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Helping a Child Who Chews – Chewigem Sensory Jewelry

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Do you have a sensory child at home that chews on things all the time? For children with sensory issues, chewing can be one area that helps them process what is going on around them. For one of our children, chewing has become enough of an issue (clothes, pencils, LEGOs), that we were looking for something safe he could have available to chew on. For us, Chewigem was a much needed help.

Chewigem Sensory Necklaces

Chewigem USA is a family run business that creates oral sensory jewelry for children – both boys and girls. Their products are designed to look more like fun jewelry, so they are more discreet.

Chewigem sensory pendants-16

Products range from pendants (both discs and raindrops), dog tags, bracelets, and bangles and come in a huge variety of colors. The pieces are made from a non-toxic silicone, so they are completely safe for your kids to chew on. The clasps on the jewelry are all ‘breakaway,’ making them even safer for your family. Their pendants and bracelets can also be put in the dishwasher for cleaning (just not the cords) or washed in soapy water.

Our kids received several of the Chewigem pendants and dogtags based on what they typically chew on and how active they chew. For two of our kids (the ones that needed it the most), their necklaces have been such a help. Rather than putting a sweatshirt cord, pencil/pen, or LEGO in their mouth, the Chewigem pendants offered them a great alternative. Because of the colors and styles, they didn’t mind wearing them around the house or in public at times either (we tried to keep them at home, because I didn’t want to lose them!).

Chewigem sensory pendants-25

The Chewigem dogtags were my personal favorite – not too heavy, but perfect for Kaleb, our kiddo with more sensory issues. In a typical school day I am constantly trying to redirect his chewing (usually LEGOs or his sleeves), and it has become a big issue in our school day. There have been holes in clothing and a near choking once (that wasn’t a good day). In the past he has needed constant redirection and then just a few seconds later is back to chewing or mouthing something.

Now Kaleb hangs his dog tags by his desk and puts them on almost every morning when we start school,  especially when he feels the need to chew on something. Chewigem pendants are one thing that I don’t worry about him choking on and don’t mind him chewing!

Chewigem sensory pendants-32

Our other two use them from time to time, and I would much rather have them fidgeting with their Chewigem pendant than a pencil or other item. Zachary wears his while reading – helping so much keeping him on track and focused, as well as keeping the fidgeting down (win, win for me!).


Chewigem USA is a company that I definitely recommend you check out if your family has a child that chews. We have been very pleased with the products we received, and their prices range from $14.95 to $19.95 (definitely worth saving a shirt and a few pencils!). Customer service is very helpful as well and will help you find the right pendant for your child if you need any help. Be sure to visit their  FAQ page for more information. Use code gem10 and save 10 through 4-30-15.

Win a Pendant of Your Choice from Chewigem

Chewigem is giving one reader a pendant! To enter, just follow the directions in the widget below. Giveaway is open to US residents through Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at midnight.

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Note: Chewigem USA is a sponsor of this site and I received sample product for review purposes. This review is my honest opinion and all thoughts are our own.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Just researching the possibility that my son could have Oral SPD. The chewigem could prove useful!

  2. Brilliant!

  3. Those look great. I’ve had so many kids who were chewers who could have used those.


    Grade School

  4. Heather Carter says

    I would choose the gamer dog tags for my son who regularly chews shirts and pencils.

  5. I will pick the tread bangle for my toddler. He will chew on anything.
    I myself stuggled with this “chewing” need when I was a kid.

  6. My oldest could use one of these. The latest victim is her hair. She’s love one of the Miller Heart Pendants as she is a fidgeter, too.

    • My daughter was a hair chewer, briefly. When I noticed that hair chewing was becoming a habit I had her hair cut just short enough to not reach her mouth. I wish I hadn’t had to do it, but I’m glad I did. Besides looking nasty, hair chewing can cause problems if she swallows hair. After about a year we let her grow her hair back out- she had moved on to other things to chew, so now her hair is almost waist length and not chewed!

  7. Oh how this would help our homeschool. I could definitely use a few hearts and a dog tag. This would really help our fidgetting and chewing.

  8. autismfrogs says

    My daughter with autism chews on everything, including her own hands. We have used a variety of chewies but these are so “cool” looking and I love the breakaway clasp. We would love to try the pendant in purple heather!

  9. I’d like to get the dog tags for my nephew because they are “cool”, but I’m not sure if they would be tough enough or if I should go with the Raindrop for stronger chewers.

  10. I like the dog tags, the hearts, the solid circle and the tear drop shaped ones! (Have 4 kids who like to chew, so the variety is FABULOUS!!)

  11. I wish I knew about these earlier! Maybe my kids would still have fingernails if we had used these with them as preschoolers. I am going to order two if I don’t win! I would pick the Chubs or Dog Tag I think. Thanks so much for writing about these!

  12. Hello, I love this idea. I was wondering if there’s any discount code that can be used at checkout? I bought some chewelry once, but my daughter didn’t use it much. I can’t spend the 20 dollars on another product without knowing it will work for her.

  13. Heather Stouffer says

    So excited for this opportunity and this product, my little girl would really like to have the Frozen Fractal raindrop Chewigem :-)

  14. Very interesting. Do they chew on them at times that are not good like out in public?

  15. Joede Fleming says

    My daughter would love the kitty cat pendant. I wish these had been around when she was little. These are awesome.

  16. The dogtag.

  17. My daughter would LOVE this!

  18. My son loves this idea. He has had sensory issues as long as I can remember and we have pens and pencils we can no longer use; shirts that look like swiss cheese, and cars with bent axles or missing wheels! He looked at the website and chose the gamer dog tags because he said they represented him best and they had two different colors.

  19. Breann Grein says

    We love our chewigem’s… It not only is a safe chew but saves on school supplies! So happy I found Chewigem USA♡

  20. Chewigems are such a great idea! I’m sure this is much better for a child’s teeth than chewing up the metal end of a pencil eraser. We will definitely be looking into this for our classroom! My daughter would love one of the kitty pendants!

  21. Tammy Jones says

    Either the dog tag for my son or the tear drop for my daughter.

  22. pickled pandas says

    I would choose the combat dog tag

  23. Sammy so needs this for during school!! I like the dog tags but I also really like the chubes.

  24. Kara VanSickle says

    My girl chews on anything with in reach. She would adore the cat pendants.

  25. Crystal G. says

    I love the fun designs! So many of these would be great for my daughter, but I really like the disc, raindrop, and cat pendants. And the bubba bangles! It would be hard to choose just one thing! :)

  26. Sam Lehmann says

    I love these! I have wanted them since your first post. Increased focus and scaffolded learning! Thanks, J

  27. so my child is not the only one who chews everything????

  28. I’d pick the teardrop pendant! What a great product!

  29. Mindy Johnson Aumann says

    It’s great to have other options than pencil toppers! The dew drops or heart pendants are great for teen girls.

  30. Betsy Unterborn says

    The thick disc!

  31. would be great for my 3yr son

  32. I would choose the dogtags for my son.

  33. I would chose a dog tag for my son

  34. Sash Russell says

    My eldest daughter is always chewing her shirt sleeve or the neckline of her shirts, this would be awesome for her! I remember when I was a kid I had this certain pen cap I would always chew on, that is until one day I inhaled it, choked on it, and then finally was able to dislodge enough to swallow it! Not fun! lol. These are such a great idea and much safer than the pen cap idea.

  35. Just want to share my recent experience with chewelry for those who are wondering how it has worked for others:

    After months of research and discussion with my husband and others, I decided to purchase a raindrop pendant for my 5yo chewer. I found one on etsy for $8 including shipping. She loved it. She wore it proudly and chewed it frequently throughout the day. Alas, as my husband suspected it would, it actually ramped up her oral fixation. When she spent the down time of her dance recital munching her fingers up on the stage, my husband decided to ban the chewy. We launched a redirection campaign (every time we saw her chewing, we asked her to stop) and, within days, she gained control and now chews very infrequently.

    So did having the chewy help her “get it out of her system”? I don’t know. It did spur many helpful conversations about bad habits and working to break them.

    Regardless of our experience, chewelry certainly can be a great help to chewers with special needs.

  36. Erin Wohlfarth says

    Love the mint teardrop!

  37. With three boys who chew constantly I was thrilled to find this post in my inbox today!

  38. I’m 30, and could use these now, and especially could have used them during high school and college! I’m an anxious/stress chewer, including the inside of my mouth during extreme stress. Hopefully I win, but I’m definitely looking into ordering a few of these for work, and general anxiety times!

  39. This could definitely solve some issues in our household!

  40. Ann Hamilton Hayes-Yarman says

    I’ve never seen these before. I am definitely going to add this to my wishlist. The Tread Bangles and the Miller Heart are my favorites.

  41. The Brain Freeze skull would be amazing for my son! He has ASD and SPD and is constantly finding something to mouth.

  42. I am thinking the dog tags would be perfect for my son.

  43. I would love to have the dog tags for my son. I don’t think he has a single shirt without holes in the neck or sleeves!

  44. I would probably get the chubes for my son.

  45. Courtney Huehn says

    I wasn’t aware there was something out there to aid in the chewing! This has been eye opening! Thank you

  46. Can’t wait to try your products out with my oldest!

  47. I think the Chubes would be the best for a student!

  48. I would pick the Amethyst Miller Heart for my daughter.

  49. The dog tags would be great for my daughter!

  50. These are so cute!

  51. april stiles says

    These look great! I would choose the disc pendant.

  52. Wow…this post really hit home for me. Our son is a chewer. Was getting on him this morning for chewing on a marker cap! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  53. Beth Demarest Shelton says

    This would be perfect for my son and me!

  54. Been looking for something to help my son not chew on his finger nails or tshirts. This would be great!

  55. jessica lovitt says

    A dog tag for my son for sure and something pink for my daughter. I’ve just noticed the pencil chewing starting for her and my son chews his shirts and lip.

  56. The dog tags. My middle son could use this. Holes in shirt sleeves are no fun.

  57. JillianandChristopher Walton says

    This looks really cool and would work really well with my SPD.

  58. I would choose one of the cat pendants for my daughter

  59. Jennifer S says

    It’s for a boy, so I’d take a dog tag.

  60. My nephew would love the skull pendant!

  61. Ashley Pittman says

    My son needs a dog tag.

  62. Jessica Jacobs says

    I Like the hearts!!

  63. I would love to try this out for my kids.

  64. Love this idea – my daughter would love one of these

  65. my Daughter would love the Cat Penants.

  66. I love the raindrop pendants. That would just look like jewelry for a teen.

  67. A blue dog tag.

  68. Great giveaway!!!!

  69. My granddaughter wants the kitty

  70. Jenn Kindle says

    This is a wonderful idea and much needed in our home.

  71. My 11 year old daughter still chews. The holes in her shirts are finally becoming less frequent, but a Chewigem would be just perfect for her!

  72. My daughter would love one of the hearts. She has a pendant from a different company and it has been wonderful for her. A second pendant would be nice as she doesn’t always keep track of the one.

  73. I like the Raindrop Pendant in Icicle

  74. We would pick the pink camo dog tag! Both my girls always have something in their mouths, so this would help!

  75. I think a tread bangle would be wonderful for one of my kiddos

  76. Abigail Carpenter says

    I would choose the disc pendant for my daughter

  77. I swear my daughter is part beaver!

  78. just wanted to say thanks for posting. ordered dog tags and tread bangle for my son who is a chewer–legos, remote control, etc…. I had forwarded the product info to my sis in law, who is a pediatric OT, and she had heard of the products and gave them a thumbs up too. Looking forward to their arrival! Jolanthe, thanks for keeping this blog going all these years. I have been following you for more than 4 years and continue to find useful information here. Blessings to you and your family!–a Las Vegas fan :)

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