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Tot School ::2::

Getting pictures of the things that we do during Tot School, can sometimes be a wee bit challenging. Four kids, all vying for their own piece of the action. And everyone wants to help the baby. Sigh.

But I have pulled my act together, and even if the pictures are blurry, skewed or whatever, here they are!
Kaleb is well aware now that all the “good stuff” is hiding out on the shelves in Mommy’s room. It’s almost enough to distract him from the toilet.

The toys may be exciting for a little bit, but then being able to reach door knobs and open and close doors is so much fun too, so forgetting the toys can be rather easy.

This week Kaleb colored a lot more with the crayons as opposed to trying to eat the entire box, which was a welcome surprise. I kept naming the colors he used as he was coloring and every time he used the purple, he would color a bit and then raise his hands and say “Purple!” He repeated it over and over – so sweet!

We also spent some time playing with our Fisher Price farm – he loved zooming the tractor around, making fun noises and putting the animals in their pens. He is consistent with a few of the animal sounds (pig, cow, and rooster) at this point.

The new found “freedom” of his booster seat has been great, but he has more fun buckling his seat when he isn’t sitting in it – and Mommy has fun unbuckling it over and over again!!

Next week I’ll have some more pictures to show what else Kaleb is up to!

Tot School

This week I finally got around to taking more pictures of Kaleb “doing school” and making a real effort to pull special things out to do with only him. Carissa at 1+1+1=1 hosts “Tot School” each week and this is my first (of hopefully many!!) week of posting along with her.

Kaleb spent some time with Daddy working with one of his Discovery Toys Shape sorters. He loves popping the shape in and then quickly reaching in to grab the shape back out. There are a few shapes he can do on his own, but I love this sorter, since it also teaches the kids to match colors as well as the shapes.
While I was in the kitchen, Kaleb pulled out all of my baking sheets and we had a little music festival of sorts. He spent a great deal of time arranging the pans “just so” and was even sweet enough to put them all right back where they belong. He loves to clean up (yeah for me!).
We all had a great time playing Hulabaloo together. Kaleb hasn’t grasped the concept of what he is supposed to do, but he has a great time trying to imitate the other kids. He was so upset when we put the game away and promptly pulled it all back out to play again by himself.
He’s only played with the our marble sorter a few times (since he doesn’t get to go downstairs much yet) and LOVED it (of course getting the other kids to let him play by himself for a few minutes was rather difficult).

Our other shape sorter he loves too, although he does know it’s much easier to just take the top off and put the shapes in without the lid. :)
He is trying to count along with me right now. When I start him on “one”, he quickly chimes in ever-so-sweetly, “two.” He loves to say “Go!” and each day we hear new little words coming from him. So much fun!
This next week we’re working with a little bit of a different schedule for our day, and that schedule will hopefully offer a fun routine for the kids that will also allow me a little more individual time with Kaleb.