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Brazil and Rain Forests ~ Lesson Plans & Links

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The first week in our study of Brazil we focused more on the country itself and during our second week we learned more about rainforests. Brazil is the largest country in South America ~ almost half of the land in the continent is within the border of Brazil {pretty amazing, when you think about it!}.

The Amazon river also flows through the country of Brazil, making it a great opportunity to read the book Afternoon on the Amazon by Mary Pope Osborne with all of the kids and use the Rain Forests companion guide in our study. You can view the other countries that we’ve studied from South America on my geography page.

Week 1 Layout


  • Review song about South America from Geography Songs {see words below}
  • Use atlas and globe to locate Brazil; read in the atlas about Brazil
  • Read one of our books from our bookshelf about Brazil.

      South America

    Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia,

    Ecuador, Peru and Chile and Bolivia,

    Uruguay and Paraguay, Brazil and Guyana

    and Suriname ~

    These are the countries of South America.

    The French have French Guiana.

    The British have the Falkland Islands.

    Brazil is the biggest country and

    Chile is the longest.


  • Review geography song
  • Learn {and review} some terms: rain forest, river, jungle, pampas, grasslands, wetlands, plateaus, and plains 
  • Reading together book on Brazil {Amazon River} ~ Afternoon on the Amazon 
  • Filled out the map of Brazil using our notebooking page. We also shaded in the rainforest area.

mapping brazil notebooking sheet

 Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


 flag of brazil notebooking sheet

Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


Week 2 Layout

Rainforest Diorama

from McKenna’s rainforest diorama




  • Read chapters 5-6 from Rain Forests
  • McKenna put together a diorama of a rainforest. We had some 3 dimensional rainforests animals and she wanted to make one to go along with what we were learning. It wasn’t super-detailed, but she did {most of it} on her own. I printed off a scene from the rainforest and she used the picture to line the box and then added some branches and vines along with the animals to decorate it.

Rainforest Diorama   Rainforest diorama


  • Review geography song
  • Read chapter 7 from Rain Forests
  • Put our lapbook pieces on a cardstock sheet to add to our binder.
  • Summarized one of our reading books and copied summary
  • Added our notebooking pages to our binder and stamped our passports!

Books We Used

Resources and Websites

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful lesson plans. They have added so much to our year with ECC. I am so thankful for your inspiration and wonderful printables.

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