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Laid-Back School ~ Preschool Corner {& 5K too!}

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After returning from the conference this past weekend, I was wiped…and apparently so was a little 4 year old.  He spent the first few days of the week s.i.c.k., but still wanting to do some school things with me.

Our week consisted of a lot of reading together and then fun with some favorites and some new things too. As a family we’re using a new history curriculum and Kaleb has been sitting in on the lessons. As we read, he colors a page along with us. We also started using a FUN new Bible with him ~ My First Hands-on Bible. We have the older kids version of this Bible {the Hands-on Bible and we love it too!!}.

As we read through the stories, there are little ‘handprints’ that give little suggestions of things to do at that point in the story. The handprint in the text below you to the handprint in the sidebar which gives the following suggestion: “Pretend you’re a snake. Can you move around without using your arms and legs?”


The end of each My First Hands-on Bible story there are ideas {things to talk about, activities, a prayer, and a ‘Jesus connection’ that shows how Jesus is the center of all Scripture, even when He isn’t mentioned. Kaleb is so excited to have his own Bible so he can be a part of our school time too. :)

For math time, Kaleb is learning about time {to the hour} and wants to practice writing his numbers all the time and we’re occasionally using pages from our Abeka Math K book.


We worked on several more lessons in our All About Reading Pre 1 program {lowercase d and e}. Kaleb loves the letter crafts and ESPECIALLY Ziggy!


One of the things that we spent time reviewing this week were the syllables in words. Kaleb had Ziggy say the words we were sorting and then put them under the correct syllable number column.


Before you let this next picture fool you…Kaleb really does not know how to play chess. The older kids are trying to teach him…and I will admit that he knows more about it than I do! Rick sat down to play with him in the afternoon, and it was just too cute not to take a picture. Kaleb asks the kids each day to play with him. :)


Everyone is feeling better now and next week promises to be much more fun….how are things going in YOUR house?

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    This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    1. Thanks for the link for the Hands On. Santa may slip that in a stocking this year..lol

    2. Great lessons.  That Bible looks fabulous!  I have so many chlidren’s Bibles, but may need to put another on my list. :)

      • I know ~ I get sucked in with all the Bibles! Those two are some of my favorites though!! I love the hands-on activities that go with them. :)

    3. It still looks like you had a great week of learning!  That bible sounds great!

      • LOVE it!! :) It was supposed to be a birthday present for him…but I caved since it went along so well with what we started this week. :)

    4. Samantha Packer says

      Awesome! Sorry he was sick! I am looking foward to your Thanksgiving pack! My son has been LOVING the new Kindergarten additions!

    5. LaToya Edwards says

      I have been looking at that bible for my emerging reader as well. I think I may get him one. We have been on vacation for the last two weeks and was planning on starting this week but my little ones had a stomach virus in the beginning and by the time they were better  I was wiped out so we’re just hanging out!

    6. Poor Kaleb – it’s no fun being sick. :(  I’m glad he’s starting to feel better!

      Glad to know I’m not the only adult who doesn’t completely understand chess! ;)

      • Everyone in my house (well, other than Kaleb) knows how to play thanks to a coop class. I suppose I should break down and let them teach me…

    7. You know, I have never heard of those Bibles–but they look really fun!  Can you tell me which ages they would work best for?  Which age would you get the regular “Hands On” bible for as opposed to the “My First Hands On Bible?” 

      • first hands on would be more preschool/kindergarten with the activities and the other hands-on Bible we started using last year for 1st grade and up. :)

    8. Christina Medei says

      How Funny! I just ordered the My First Hands on Bible for my wee ones the other day! Im so excited to see them enjoy it! Not waiting for Christmas though, i had it shipped two days w Amazon (gotta love Prime) and it should be here this morning. Ive been trying to make Bible time more interesting for them and this looks like the ticket!

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