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What I’m Reading (and the Kids Too)

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This month my reading pile is rather slim, mainly so I can focus in on the few remaining books on my 2016 reading list. While my overall list is fairly small, the kids and I are still reading together and those books are also listed in my ‘pile’ below. If I’m reading it out loud, it certainly counts for me too! :) 

I’m also hiding a pile of books for myself when my hubby and I travel next month. We will have plenty of time to sit and relax, so a stash of books is a good thing to have handy. Here’s a peek at what is on my pile for the remainder of the month. 

The Kids are Reading…

What I Read in September…

Out of all the books I read during this past month, I was about exhausted reading Benjamin Franklin. It’s been interesting reading some of the books along with our high school lit class (and seeing what Benjamin Franklin omitted from his autobiography). I also branched out and read The Light Between Oceansnot realizing there is a recent movie release of the book. I suppose I’ll be adding that to my ‘watch’ list as well. I also absolutely loved Roseanna White’s latest book (as I do all of her books). 

That’s it for this month! What are you reading for yourself or together with the kids? Leave a comment and share. :)

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Padma Krishnan says

    These posts are my favorite. I have to say i have absolutely nothing for the past four months since I have my medicine Board exam tomorrow! I cant wait to be done to get started on my favorite hobby again. I am thinking of audible but so expensive, isnt it, for $14.95 you get only one book, that is pretty stingy ! But we did do read alouds, I am proud to say… we read baby island, and now starting the great Gilly Hopkins.

    • We used Audible for a few months and took advantage of the free credits, but otherwise we pick up audiobooks from our local library. Our librarians are fabulous about taking suggestions for books and that definitely helps the wallet out! Good luck on your Board exam, Padma!!

    • Padma Krishnan says

      I am going to do the same. our public library is so awesome but I do need to learn the technology for using the audio books and am guilty for not doing so. I think there are several vendors for the audio books and each one has a different website and way to download which has been a barrier. but I will work on that.. Thank you Jolanthe!

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