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Life on the Farm ~ Preschool Edition {Review}

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We R Fun

When I first received a box from the We R Fun company and I opened it up to find the preschool version of Life on the Farm, I hid it on the fridge and out of the kid’s sight for two reasons:

  1. They would want to play it right away.
  2. They would want to play it over and over again.

I was right…but fortunately for me they didn’t see it until I was ready for them to see it! Because when it made it’s debut, the kids were VERY excited ~ especially since they beat me every single time {and can I just say, I don’t care much for losing???}.

Life on the Farm Preschool

We have been playing with the preschool version of Life on the Farm and I am very impressed with the quality of the game and the durability of it! And if you know Zachary {our 5 year old} well enough, the fact that it survived the first 10 minutes of play is proof enough of that! I’m thrilled because it’s also going to be a great game for Kaleb {almost 3} to play ~ and it’s rare that he plays along with the big kids. Usually games are too much above his level, but we can easily help him out with this one.

About the Game

Life on the Farm is really simple to play and the kids caught on right away. The game board is made of five foam puzzle pieces that go together quickly. Once put together, there is a path of colored squares that take players around the board, with farm animals along the path.

Preschool Life on the Farm

Each player has a thick foam barn that has places to put different farm animal pieces into {pig, sheep, goat, cow, horse, etc…} and you collect the pieces by landing on certain squares. Traveling around the board is easy too ~ you draw color cards from a pile and move to the appropriate color square.

My Thoughts

Do I like this game? Yes, I do!!! One of the main reasons that I would recommend it is the quality of the board. We have a lot of board games that meet an untimely end in this house because the boards are folded in the wrong direction and ripped apart. The ‘game board’ itself is made of a thick foam ~ as well as the game pieces. Huge bonus points from me on this point!


A few more things that I love:

  • the colors are bright and vivid
  • the graphics are cute!
  • each game piece has a different shape: heart, circle, square, etc…so you can also work on naming/recognizing shapes
  • the game focuses on colors to move around the board, so you are also working on color naming skills
  • helps with puzzle skills too as kids put the animals in their barns
  • and the obvious ~ naming farm animals, etc…
  • it’s non-toxic…for all those little ones that might like to chew on pieces while watching their older siblings play

Find Out More

If this is a game that your little ones might be interested in {and don’t complain to me if they beat you over and over again…}, you can purchase the game through the We R Fun website for $20 {plus s/h}. The game is also available through Amazon {$19.99}. We R Fun also offers a version of Life on the Farm for kids ages 8 and up that might work for your family too!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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