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Preschool Corner ~ Back in the Swing…mostly

We finally got some answers earlier this week to what has been going on with Kaleb {thank the LORD!} and I think I’m just as relieved to know that I haven’t been imagining it all. He is on another round of {yucky} antibiotics and already doing so much better! It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made in our day overall.

Here’s a little peek at how Kaleb’s workboxes shaped up for the week. Our focus this week was on the letters A-C. During the week I rotated between two different items in some of the boxes. The last 3 boxes were our ‘special’ boxes that he gets to do after he has finished the other boxes. Note: this workbox grid is a part of my preschool planning forms.

Workbox Planning Grid Image

Mama Jenn shared a GREAT idea for storing salt in a homemade salt box. We use our salt as a tactile way to draw/trace letters. Storing the salt is SO much easier this way {thanks, Jenn!!}.

Salt letter tracing

I mentioned last week that I was going to pull out some fun things that I had in hiding. I ordered the Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit {ABC’s and Following Directions} and when I pulled it out Kaleb was very excited. :) I divided out a few of the activities into his workboxes.

The letter tracing gel set from the kit was one of his favorites {even the big kids liked playing with it. The magnetic ABC fishing game was another hit. I put out the letters A through E and he would tell me which letter he was fishing for and/or catching.

letter gel tracingABC fishing

Another big hit was the ‘build a letter’ cards that came in our Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit. There are re-usable cling-on ‘stickers’ that you put over the letter patterns ~ a great fine motor activity. :)

 build a letterbuild a letter 

Kaleb wanted to do ‘handwriting’ like the big kids, so he practiced making vertical and horizontal lines in his Kumon Uppercase letter workbook. We also pulled out our tabletop easel and he practiced his lines on the dry erase board.

Kumon workbook

No week would be complete without some Do-A-Dot coloring! Since we focused on the letters A through C this week, I made some pages for him to color either with his Pip-Squeak markers {to practice coloring in the lines} or to use with the Do-A-Dot markers {I will hopefully be sharing the coloring pages soon!!!!}.

 do a dot coloring pages do a dot coloring pages

We’ve also had a LOT of fun playing with our Magnetos Jumbo Builder set this week! {hint: there is a giveaway coming up soon for these!!!}. The boys have had these out every day and have been building and creating like crazy. LOVE them!! In case you missed it, I’ll be hosting a Twitter party for Guidecraft on September 28th ~ and you won’t want to miss it. There are some amazing prizes in store!!


iTouch Fun

When all was done for the day, Kaleb took much joy in curling up on the couch with my iTouch and playing a few fun games.


I Write Words ~ one of our ‘go to’ favorites. :) Kaleb loves to practice tracing his letters and numbers with this app. Pretty cute, too.



Word Wiggler ~ one of the apps in the Tickle Tap toddler app pack. Kaleb has to tap a picture that starts with the sound of the letter shown on the screen.


angry birds appAngry Birds ~ really no educational value. Just plain fun. There is a free version of this app, but everyone in the house loves it so much I actually bought the full version.


Things We Used This Week

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Tickle Tap Apps

iphone_storyboardI haven’t mentioned it too much here, but I have an iTouch that has been rather handy to have around during our school time. Ok, really anytime, but our kids love to use it too. It’s something that I have handy while we’re working and all of our kids think it is a special treat to be able to touch it, let alone use it.

Because generally, it is mine and mine alone {‘cause I’m a shining example of sharing…}.

Kaleb has very few games that he is really able to play, so when we downloaded the Tickle Tap Toddler Pack from Tickle Tap Apps for my iTouch, he was very excited. It has been one of the BEST additions to our app collection so far!

IMG_3778 IMG_3784

Apps in the Tickle Tap Toddler Pack {$4.99}:

  • Sound Shaker ~  tap the screen to create different sounds {chimes, whistles, barnyard animals and more}
  • Field Flier – Toddlers help the little robin fly around outside and watch him play.
  • Count Caddy – A fun counting game by 1’s, 2’s and more!
  • Sort Slider – tip and tilt the screen to slide an item to the matching shadow
  • Pattern Painter – Complete and create patterns using shapes

Seeing it in action helps in understanding how the games work, so here’s a little peek at a YouTube video of one of Kaleb’s {and my} favorite game to play.

In addition to using the Tickle Tap apps at home, the games have been a wonderful help during my time helping out in our church nursery. There were several weeks in a row where we had some little ones that were fascinated with the Sound Shaker app and it kept them very happy…and quiet while they listened and touched.

Each game in the toddler pack can be downloaded individually for $1.99 or you can download the set of five apps for $4.99. Tickle Tap Apps also has a few other apps available now too: Word Wiggler {$1.99}, Bug Builder {$1.99}, Find Fins {$1.99}, and Color Collector {$1.99}.

This product was given to me for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.