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First Grade Mini Office Printables

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You might be scratching your head, wondering what a mini office is. Essentially, a mini office is a one-stop place for all those essentials that your child might need while working on his (or her) school work. Prop the mini office can up on a desk and use it to find a quick answer to several common questions.

Homeschool Curriculum Help - First Grade Mini Office Printables


What’s Included in the First Grade Mini Office

The First Grade Mini Office includes the following concepts: name printing, phone number, left/right hands, circle and rectangle fractions, coin and paper money values, 8 shapes and name, the numbers 1-20 and number words, months of the year, days of the week, seasons, colors, short/long vowel sounds, and the alphabet with beginning sound picture prompts.

Putting Together the First Grade Mini Office

Homeschool Curriculum Help - First Grade Mini Office view

This first grade mini office is meant to be very simple, but packed full of helpful info for your child. You only need a few basic materials to put yours together:

  • 1 file folder
  • Pages from this printable
  • glue sticks
  • contact paper (you can also have it laminated at an office store)
  1. Print off this printable. Glue the pages onto a file folder or cut out the individual pieces.
  2. Place the pages/pieces into your file folder and glue them down.
  3. Laminate or cover with contact paper.

As you can see from the image above, I chose to cut out the pieces and then glue them on individually to the file folder. We used contact paper and wrote his name and phone number using a Vis-à-vis marker.

Our first grader has his sitting on top of his desk so he can prop it up to use at any time or grab it to use somewhere else. It is already a great help to him.

Download the First Grade Mini Office


PDF Printing Problems

Having trouble downloading or printing this file? Be sure to check out the post on PDF Download Problems for tips and tricks on getting the files to download properly. The solution is usually something simple and quick!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. You are awesome! thanks so much!!!

  2. Love this :)

  3. God bless you, lady. I’ve heard about these and was trying to create one for 5
    3, 5, and 8 year olds, but other things needed to be done first!!! Thank you for making this and offering it free, so I just need to assemble rather than create. Thank you.

  4. You know I love this idea!! It turned out super cute!!

  5. Thank you!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for my 2nd grader!!!

  6. Dawn Collins says

    Thanks! This is great!

  7. Wendy Nichols says

    Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but are the left/right hands labeled incorrectly? If I hold up my left hand palm toward me like in the picture then the thumb is on the left, not the right. I think they are backwards.

  8. Hi, I love it and am ready to print them but I can’t download it. It keeps saying the file is damaged. :/ Help please. Thank you!

    • Check out this post and see if any of these solutions work: https://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2013/08/pdf-downloading-and-printing-problems/

      Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    • Still didn’t work, I use Firefox and updated. :( BUT Mariannah below, suggested right clicking! It worked! Still, bothers me that it doesn’t work the way it used to. Umm… Anyways, thank you for this mini-office! I know this will be used a lot! God Bless.

    • Sometimes it works for me and other times I have problems too – finicky computers! :) gotta love them!

      Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    • That happened to me, but I right clicked and saved it. It opened after that without a problem!

    • It worked! Thank you very much!!!

  9. Christine Carlson Rotheker says

    What a wonderful help for my children. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. This is wonderful! Can’t wait for the higher grades.

  11. Just curious, did you glue the alphabet and vowels onto the back then??? Love this idea, thanks!

    • Yes. I just cut things out and used a glue stick to put them on the file folder. Then I used contact paper on both sides of the file folder so it would wipe clean and protect it. :)

  12. This is great, but I wanted to share that a diamond is a 3-D shape not the 2-D shape you have pictured. The correct term for the shape pictured is rhombus. Thanks!

  13. Thank you, this is so perfectly put together! I’ve been suffering for space with posters and such having this kind of info on it. Now I can create this and they can have it always at hand and give me more space for other things!!! Can’t wait for the K edition for my little ones!!!

  14. This is perfect for my first grader!

  15. Priscilla Wallace says

    Well done! This freebie includes so much info. In will be using it with my first grader and other children as well. I can see something like this for an older student, that includes how to spell
    fractions, would be helpful. An older student could put it in
    a 3 ring reference binder.

  16. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks soo much!

  17. Thanks so much for this freebie. I will change some things though. I will switch out the picture of the xylophone as that does not make the x sound. And I will write underneath the diamond shape, rhombus as that is the correct mathematical term for the shape. Thanks again!

    • While I realize it doesn’t start with the ‘x’ sound, the pictured image does start with the letter x, so that was why I used that image. Different curricula also varies on what the shapes are called, and I put this together for our kids and decided to share it. You are more than welcome to edit it to match up with what you are doing. :)

  18. I also added something and I just thought I would share. Under the fractions, I put smiley face stickers to show the fraction of the set. 1/4 has 4 stickers, one is blue, three are pink. I also used a seal and a turtle for the ABC’s, don’t like the blends. I cannot believe how much you did! What a great printable! Thank you!

  19. Sabra Wilhelm says

    I did something like this for my little one doing pk3, but I had to compile several different resources. We pasted it to a cardboard box- kind of like those foldable poster displays. When she is ready for more I will definately use this. Thanks!

  20. We used this one last year, and were hoping for a second grade version? Thank you for blessing us, Jolanthe!

  21. Is there a D’nealian option?

  22. Shannon Moskowitz-Wade says

    The left and right hands are backwards.

    • It is meant for the children to place their hands over and compare. The great part is, if you don’t like a piece you don’t have to include it in your folder. :)

  23. Stephanie Futch says

    I tried printing this and the “lined” font came across as a bunch of ////Monday////. I just paint copied the image and did a cut and paste and it worked that way but just straight printing I had trouble with it. (I did lose color when I did the copy and cutting)

    • In the future you may want to try printing the page as an image (choose that setting in your printer options). Sometimes is has to do with the most recent version of Adobe.

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