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Homepreschool and Beyond {Review}

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Recently Susan Lemon, author of Homepreschool and Beyond, asked me to review her book. I’ll admit that I let her email sit in my inbox for a few days before agreeing to review it, mainly because I have a hard time reading books that are non-fiction. I do, however, have a preschooler and after reading this statement from Susan, something clicked and I wanted to review her book:

“Many parents struggle to know what to teach their preschoolers. Some take a “hands-off” approach, providing little in the way of educational activities. Others emphasize early academics, drilling their youngsters on colors, numbers, and letters while overlooking play and other experiences that are vital for normal development.

Preschoolers thrive somewhere between these extremes. They need a balanced, faith-based, developmentally appropriate approach that emphasizes relationships, simple daily routines, readiness and reading aloud.

They need parents who make the main thing the main thing.”

Susan Lemon

imageThe subtitle of Homepreschool and Beyond is A Comprehensive Guide to Early Home Education and Lemons provides exactly that throughout her book. While the majority of the book focuses on preschool aged children, additional resources are provided for children beyond the preschool age.

Lemons focuses on providing all children with activities that are developmentally appropriate, not forcing activities on children that they are not ready for academically or even emotionally. Her emphasis is on the 4 R’s: Relationships, Routines, Readiness, and Reading Aloud.

The last ‘R’ is the one that struck the deepest with me. Our preschooler, {as the last of four children} generally gets the ‘mommy leftovers’. This year I am focusing on general themes through literature as the base for all of his learning, so chapter six of her book ‘Teaching Through Reading Aloud’ really hit home for me {you can see a detailed chapter list here}.

Overall, Homepreschool and Beyond is FULL of book lists, recommended resources and would be a wonderful resource for parents of young children to have on hand. Please see Susan’s website for tips, hints, articles and more!

About the Author

Susan Lemons is a homeschooling mother of four. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development and taught preschool for eight years. She is committed to helping new and prospective homeschool families get off to a great start. Be sure to stop by and read her blog at susanlemons.wordpress.com.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Susan @ Homepreschool and Beyond for providing the review product. This review is based on my own experiences and gives my honest opinion.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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