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Young Living Essential Oils

In 2013 our family made the decision to begin using essential oils. It was a decision we talked about in length, but both my husband and I wanted options that focused on our overall health and would make us less dependent on so much of the stuff that we ingest without thinking about it.

To be honest, it took me some time to even consider essential oils. I may have thought my friends using them were a wee bit crazy. Silly me. By being here, you likely realize where that thinking got me, right? A huge supporter of essential oils.

(Feel free to call me a wee-bit granola. It’s ok.)

Our Start in Essential Oils

What began as a way for us to use more natural products has completely changed what we turn to when something happens. Now the first thing that our kids ask for are oils. So much of what we used has been replaced with essential oils that have made a difference in our lives.

It only took a few months for us to see results and that has turned into a desire to share what we have learned and experienced over the last few years. Since our decision to use essential oils for family wellness, I cannot even begin to tell you how much we have learned (and still have to learn) and love Young Living essential oils. They have been such a blessing!

How to Become a Young Living Wholesale Member

premium starter kit offer

To become a Young Living Wholesale Member, all you have to do is choose an enrollment kit, or starter kit. There are several different kits to choose from (my favorite is the Premium Starter Kit – shown below). All kits include products and resources that will help you start your essential oil journey.

As a bonus, when you sign up with me, I will send you some helpful FREE gifts. They are resources that I wish I had when I had joined and such huge helps!

Take a Journey with Essential Oils

When I joined Young Living, I signed up as a wholesale member instead of a customer because there was a 24% discount as a perk to members (I’m all for saving money!). The Premium Starter Kit is the best deal, including the most commonly used oils and a diffuser that spreads the essential oil love throughout the house. Below you’ll find more information on the Premium Starter Kit – a great way to get started with essential oils.

Inside the Young Living Premium starter kit_edited-2

This kit is SO much better than the one that I signed up with several year ago – mine didn’t include a diffuser! The diffuser is now included and the kit is still only $160. This kit in addition to the above bonus materials you’ll receive from me is really a great deal!

There are ten 5 ml bottles of oils with see-through labels included in the starter kit: Thieves, Lemon, Copaiba, Peppermint, Lavender, Purification, R.C., DiGize, Stress Away, Frankincense, and PanAway. Inside the diffuser set there is also a 5ml bottle of Stress Away with a roller ball, so overall eleven oils for you to start using right away.

You’ll also receive 2 Ningxia Red samples, oil samples of Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, Lavender, and Peace & Calming to share with friends, and an AMAZING home diffuser!

Ready to Start?

Sound like something you are interested in? Here are the quick and easy steps:

  1. Buy a Premium Starter Kit for $160 {email me for instructions homeschoolcreations@gmail.com}
  2. Receive some FREE gifts from me.
  3. Start your new oily journey!

What should you do now if you want to sign up?



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to sell oils to others? No. You aren’t obligated to sell any products. Many members just join for their personal use.
  • Is there a monthly purchase commitment? No. None. If you wish to purchase oils for yourself, you can order whenever you would like. There are no yearly membership fees either.  To remain a wholesale member, you have to make $50 worth of purchases per year to keep your membership. If there is a year that you do not make a $50 purchase, simply reinstate your wholesale membership discount by placing a $50 order.
  • Will I be pressured to do more? Absolutely not. I will email you every now and then to see if you have questions or need help, but you are never need to worry about pressure from me!
  • What if I want to do more and build a business? Great! We can definitely talk more about that together. Email me for more information.
  • How will I know which oils to use and for what? One of the benefits of my bonus promotion that I’m offering is the reference guide book and app – both are huge helps. You will also have the opportunity to join a private Facebook group, just for questions about essential oils.
  • What is Essential Rewards?  It is the monthly shipment program that Young Living offers. I use it and place an order every month.  I have a set date and can change what I want to order at any time.  To maintain your Essential Rewards status {and get reduced shipping, credit for free oils, and access to monthly promotions} you have to place a minimum 50 PV order each month.
  • Why would I want to enroll in Essential Rewards? Honestly it is totally up to you! If you maintain 50 PV you are eligible for reduced shipping {9.99 regular is dropped to 6.99}, and you will earn points redeemable for product.  Being enrolled also helps you remember to keep using your oils and slowly you will gain knowledge and reply on them more and medications and other products less!  That’s what has happened to me!


Let’s Chat More

I would love to introduce you to Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils! Please feel free ask any questions and connect with me.

The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. Additionally, remember that I am not a doctor and any health statements must be verified by your doctor. Any statements made are my own opinion and from our family’s personal experience. Your experiences may differ.

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