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Field Trip ~ Preschool Corner

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This week was a little off for us again since we spent most of Monday running around town to pick up a prescription for Kaleb ~ but on the bright side, we now have a ‘diagnosis’ that explains a lot of the sickness and issues that Kaleb has been having ~ Lyme disease. For now, we’re plugging away at antibiotics and hoping that nips a lot of it at the start.

We also had family visiting us and that warranted a field trip of monumental proportions ~ Washington, D.C. Fortunately we went the day AFTER our house shook with the earthquake and all of the museums were re-opened.

The biggest hit for Kaleb? The Air and Space Museum!!


There were so many things to see and explore {and I have absolutely NO idea what he was looking at here…}. The boy was everywhere and enjoying every minute of it!


He patiently waited in line to sit in a small airplane and move the rudders ~ even though he was way too short!


The kid’s area in the museum was SO much fun. A ton of hands-on and interactive displays for the kids to learn from.


Amelia Earhart’s plane was one of the highlights for all of the kids. They were fascinated by it! For Kaleb it was a toss-up between this plane and one of the BIG ones that he could walk through and tour.


Later, we had a faraway look at the Washington Monument, now officially cracked…but is it leaning? :)


We took a walk down the Mall, through the gardens and headed to another museum.


And the best way to end the day? On our way out of the Museum of American History, the boys had a mock light saber battle in front of C3PO. Oh how this little man adores a good light saber battle. :)

20110824-IMG_1800   20110824-IMG_1798

We did squeeze in some other learning time and part of a preschool pack this week, but this was definitely the highlight of the week for all of us!

How was YOUR week?

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Looks like an awesome place! Have a great weekend =)

  2. Prayers that Kaleb will be healthy after this diagnosis for the long haul!  At least you now know what is wrong and can treat him.

    Your pictures look like you all had a very fun field trip, and Kaleb looks like he had a blast!

  3. So glad you have some answers now!! What a fun trip!!

  4. What a fun field trip!  Everything ok from the earthquake?  Hope Kaleb feels better quickly.

    • everything is ok around us. Friends closer to where the quake was centered have some bad damage ~ and aren’t covered for earthquakes.

  5. Oh no on the lyme disease!  I pray the antibiotics work quickly.  What a fun trip….I’ve always wanted to go to Washington D.C.

  6. How fun! I wish we lived closer to cool museums and such like that!

  7. Not trying to be alarmist or anything, but I strongly suggest you find a specialist and go after the Lyme Disease AGGRESSIVELY!  Most times it’s fine, but if it gets a hold on it can be absolutely devastating and result in serious neurological problems.  I very much hope his is a slight case and not to be worried over, but better safe than sorry!

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