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Oh the FUN Weekend (Really, not Really)

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This past weekend the kids had their first swim meet of the season. They’ve been looking forward to it for the last few months, especially in seeing their improvement since last year and the end of summer league. Competition is a little more intense at this level, but all of the kids have handled their attitudes well with the focus being improving their own times and strokes. Placing is great, but we really want them to focus on encouraging others and knowing they are doing their personal best in an area.

We left the house bright and early for a two hour car drive to the meet. Guess what – the sun doesn’t come up until close to 7am around these parts, so 5am is dark o’clock. (Side note: a few of my kids are WAY TO CHATTY for 4:45 am. For real.)

The boys started out the meet with their events. Swim. Sit. Repeat. Times were improved and all was well. Afternoon session the girls had their events and the boys headed outside to play for a bit. And then the fun really began.

Kaleb came in, sat down in front of us, and quietly began to cry. I noticed after a few minutes that something was wrong (he is our quiet sufferer). He held his arm and through silent sobs said his arm hurt.

buckle fracture xray

Hurt was really an understatement. While playing outside on some lovely chin up bars, he’d fallen onto his arm and fractured his radius (although we didn’t know that at the time). One of the parents from the competing team was also an orthopedic surgeon and after a quick look at his arm recommended a trip for x-rays.  We iced him up, supported his arm with a magazine and an impromptu sling made from his sweatshirt, and headed out.

Kaleb distracted by football

Fortunately there was a hospital about 5 minutes away, and we were able to hit the ER there (somehow our ER visits lately always happen while we’re out of town…).  Rick and I were texting each other with updates (he was in the waiting room with the older three and I stayed with Kaleb in the ER). When I pulled up the tv channels to distract Kaleb, he immediately picked Fox. I was confused why he would pick that, until he looked at me and said, “Mom, it’s Saturday afternoon – college football is on.” He is SO his daddy’s boy! But – the crying stopped and his focus was elsewhere (grins).

Kaleb with splint

X-rays did how a buckle fracture (small, but still there) of his radius, Two hours later we were on our way back home, all splinted up with the promise of a cast sometime this week. Not especially the way we wanted to spend the weekend, but on the bright side it wasn’t a serious break and it is his left arm so he’ll be able to do much for himself.

All in all, while a break isn’t ideal, we are truly amazed that in almost 15 years and 4 kids (especially with Zachary!!) this is the first bone break that we’ve had! Deep discussion has already taken place over various cast colors. Currently in the running are either green (because it’s his favorite color) or dark blue and white for the Cowboys. Gotta love that boy!

How was YOUR weekend!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. momteaches2 says

    Praying for your little guy! My daughter is in a cast right now after breaking her wrist/arm when she fell off her scooter a few weeks ago. She, too, has a buckle fracture in her radius and a fracture in the growth plate in her wrist. I pray he is pain-free and up being a kid soon!

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