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Isn’t Summer Supposed to SLOW DOWN? ~ Preschool Corner {& 5K too}

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Preschool CornerSomehow I was under the impression that school being out {a.k.a. summer break} meant that we would be slowing down. Instead it seems that we are jam packed full of activities and I am wondering if things will relax anytime soon.

The older kids returned from a 3 day camp on Sunday, only for me to throw everything into the washing machine, dump clothes back into bags, and then we traveled for a looooooong time Monday to spend some time with family at Great Wolf Lodge.

 Great Wolf Lodge-1


The kids absolutely loved it. Especially Kaleb who is now able to ride the bulk of all rides. His confidence level in the water has also increased, so it was fun to be able to play along with him and let him enjoy it all as well.

Great Wolf Lodge-2

The older kids were super-sweet with him as well and helped him out whenever they could. McKenna helped him ‘jump’ across the lily pads in the pool several times, which he was so excited to do.

Fish eating smaller fish-1-3

We also made a pit stop at Cabella’s on the way home and started watching the fish in the HUGE tank right at feeding time. The kids all saw first hand the food chain ~ watching the little fish cluster in fear as the big fish circled around…and then had lunch. So many of them were swimming around like the above fish for quite some time, and Kaleb kept shouting “WHOA!!! Look at that fish!” Elephant at Cabellas-1

There were so many animal displays throughout the store and it was fun to show the kids some of the animals that I saw in Africa ~ and some that I didn’t see as well.

Storm Clouds Brewing-1

Thankfully we beat the bulk of the storms home {aren’t the clouds amazing and a bit intimidating all rolled into one??}.


Blackberry picking

Kaleb and I finished up the week picking blackberries together in the woods while the older kids had swim team. We managed to pick enough to make blackberry ice cream for dessert last night {yum!!!}. Kaleb loved helping get that ready ~ and eating it too!

That is a sum-up of our rather busy-with-travel week. We drove. We swam. We ate ice cream.

The end.

What did you do this week? Link up and leave a comment below to let us know. Be sure to visit a few others on the list this week and say ‘hi!’.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Looks like a great week!  Busy but great!! The Great Wolfe Lodge looks like a super fun place!! 

  2. We have a Great Wolf near us and I’ve wanted to try it out for a while now.  It looks and sounds like a lot of fun! 

    I know what you mean about summer not being ‘slow’ like you imagined!  So far ours has been super busy, but with lots of fun and planned busyness like yours. 

    I hope y’all continue to enjoy every minute of your summer together!

    • It really was a lot of fun. I got sick ~ but mainly because of the temp and the chlorine {which is what happens to me with indoor pools}. Otherwise, it was MUCH fun when I wasn’t sick!! :)

  3. We have a GWL not far from here, but it’s pricey for a big family. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for discounts. 

    Love it that I find LOADS of printables here, and a lot in the linkups as well! Hooray! 

    • We got a GREAT discount for our trip and have had it planned for quite awhile. We also aren’t planning any summer vacations, so this was a HUGE treat for the kids and us as well. :)

  4. Thanks for hosting preschool corner! Glad you are enjoying your driving, eating, ice cream eating, summer! Sounds fabulous!

  5. Fun, fun! Did you know that GWL has a special homeschoolers rate if you go M-Thur? At least the one in Williamsburg does.

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