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Spring Poems..

While visiting another homeschool blog the other day, Walking by the Way, the mom mentioned having her son write a poem for spring. So in turn, I had all three of our kiddos sit down to write or dictate a poem about spring to me. They each titled their poem by themselves. :)

by Laurianna
I hear spring when the birds sing in the trees.
I smell spring when the flowers bloom.
I feel spring when the wind blows.
I see spring in everything.
Springtime Fun
by McKenna
I feel the wind blow on me and it feels good.
I smell the flowers in the spring.
I see the pretty green leaves in the spring.
I hear the birds singing to me and I see the beautiful blue sky.
Spring, Spring, Spring
by Zachary (short but sweet)

Birdies singing.

4 Weeks and Counting…

Only 4 more weeks of school left. The kids are excited. I’m excited….and actually excited for a break so that I can start planning next year’s curriculum. :) Sad, but true. I’m ready to move on and start working on something fresh.

Co-op is officially finished – just one more “special” program in a few weeks, but otherwise our Fridays are now free too.

We are going to fit in a few more lapbooks though too before the end of the year, since during these last few weeks the girl’s load is getting a little lighter. They are happy to hear that!

Flat Mary visited Oklahoma

One of my friends, Alison, was gracious enough to host Flat Mary for a few days at her house in Oklahoma. She returned to our house yesterday along with a note and pictures from their family:

“We most certainly have enjoyed our time with Flat Mary! While here in Oklahoma, we took Mary on an excursion to the Wichita Mountains (just big hills in comparison to the White Mnts. or the Smokey Mnts.!!!). We went to the Holy City, home of the longest running outdoor Passion Play. We took Mary up the mountain. We climbed over rocks and stumbled over cactus!

We even saw a stone that was found in Jerusalem and is now preserved in a monument at the Holy City.

We also took Mary to see a monument that is dedicated to all of those who lost their lives at the Oklahoma City bombing. With tears in our eyes we reviewed all of what we know about that attack with Flat Mary. When the bombing took place in 1995, it was the largest terrorist attack that had ever taken place on American soil. 168 people were killed and 19 of them were children. You can learn more about this at www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org .

We hope and pray that she makes it home safely! Thanks for sharing her with us.”

Meet Flat Mary

Before Flat Mary headed out to meet Amanda and take a little trip from Oregon to Canada with Amanda, Laurianna pulled her out of the envelope one last time to say goodbye and take a moment for a photo-op.

Everyone…Flat Mary. Flat Mary…Everyone.

Flat Stanley wins!

Flat Stanley will be making the rounds to some of our friends and will be mailed out on Monday to start off our new lapbook unit. We will post pictures of the places that he visits to share along with the lapbook unit that we make. Where will he visit first? He is taking a little trip to Canada and visiting one of our friends there, Amanda!

Conference Sponsorship Information

Thanks so much for your interest in sponsoring Homeschool Creations and having your product promoted! You probably would like to learn a little more about me and my site before deciding if Homeschool Creations is a blog you would like to sponsor.

A Few Details

  • Blog Beginnings ~ Homeschool Creations began on December 18, 2007 as a means for me to track the things we were doing during our school time with our children. I already had another blog in place, No Ordinary Moments, for general family fun, but my homeschool blog quickly grew as I began writing curriculum reviews and getting to know other moms through blogging.
  • Primary Focus of Homeschool Creations: Currently I share about our geography studies, toddler and preschool ideas, Bible time and printables, and also various curriculum resources for families.

Monthly Stats {February 2010 ~ via Google Analytics}

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Other Information {as of February 26, 2010}

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Homeschool Creations is written only by myself ~ Jolanthe Erb. I also write No Ordinary Moments, co-manage Totally Tots and occasionally write for Heart of the Matter Online. I am also active in our local homeschool co-op and activities.

The Relevant Conference

The Relevant Conference is focused toward Christian women bloggers and will be an opportunity for me to be face-to-face with other homeschooling moms. While I am a very social person, this excites me more than anything ~ being able to connect with other women who are at a similar place in life and being able to share and learn with them!

I am looking for a sponsor to assist in travel, conference fee, and hotel costs for the upcoming Relevant Conference in October 2010. If you would be willing to sponsor me for the Relevant Conference, it will give me the opportunity to make more connections in the blog world, learn even more about networking from some amazing ladies in the blogging world, and also teach me more about how to grow my blog ~ ultimately giving you more exposure!

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Products I feature:

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Products I Have Reviewed

You can see a full listing of all my reviews under my ‘Opinions and Reviews‘ section of my blog. Here are a few reviews {listed alphabetically} from both of my blogs for you to browse:

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