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Gift Idea for Compassion Children ~ Pick and Draw

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Pick and Draw Compassion Trip

Before I left for Africa with Compassion International, a box appeared on my doorstep from Rich Davis, the creator of Pick and Draw, a drawing game for children. The box was full of decks of Pick and Draw for me to take along with me to Africa and share with the children at the Compassion centers we visited.

20120507 (513)

Although I brought paper and pens along with me, we ended up finding sticks and drawing in the dirt around us. We all made a big circle and I explained how the drawing game worked….well, as best as I could!

Overall, the game is very simple. You pick one card from each color-coded pile {face, nose, eyes, mouth, and hair} and then use those shapes to create your character.

20120507 (512)

Though there was a language barrier at times, we added in some charades to help explain what we were drawing.

20120507 (515)

I even stuck out my tongue for effect. {grins}

20120507 (511)

Sending Pick and Draw to Compassion Children

Prior to my trip to Africa {and playing in the dirt with the kids}, we have been mailing Pick and Draw cards to the children that we sponsor, a few at a time {thanks so much to Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for this idea}. In one letter to our sponsored child, we briefly described how the game worked and included five of the cards {one for each of the facial features} along with the letter.

Compassion Gift ideas-1

In each of the letters that we send to our child we include another set of five Pick and Draw cards for the family to add to the collection. Because we have more than one Compassion child we are sending cards to, we labeled the Pick and Draw decks with their names so we can keep track of what we’ve already sent.

Compassion Gift ideas-2

It’s a quick and simple little something to add to each of our sponsored letters and we also include some of the pictures that we’ve drawn using those same cards ~ just for fun.

If you currently sponsor a child through Compassion International, what is something fun that you have mailed to them? Leave a comment below and share!!

If you are not currently sponsoring a child through Compassion International, I cannot even begin to describe the impact that your $38/month will have for one child and their family ~ please sponsor a child today!



This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. What a great idea!! I love that they send you some to take with you!!

  2. You’re very welcome. ;-) Now that we’ve finally finished sending the other card set (some ABC cards) that we were sending our sponsored child, I can finally start sending him the Pick and Draw cards.

  3. We just sponsored our 1st Compassion child last week (
    http://grettajohns.blogspot.com/2012/07/compassion.html) and we haven’t yet mailed a package but I see how Pick & Draw could be a great item to include to him. We’re looking forward to a wonderful relationship with our new “son”. :)

    • Oh, girl…that makes my heart so happy to hear!! Have fun in the upcoming years as you get to know Gustavo better. :)

  4. This is a great idea. I bought this game last year and we played it with our homeschool co-op kids. A fun twist to put on the game is to do it relay style – divide the kids into two teams and give each team a set of cards (in the same order – face, eyes, nose, etc). Have the kids race to see which team can complete their drawing first (we used 2 whiteboards that were hung on the wall in the room). You could also have the last child in line add something of his own to the picture (something like a bow tie or glasses or freckles). I’m so glad to hear of the creative way that these children are being ministered to. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Great idea! We just sent off a letter this week, but I will have to make sure to buy a pack for future letters. :)

  6. Jolanthe! We are reading this post tonight after sponsoring our first Compassion child through the Compassion Mobile Experience. We love this idea! We also a Pick and Draw deck that we will be dividing up to send to our child. Thank you for such a wonderful idea :-) Looking forward to seeing you at BEECH!

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