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Studying China: Week 1

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This past week we started studying China. A highlight of the week for the kids was having Chinese food for dinner: dumplings, egg rolls, and best of all – using chopsticks! Laurianna has enjoyed it so much that she has insisted on using them every meal since then. We’re still working on a few parts of our Olympic lapbook while waiting for some competitions to finish and we’ll post pictures of that later too.

Here’s a look at our first week studying China


  • locate and map China
  • use atlas to learn more about China and geographical features
  • color/label map of China
  • learn Asia song from Geography Songs


  • learn about the Chinese flag {click on image to download pdf}
  • read Children just like me and complete notebooking page
  • read about Gladys Aylward {10 Girls Who Changed the World}


  • talk about rivers and label the rivers of China
  • read about Lottie Moon {10 Girls Who Made History}
  • finished up our Olympic lapbook


After we read the Story of Ping (to talk about the Yangtze River) each girl illustrated their summary of the book. We’re using Draw Write Now for art this year and they are having so much fun with it! Here is what McKenna wrote about it:

  Books We Used

Next week we are continuing on in our studies of China: making egg drop soup, studying other missionaries: Eric Liddell, Jeanette Li, and Hudson Taylor, learning about the Great Wall of China, and also Mt. Everest.


This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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    LOL at McKenna’s story :)

    YOur house sounds like lots of fun!

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