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Cowboy Unit ~ Preschool Corner

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cowboy theme unit and activities for preschool and kindergarten from Homeschool Creations

From the moment we started this week of Cowboys, there have been four gun-toting, bandana wearing, {rain} boot wearing cowboys running around my house and yard.  Wanted signs have been posted on the walls and as much as I tried, I could not convince the kids that KALEB was the one who was learning about cowboys and the west…not them.

I had to outlaw toothpicks in mouths and feet propped up at the tables, as four kiddos seemed to forget that it was possible for cowboys to have manners. On the bright side, they enjoyed it immensely. :)

Kaleb woke up on Monday morning to find the following sign up in our kitchen {I replaced the picture later that day for him, after he put on a ‘cowboy shirt and chewed a toothpick for good measure}:

Wanted poster

During the week we read a variety of books, but the one we enjoyed the most was Cowboy Small by Lois Lensky.  Every day we worked on some of the printables from the Cowboy Printable Pack and also did a few hands-on activities.

Cowboy Printables

The ‘which two are the same’ worksheet from the Cowboy Printable Pack was one that threw Kaleb for a little loop this week {and one I’ll have to start making more of in future packs!}. He liked it and didn’t get frustrated with it, but it was nice to mix it up a little bit for him. :) He’s also beginning to enjoy {well, complain less} about cutting out pieces and his scissor skills are getting better too.

Cowboys-1 Cowboys-2
The horse in the book Cowboy Small  was named Cactus, so it was fun

Cucumber Cactuses

Kaleb was so excited to put together the cucumber cactus craft. It seemed so simple, but he spent quite a bit of time working on it and had it proudly displayed on the counter for all to see {and/or nibble on}.


Other Crafts

Kaleb made a few other basic crafts ~ a cactus out of construction paper. He glued pieces of rice onto the cactus to look like the thorns popping out and small pieces of tissue paper for the flowers.

Cowboys-3 Cactus craft
We traced Kaleb’s foot to make a Footprint Horse {via Busy Bee Crafts}.

Footprint Horse Craft Footprint Horse Craft
Here’s a quick peek at Kaleb’s desk area this week. His cowboy song {from the Cowboy Printable Pack}, the Wanted poster, a few of his crafts and other school things are all around his desk.

Cowboy Preschool Theme

There were so many other things that I had wanted to do with Kaleb during this week ~ but we didn’t get to do, mainly because the kids were having so much fun playing cowboy, sheriff, and such on their own together ~ and I wasn’t about to interrupt that!

Other Helpful Cowboy Unit Links

Cowboy Collage

Pin It
Download the Cowboy Printables pack!!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Santiago282717 says

    I cant get the printables to work? it says 21 pages but only will print the first one and the rest are blank

    • Try opening the file using a different web browser {i.e. Internet Explorer instead of Firefox…or vice versa}. That usually helps take care of the problem! :) I’m sorry you are having issues. I checked on my end and the file is opening fine for me and printing ok as well.

  2. Misti Butler says

    I just LOVE, LOVE your website!!! I am homeschooling 3 little boys, a five year old and 2 four year olds and the “packs” have been a life saver! We live in Oklahoma and my boys are in boots and jeans most of the time complete with one of their cowboy hats (straw for summer, felt for winter) Anyway, they love all of your themed packs especially the cowboy, bear hunt and camping….well, they love all the ones we have done. I just wanted to tell you that I have printed off the cards for the matching game in the cowboy pack, but I printed 4 copies on card stock, then laminated them. I have the boys play “go fish” with them and they love it. The ideas are endless for what you can do with all the stuff in each pack! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    • great idea for using the cards to play ‘go fish’ ~ hadn’t even thought of that!!! :) Thanks for sharing and have fun using the packs with your boys. :)

  3. LOVE this pack!!!!
    This is my first year homeschooling (4 & 6 year old boys) & this week we have been having a “Cowboy Week”, they are SO excited, but … mommy’s running out of idea’s. lol. This is a lifesaver!!!!

    & I love the idea about using the picture cards for Go Fish!, my 6 yr old LOVES Go Fish!

    I can’t wait start using these :) THANK-YOU !!!

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