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Letter Tiles ~ {Reader Ideas}

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One of my readers recently linked up this idea that went along with the Read! Build! Write! Mats and I not only loved her pictures, but wanted to share it with you all too. :)


Carissa from Stella’s Apron Strings has quite a collection of letter tiles that she has accumulated from various games. Many of them have been picked up at garage sales, Goodwill or other thrift stores very inexpensively and then Carissa stores the pieces in a jar to use with her kids.


Instead of using letter tiles, the kids have fun using pieces from Boggle, Upwords, Scrabble and other games to build words. Thanks so much for sharing, Carissa! Hope that this helps some of you all as well!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Sandy Brasingoton says

    My kids would like this!!! Got to get them some.

  2. Wonderful idea!!

  3. Thank You Jolanthe!!!!  I think Goodwill is going to have a rush on customers today! :-)  I appreciate all that you do and share!!

  4. I’ve thought about doing that SO many times.

  5. I love it!  Every time I am at Goodwill I look for games to play with like this!  I got so excited when I saw UpWords in a “junk” cart the other day, and my kids like the number tiles from Rummikub too.

    • Yes, Rummikub is a good one, I had forgot about that game.  Also another one would be banagrams.  I found to Upwords and one Lastword game in one day at an old thrift shop in our town.  Bought all three for less than 2.00.  Can’t imagine what the lady at the counter thought??? :-)

    • ugh, I meant “two”, not “to’.  Yikes and I’m teaching my children to spell!!! :-)

  6. This is such a cool idea!  We have tons of letter tiles bt also game pieces from Scrabble.  Thanx for this idea from Carissa.

  7. Great idea Carissa!  One day after promising myself that I would NOT stop at any garage sales, the weak, pathetic person that I am caved and stopped at an intriguing display of “junk on the lawn”.  There I found an old nuts and bolt container that the woman sold me for all the coins I could find in the bottom of my purse and under the carseat mats (seriously – I felt so bad about not being able to offer more, I was digging through all the crevices of my car!).  Anyway,  for $1.67 I now have a storage container for all my little letters – great to easily pull out what you need for beginning spellers who get overwhelmed by having all the letters out at one time.  I also like the joy of dollar store paper craft letters or foamies.

  8. Mommylahdee says

    Love it!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi! I’m big fan of your blog, so I must tell you that I find another blog with your Preschool Corner posts. I’m not sure – maybe you know about it, but, if you don’t, you should know that “they” are copying other bloggers posts:

    Take care,

  10. Great idea!!! I always pass up the board games at yard sales b/c many of them have missing pieces. However, this would work for all of my children preschool to grade 4. I can’t wait until spring to get back to those yard sales and find some board games pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I thought those were keys from old keyboards at first! That would be another way to do it and upcycle at the same time. :)

  12. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! My students will love these activities.

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