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Learning About Argentina ~ Lesson Plans & Links

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We’ve officially ‘landed’ in South America and our travels are starting in Argentina! Here are a few fun facts about Argentina before sharing about our time in Argentina.

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world {and the second largest in South America ~ behind Brazil}. It is roughly the size of the U.S. east of the Mississippi River, about 1/3 the size of the United States. The border between Argentina and Chile is well-defined since the Andes Mountains provide a natural border {over 3,000 miles long!}.

The climate has extremes ranging from subtropical in the north to arid/sub-Antarctic in the far south. You can sit on warm beaches…or watch ice break off glaciers, depending on where you are visiting in the country.

You can view the other countries that we’ve studied in South America on my South America geography page.

Here’s a peek at our ‘travels’:

Week 1 Layout


  • Introduce new song about Argentina from Geography Songs {see words below}
  • Use atlas and globe to locate Argentina; read in the atlas about Argentina
  • Read one of our books from our bookshelf about Argentina

South America

Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia,

Ecuador, Peru and Chile and Bolivia,

Uruguay and Paraguay, Brazil and Guyana

and Suriname ~

These are the countries of South America.

The French have French Guiana.

The British have the Falkland Islands.

Brazil is the biggest country and

Chile is the longest.


  • Review geography song
  • Learn {and review} some terms: plains, pampas, mountains
  • Independent reading from bookshelf
  • Filled out the map of Argentina using our notebooking page


 Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


  • Review geography song
  • Watched a LOT of video clips from World Zone Live {there are some great clips here}
  • Independent reading


  • Review geography song
  • Children Just Like Me book {Carlitos, p.12-13} and notebooking page
  • Talked about the variety of geography features in Argentina ~ from beaches to the areas close to the South Pole; mountains to plains
  • Read book together on Argentina {from our bookshelf}

Week 2 Layout



Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


  • Review geography song
  • Watched a video with the national anthem
  • Talked about some of the animals in Argentina ~ there is a huge variety of them! The mountains are home to llamas and condors, the southern part of Argentina has cougars and pudu {the world’s smallest deer}, the coast of Patagonia has elephant seals, sea lions, and penguins. The waters off the coast have dolphins, whales and orcas.
  • Read together one of books from bookshelf




  • Review geography song
  • Summarized one of our reading books and copy summary/dication
  • Bought Dulce de Leche…because mommy was too lazy to make it. :)
  • Added our notebooking pages to our binder and stamped our passports!

Books We Used

Resources and Websites



This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Bethany Steffy says

    This is sooo fascinating! I appreciate you taking time to put this on here for others. We are fixing to do a study of Argentina and I am finding it hard to get what I want for the kids.

  2. Any easy Argentina craft or hands-on activity for K-2? We are studying world cultures in our co-op this year and have Argentina coming up in a couple weeks.

  3. World Zone Live links don’t work for me. I tried to google it and don’t see it. Help? Thanks!

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