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I had grand plans and posts in mind for this week, but life has a funny way of throwing a curve every now and then. I managed to get all the Christmas paraphernalia down, put away and the house organized and then my hubby had Monday off.

And decided it would be a great time to paint our house. Sigh.

And then Kaleb got sick. Sigh.

Add to that some other ideas that I had and my overactive brain has now gone into overdrive and I’m just exhausted.

See? I can {and do} get tired. I will be back soon and sharing some lovely new things if I can keep up with myself, but for now I’m trying to keep up with the mess in my house, keep everyone healthy, and sleep.

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. AND create kick butt headers — wow, saw it, WOW! You’re good!! ;)

  2. Jolanthe,

    Yes, I came for my daily fix and missed reading you this morning. I’m sorry to hear about the sickness and hope healing comes to your house soon.

    I can’t wait to see the paint. Also, when you’re finished, please come over to my home because I’ve been buried under laundry for the past few days and I’m still ironing.

  3. Get some good rest, even supermoms need a break. Mandatory movie day under quilts & in jammies works wonders. Wish you lived closer, I’d bring you soup & cookies. :)

  4. debra elramey says

    Life can be a bummer. Wishing you blue birds soon.

  5. We have been sick on and off since Thanksgiving! We have missed church for the past 4 weeks or so.. Sickness this year seems to be a little rough but we are enjoying staying in PJs somedays and getting better. :)

  6. I decided to paint too…….. It’s messy.

  7. hehe your guys are crazy! Have fun painting :-) Kaleb and Sammy are sick buddies!

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