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If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for your kids that will also add some fun and creativity to their day, you REALLY need to check out Pick and Draw. It may look like a simple deck of cards, but it is a drawing game that teaches you how to draw creative faces and sparks creativity in kids {and adults}.

About the Game {and Rich Davis}

Even if you don’t think you can draw, you can play this game! The deck has step-by-step instruction cards, 45 sturdy ‘drawing’ cards to use while playing, and comes in a hard plastic storage case. The game itself…

  • uses basic shapes that anyone can draw {even our just 5 year old was playing along}
  • is easy to play ~ we were playing in less than 5 minutes
  • needs only basic tools to play ~ a pencil and paper
  • gets the creativity flowing!

Rich Davis is the creator of the game and also an illustrator of children’s books. If you’ve ever read any Tiny {the barn-sized dog} books by Cari Meister, Rich is the illustrator of those {and other} books.

As I was flipping through the Pick and Draw deck today, I noticed something that I somehow missed at first. There is one card in the deck that talks about the Greatest Artist ~ the One who made each one of us. I’m going to use a quote from Rich that sums everything up ever-so-nicely.

“I have made this Pick and Draw game so that you and I can draw together. I want it to be fun for you and I think you will be surprised how well you can draw. Your ability to create is a gift from God. So grab your paper and pencil and let’s draw!”

~ Rich Davis

Playing with Pick and Draw

When our kids saw the word ‘Draw’ they wanted to play it right away, but we managed to hold them off until after dinner time so that we could all sit down together and play.


The deck of cards {$10} has five different colored sets for different parts of the character ~ face, nose, eyes, mouth, and hair. All the cards start out face down and you flip over each character piece one at a time and draw that piece. You can choose to draw each ‘piece’ as large or as small as you want, making it your very own character.


Our favorite part? Naming them! I was ready to prompt the kids to name their creations, but the girls had already put names on their papers. The more we kept playing, the funnier the names got ~ but the stories of their creations were WONDERFUL!

Seeing the differences between all of our characters was a riot. We played about 6 games before it was time for bed, but only with the promise that the kids could play first thing in the morning! And no kidding, they played together for almost an hour in the morning, coming up with more silly stories and faces.

Pick and Draw Review1

This is definitely something that we are going to use in our school time because I LOVE the creativity and stories that were coming out of my kids. Even though they had a ‘template’ to go by, they were learning about drawing and getting those creative juices flowing!


Disclaimer: Thank you to Rich @ Pick and Draw for providing the review products. This review is based on my own experiences and gives my honest opinion.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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