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New All About Reading Program!!

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Tomorrow the All About Reading Level Pre-1 program will be released! Level Pre-1 teaches preschoolers and kindergarteners a very specific set of skills that we call the Big Five Skills. These five skills help young children understand the basics of language and how it works, preparing them to learn to read.

With All About Reading Level Pre-1, your child will play special games, enjoy little crafts, and engage in charming storytime activities–all the while absorbing these all-important Big Five Skills.

Free e-book #1Free e-book #2

To celebrate, they are giving away TWO free e-books for preschool and kindergarten children: In the Kitchen with the Zigzag Zebra and Safari Stories with the Zigzag Zebra.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of the new reading program and cannot wait to see the rest tomorrow ~ but don’t forget to sign up for the two free e-books now!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Why couldn’t they have come out with this before I’d bought a curriculum that was for kindergarten AND 1st grade?

  2. Jolanthe – It is great! I have mine already and just finished getting ready to start with one of my little guys tomorrow. :) Like everything else Marie Rippel does, this is excellent.

  3. I ordered ours on Friday and I can hardly wait to get it. It should by here by Friday!!!

    • Mine is on the way too ~ can’t wait!!

    • I went and looked at the samples this morning and now I’m even more excited. It so lines up with everything I learned about early literacy as a teacher. So now I don’t have to go around searching here and there for bits and pieces of curruculum that line up with how kids learn to read. It’s all in place!

    • I’m realizing more and more that it is often WELL worth it to get a
      program that has it all included so I don’t need to run off in random
      directions trying to remember all that I need to gather. Sanity makes me
      happy. :)

  4. Photojenics says

    I’ll be interested to see how this would work for those of use trying to use regular AAS to teach reading. I’m on Level 1 Step 6 with my little guy, and he just read his first two stories from the Level 1 Vol. 1 reader.

  5. I’m excited about this new program! I love AAS, I’m wondering if you know how soon they will come out with more advanced levels?

  6. Gerryfamily5 says

    Hi Jolanthe, I’m knew to your blog and have already put into action a variety of your links. We just used “your” morning board for the first time this morning and they LOVED it!! I am homeschooling my twin boys who will be 7 in May. They also have a 4 year old brother. I was wondering what you have used for teaching your 4 kiddos to read before this program? I want to add the AAS program but want to know if they should be reading before I do? I have been using Explode the Code and lots of day-to-day reading with them but am hoping for more productive suggestions. I feel as though there awareness of the sounds is more important then the sight aspect at this point. Please let me know what you think and also any of of your other blog readers! My husband and I just want to do what is best for them, especially teaching them at home! Thanks for all your great posts!! I look forward to implementing more of them in our day-to-day routine! Hope your move was successful and you have started to settle in! =) -Leah

    • For our older two girls we just plugged along ~ I never really used a
      specific reading program for them, but we did start using All About
      Spelling with both of them about 2 1/2 years ago. I also started Zachary
      on level 1 of All About Spelling when he was in kindergarten and we use
      the readers along with the program too. The Level 1 reading program will
      be released in June. I’m excited to use the program with Kaleb {who is
      now 4} from the beginning ~ mainly because it is all in one place and I
      won’t be piecing together a bit from here and a bit from there.

      The spelling program has been a wonderful help already because it helps
      explain the phonics rules and rule breakers and I love that you can use
      it with children on down the line since it is non-consumable!! THAT is a
      huge blessing. The step-by-step lesson plans are also fabulous and the
      reading program is set up similarly {so I don’t need to even think about

      does that help out any?

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