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Homeschool Wrap Up – Weeks 23 and 24

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The last two weeks have gotten us back into a groove (finally!). Taking a week off was much needed, but those winter blahs have set in around here. We’ve had a lot of snow and don’t even get me started on the cold. YIKES! Let’s just say I’m not a fan and would rather be curled up by the fireplace, under a warm blanket, with a  cup of tea, and reading a book. It definitely makes it hard to get in the mood to do school!  But maybe that’s just me.


And somehow – despite my goals from last time – I have no pictures of McKenna (again) other than the one where I fed the girls chocolate cake before breakfast (because I am a FABULOUS mom and wanted it out of the house so I wouldn’t eat it). Meanwhile, I will snack on apples and drink lots of water, ok?

Learning Multiplication with Carrying


Even though he could use the laptop, Kaleb has decided to use just the textbook with me for Teaching Textbooks 3. The past two weeks we have learned about writing dollars and cents out (and that decimal point) and multiplication with carrying. Boy wonder figured it out on the first try! Woot!

Cooking with Mom


Sometimes the days get frustrating and attitudes get cranky – and both parties involved need a little bonding time. Zachary and I had a rough day one Monday, so we ended up in the kitchen making cookies for co-op the next day. I often forget that 1:1 time with the kids is so very important and can make a world of difference in both of our attitudes. Zachary loves to bake and I definitely do not let him help out enough – because to tell the truth, sometimes (ok, many times) it is easier and faster to do it myself. But in that, I miss out on moments like these when he is in his element and having fun. And in the end – all is good.

Portable Homeschool


One of the great things of homeschool is we are portable and able to move anywhere. Because let’s face it, the bed is way more comfy than a desk.

Building Rockets and Growing Crystals

Homeschool Week in Review-9

One of the projects for Laurianna’s science class was building a rocket. Not nearly as intricate as her boat or glider, but still fun! The kids didn’t get a chance to test them out because it was SO VERY cold and we were feeling rather nice at the time, so testing will have to be another week.

Homeschool Week in Review-10

After talking about crystals, Laurianna used salt and water to grow crystals as part of an experiment (the coloring is from the paper they are on).

The Benefits of Co-op

Homeschool Week in Review-17

One of the things that I love about having Laurianna in a small in-home co-op is the chance to work with friends and bounce ideas off them. The group we are a part of has four teens (all working on 9th grade subjects) and we meet weekly for science and literature. I’ve been teaching the lit class this year and it has really been quite a bit of fun.

For each of the books that we’re reading the kids have a 500-600 word paper due. While revisions and suggestions from parents are great, the kids have really enjoyed the weeks of peer reviews where they all read over each others’ papers and give their honest feedback (at times hilarious). It can be really intimidating to share your work with others, but they have been CHAMPS in this process.

Maybe your kids are different, but I can sometimes tell mine that an idea in a paper needs some tweaking or doesn’t make sense and said child doesn’t necessarily agree with the changes. But the same words or ideas from friends – well, suddenly it’s a whole new ballgame (wink).  It has been MUCH fun this year walking the high school road with several other friends.

If you’re interested, you can see our Peer Review Form here – it’s not fancy, but it’s been a great help to us this year.

Ending the Week on a GREAT Note!


Laurianna and I were able to help out at one of the Rock and Worship Roadshow concerts. You all – do yourself a favor and see if there is a show coming your way. It was absolutely amazing. We volunteered to help with Compassion during the concert, but were able to enjoy the entire concert and hear I Am They, Group 1 Crew, Crowder, Tedashii, Jamie Grace (Laurianna’s favorite!), Matt Maher, and Mercy Me. Loved it so much! Tickets were only $10 and it was something we hope to definitely attend next year too – with the entire family!


Needless to say, it was a great way to wrap up our week. It was a late night, but this girl and I needed some time together – and worshiping and serving were a great way to do that!

That’s it for the last two weeks – how has your homeschool time been going? Be sure to share either in the comments or link up with one of the ladies below!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. What a fun night!! Looks like we will have to check it out next year! I so need to let Sammy bake cookies with me.. he would love it and I want some cookies *winks* Way to go Kaleb on the math!!

  2. Joesette says

    I can’t get over how grown up Laurianna is!! It looks like a great two weeks. We’re hoping for warmer weather and less snow here too!
    Could you share more about the in home co-op, that sounds lovely!

    • Just not a huge over the top co-op. There are 4 families and we meet weekly for high school stuff (science and lit), and then the younger kids meet every other week (Legos, Magic Schoolbus, and Spanish). The older kids part has been great though. One of the other moms and I each teaching the high school classes and the other two both help with the younger kids when they meet. We have one other family that is a part of the every other week one as well, so just five families all together. Very different from our large co-op. Much more relaxed. :) Yes, I have to teach every week, but it’s a great group of families and we are loving it.

    • And let’s not talk about the fact that Laurianna is almost 14!!! Ack!!!
      p.s. that co-op meets for 3 hours on Tuesdays afternoons – so keeping it simple. 1.5 hours for each of the group high school classes.

  3. Those crystals are really cool! And, yeah, having a friend offer feedback is way better than Mom offering feedback, even if it’s the same thing. :)

  4. That sounds like a fun week. I really understand the part of taking a break when attitudes get the best of us. I hate to admit how often that happens , but it is so nice to step back and do something free of stress together . I love the idea of co-op time ive been looking for one in our area to give my little ones some time with peers. They hardly ever get the chance to be around other kids.

  5. Penny Rogers says

    Co ops are way more fun that doing it alone. We joined a small family one for marine biology

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