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Hurricanes and Coming Back from Vacation

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This week started out with a bit of a storm in our area. Schools were cancelledPreschool Corner in anticipation – so we took advantage of it as well and called it a ‘storm day’ and sat around reading our latest read-aloud, The Mysterious Benedict Society. We snuggled up under blankets, sipping hot cocoa, and waited for the power to go out…but it didn’t {thankfully}.

The plans were to start back with school on Tuesday, but early that morning my niece made her appearance in this world ~ and I was blessed to be there to welcome her…and then so very exhausted from the lack of sleep.  So we did some more reading…when I was able to keep my eyes open.

Lots of Drawing

Draw Write Now fish

And we did some drawing using our Draw Write Now books {have I mentioned that these books are out at our house daily??}. According to Kaleb, between his Star Wars pictures and the ones from Draw Write Now, he has drawn 89 pictures this week {give or take 50}.

Letter Writing Time

fall leaves for Compassion kids

We collected pretty leaves for our Compassion kids and laminated them to send as bookmarks to each of them. The kids went out in search of as many different colors as they could find – so much fun.

Handwriting on Paper and the iPad

Handwriting Without Tears app

Kaleb worked in his Handwriting Without Tears book, but also used the Handwriting Without Tears iPad app. {If you think Kaleb doesn’t look thrilled – he isn’t too fun with the letter G – grins}.

Math Facts Are Fun

Math facts more math facts

Kaleb l.o.v.e.s. the math fact pages from Saxon 1 {he’s the first of our kids to enjoy this part of math}. He is doing a great job and knows many of the facts – but you can see that he occasionally reverses some of the numbers {5 and 6 above}.

Calendar Fun

sorting calendar numbers November calendar

We’re still working on our Daily Calendar Notebooks and happy to start a new month {although we didn’t work in it a few days last month}. In addition to our notebook, we also work on our calendar pocket chart.

With a new month starting, we pulled out our November turkeys and spread them all out on the floor. Last month we were missing a few numbers, so Kaleb put them all in order from 1-30 for me before we started {sneaky me making sure he knows his numbers and all}.

Science Time

Pets fish 

In our Science K program, we’re learning about pets and how they are all different – and similar to us in some ways. We’ve been talking about the different senses that animals have {touch, sight, smell, feeling and taste} and how we care for different animals. This week we talked about fish, so McKenna shared one of her animals with us to be nice {grins}.

How was your week? Any backlash from the storm for you all? Praying for all of those that were affected by the storm!

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  1. I’m glad your power didn’t go out, Jolanthe! Congratulations on your new niece! Great ideas, as usual. I love the idea of making leaf bookmarks for your Compassion kids. I’m always looking for new ideas for ours.

  2. I’m finally linking up! Can you believe it! You and Carisa need to hold me accountable!!!

  3. I just LOVE the idea you did with collecting leaves and sending them to your Compassion Child. It is hard to think come up with different things to send in the mail that are unique, and what you did hit the spot! Awesome!

  4. Love the laminated bookmark idea!

  5. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    Just downloaded the handwriting ap. My four year old will LOVE this! Thanks for hosting!

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