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Birds and Easter Fun ~ Preschool Corner

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This week we started a unit on birds with the older kids as part of our sciencePreschool Corner lessons with Nancy Larson Science 2. When Kaleb realized what we were doing, he said that night that he wanted to do birds for his school time as well. He remembered doing some the year before, so I pulled out our Bird Preschool Pack for him to work on and then realized that he was ready for a little more. I’m working on some more printables to use with him next week {and share with you all too!!}, so stay tuned for those!

Learning About Birds

It’s been fun watching our feeder, especially since the weather has been beautiful and we can sit on the screened porch very close to them and hear the birds ‘talk’ to each other.  We have some FABULOUS picture cards from Backyard Birds that we can compare to the birds at our feeder. The nuthatch and the cardinal have been the two most common ones lately {pictured below in our Backyard Birds cards}.

Backyard Birds-1

A momma cardinal flew right up {and literally into} our window and then sat on the ledge looking right at Kaleb and me for the longest time. Kaleb sat SO very still and just talked to her {so cute} and I didn’t dare move, afraid I would scare her away. Maybe she was a bit dazed from her bump into our glass, but Kaleb had such a close-up look it was great!

New Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks

This has also been a great time to talk about birds since we have six new chicks living in our basement at the moment. The kids are all loving on them, have built houses for them out of our Guidecraft blocks {complete with colorful water blocks for windows and paper towel floors to catch the poop}.

We are able to talk about the many different characteristics of birds:

  • What do birds eat {what do our chicks eat and what do other birds eat?}
  • How do birds get around {flying, walking, climbing, swimming, etc…}
  • What do all birds have in common {how are the chickens like the birds at our feeder?}
  • How do some birds differ from others?

Our Easter Projects

Resurrection Garden-3

Since we’re getting closer to Easter too, I also pulled out our Resurrection Eggs and we’re working on some Easter projects as well, including a Resurrection Garden. Kaleb helped gather rocks and moss for it this week and we are now waiting for our grass to grow as we talk about all of the events leading up to Easter. I know it’s a bit weird to look at right now, but when it sprouts, it will be much fun {this picture was before we added in the moss}. We’re checking it for sprouts all the time!

I’m still waiting for our book Benjamin’s Box to arrive {to go along with the Resurrection Eggs} and we’ll read that together next week along with The Legend of the Easter Egg.  Along with that, we’ll continue learning about birds together.

That’s about it for us this week! What have YOU been up to? Please note the NEW website address when you link up this week. If you have a button on your blog, could you grab the coding and help direct people to the new address? Thanks so much!!


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  1. It’s not ready for me to link up =( Your post looks like a fun week though =)


  2. This is great, Jolanthe! I think we’re on the same wavelength. I just linked up my Montessori-Inspired Bird Unit! I had already pinned your Bird Preschool Pack, and I pinned this post as well to my Bird Unit Study Pinterest board at http://pinterest.com/debchitwood/bird-unit-study/.

  3. I love the Resurrection Garden! Ive never seen that craft before!

  4. I’m going to warn you…Benjamin’s Box is going to make you cry…every time you read it.  My son’s name is Benjamin, so maybe that makes it worse, I don’t know.  Enjoy it, though…it’s an amazing book.

  5. We live adjacent to my in-law’s farm, so my boys get to enjoy the chickens and ducks (and other animals) up close…and I was going to say I don’t have to worry about the poop, but then I remembered having a conversation with my 2 yr old about dropping the poop, and he schooled me on which bird it belonged to!

  6. Love the  Easter garden.. I would love to see an updated picture! 

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