niece- princess Elizabeth, whose father was King Edward IV- uniting the two houses. That’s the (very) abbreviated version of it! I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate this time period (they are 4 & 6 a bit too young for the details of this part of history, I think :) for now I just bore my husband with it ;)

  6. Getting beyond fluff is also a goal of mine. My kids tend to like the “cartoony” books – not a lot of substance. I am going to try to have them pick one-two books from the library that they enjoy, then one that is more “scholarly.” Also trying to do the same thing for me. My friend and I are going to start a “long distance” book club as a fun way to keep in touch. First on our list is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    I appreciate your list of non-fiction books as well – need to read more
    of those too! Hard to do in the midst of homsechooling – usually am longing for a “lighter” book.


    • I was just in complete shock at our library last time I went. The stuff that is in the pre-teen/teen section is ridiculous and trying to convince my 12 year old that there are things in the normal kids’ section that is great reading – well, good grief. Because quite obviously the library staff knows what they are doing, right? The books in the kids’ section are for little kids {ha}. Go figure why there are copies of things like Moby Dick, etc…and lots of great literature in that section, while the other section is essentially all vampires, magic, or whatever else you can imagine. {sigh}

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