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The past two weeks we’ve been slowly {and I mean slowly} working our way through the book Katy No Pocket. Based on the fun we had making the bag book to go along with the Legend of the Easter Egg, Kaleb wanted to make another one for Katy No Pocket {directions on how to make a bag book are in that post above}. We used quite a few of the printables from the Homeschool Share lapbook and a few additional ones that I had from an Australia and kangaroo teacher’s guide sitting on our shelf.

This book was a lot of fun to read and we both noticed that there was something in the story from a past book we read together – the Hotel Bellevue from The Red Carpet!!  In addition to reading the story together many times, here are a few of the things that we did to go along with Katy No Pocket.


As we read through the story, we counted the animals on each of the pages. On the last page of Kaleb’s bag book, Kaleb made a tally mark for each animal he found in the story. It was a lot. And he did a fabulous job with the tally marks! Yay!!

We counted ears on animals, babies, pockets on Katy’s apron, tools that fell out of the box – you name it, we counted it! We also measured the distance that we could each jump and compared it to how far a kangaroo could jump. Can you guess who could jump longer?


Little Passports Australia

This was a great story to talk about the continent of Australia and get a little geography time in. We happened to also have a packet from Little Passports for Australia that we hadn’t opened yet, so it was the perfect time to use that. Kaleb loves the online activities that Little Passports offers {it’s not just the packets in the mail!} and the best part for him was creating some Aboriginal artwork of a kangaroo. We had this on our list to do, and I had no idea it was a part of the online special treat – so it was a win/win!

During our geography time we also talked about islands and the flag of Australia, as well as the different cultures in Australia. Kaleb cut out a small version of the Australian flag and then taped it to a straw.


Our science time was spent learning a LOT about kangaroos. We talked about marsupials, the parts of a kangaroo and how a baby kangaroo develops and grows, the names of a mom/dad/baby kangaroo, what kangaroos eat – and so much more!

Art Fun


Drawing a Kangaroo

Drawing is always fun, so we added a page in our bag book of simple directions on drawing a kangaroo.

kangaroo toilet paper craft

Kaleb also made a fun kangaroo pop-up out of a toilet paper roll. This boy loves his crafts and I so often tend to overlook that!! {this was from one of the Evan Moore books – so I don’t have a link!}.

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  1. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    We had LOADS of fun with Katy Kangaroo! Just love FIAR. I love the toilet roll kangaroo- too cool!

  2. Such a cute kangaroo craft!

  3. Katy No-Pocket was a favorite row of our last year! I made an apron full of pockets for my son and his friends. They stuffed little animals in and hopped all over like Katy :-)

  4. Courtney Klueh says

    Thank you for hosting and for posting literacy rich activities. I get so many ideas not only to use at home with my 4-year-old but also for my work at the library.

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