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Phew! This past weekend I managed to find the rest of the plants that I was wanting for our raised beds as a part of Square Foot Gardening. After swatting off a few hundred thousand flies, zip-tying the anti-deer netting to the posts around the garden and watering all the squares, I called it a day!


We did manage to get a ‘gate’ of sorts up with a piece of chicken wire since we were about 3 feet short on the netting. Figures. And just in time, too. Not even an hour after the fence was up, we had a bunny family hopping around and trying to figure out how they could visit.


Want to see what we planted? We still have to get the netting/posts for the veggies on the top rows to climb up, but we still have a bit of time to work on that. Here’s what we will hopefully be harvesting this summer:

garden 1 words copyGarden 2 words copy

I used a great site, Gardener’s Supply Company to make a ‘picture layout’ of my garden so I could better envision what was coming up. You can plan and print them off ~ much fun to play around with!!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. So jealous! This looks great, wishing you and the plants a great gardening season. Need to look into that planner you mentioned and make a plan. The next few weeks are not so busy, that maybe I can get to work on my own garden here! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Samantha Packer says

    Looks Awesome! I love squarefoot gardening! How are your chickens doing?

    • getting BIG…and we definitely have a rooster that will be leaving the
      group as soon as we can figure out which one is crowing when we aren’t
      there!! :)

  3. Cmcouch says

    So glad you likes the garden site, it’s makes planning so much easier. Love how they give the directions to go along with the plants. Let me know if you’d like some strawberry plants, think I still have some to spare.

  4. Great job Jolanthe! We LOVED having our Square Foot Gardens! I was sad to have to leave them when they moved! But, we do have a garden here and I am excited to see some squash, and tomatoes starting to grow! Anyhow, I when you mentioned the bunnies trying to get into the garden it reminded me of the book Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! http://totallytots.blogspot.com/2010/05/once-upon-book-muncha-muncha-muncha.html

  5. yay great job getting yourself all setup!! I so need to go get my plants :( maybe this week! Where did you end up getting your plants?

  6. no surprise how organized your garden is too !! looks like you’ll be having a lot of great salads!

    • I hope so!!! :) I planted seeds in one part and plants that are further
      along in another to stagger them. yum!!

  7. It is finally starting to warm up over here (Northern California) so we hope to start getting rid of our weeds and planting this weekend!! That’s so exciting to watch plants grow. Thanks for the link. Looks helpful.

  8. Krystal says

    We are going to try square foot gardening this year too…at least if it ever stops raining long enough to do anything about our dirt. :) Good luck to you! Love your site.

    • just be careful when you buy your vermiculite. The first batch we bought
      was from a local pool company…and was mixed with concrete. That garden
      would have been a HUGE success! :)

  9. Have you grown butternut squash before? If not, be forewarned- it tends to want to take off on you! The first time planted it I only planted 2 plants in my raised beds and it grew up and over onto the lawn, and we had about 12 squash! I had to toss a couple into the side yard (woods) and was surprised that the following summer, there were squash plants growing on their own there!

    • I haven’t…but I planted it to the far side so it could go over and out
      of the garden if need be. :) Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Love how you layed out your garden on paper. What a great idea! Here in FL, we’re getting ready for our hot, summer gardening break where everyone else is just getting started for summer gardens. For kicks, check out my blog for our totally cool INDOOR summer garden.


  11. Carlaharv says

    Deer are THICK in my neck of the woods and as my garden grew over the years, it was harder to afford a fence around it after buying all the plants, etc. I discovered somehow something called “Liquid Fence”…. worth it’s wait in gold! All natural and it REALLY WORKS for deer, bunnies, etc. Just passing that on, a little late I know. You do have an awesome looking fence! :)

  12. Carlaharv says

    in my comment wait should have been spelled weight… and they let me homeschool my kids!! :)

  13. Garden Challenge.
    Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

  14. Jessnasset says


    Thank you for showing me that great site.  I was wondering if there was a place to add different vegetables that were not on their list.  I noticed you added zucchini, but I am unable to find anything other than butternut squash and summer squash.  Thanks for your help!


    • I just changed the wording and picked plants that were similar in size
      to what I had. And because I am ‘that weird’ I actually took a screen
      shot of a garden with squash in it, pulled it into my graphics program
      and recolored it green to look like zucchini. I may have a problem. :)

  15. Love the garden “picture!”  I’m new at gardening but am learning so much and enjoying myself.  I’m your newest follower from A Season for All Things and I look forward to reading more of your posts.  ~  Ellen 

    • thanks so much for stopping by!! :) our garden is growing like crazy now
      with all the rain that we’ve been getting {and I don’t have to water!!!}.

  16. C wilder says

    I love the deer fence.  Was it difficult to put in?  Has it actually kept the deer out?  I have a HUGE problem with deer in my garden and recently decided to scale back to containers this summer because the fence isn’t in place yet.  But yours looks easier than I envisioned!  And I am going to check out the comment about Liquid Fence.  Thanks!  

    • So far so good! It’s kept our bunny friends out too and the veggies
      have been only ours :)

      We may try the liquid fence in other areas of our yard where we don’t
      have fencing, like around our rose bushes, etc…

  17. Heidi @ Starts At Eight says

    We use Square Foot Gardening as well.  I love the printable garden layout.  We have a similar grid but it was a printed pamphlet from the local garden center.  Definitly going to give the printable one a try!

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