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Betty Lukens Learning Fun With Felt

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Our kids have always enjoyed any felt set that I attempted to put together for them. I say ‘attempted’ because these were really basic and pretty boring felt sets. Nothing like the full-color fun designs that are a part of the sets from Betty Lukens.

We were sent four different felt learning sets to have fun with. Here’s what we chose…Forest Camping Adventure, Days of the Dinosaurs, Under the Sea and Adventures in Space.

camping  dinosaursocean   space
All of the felt learning sets include a 13″ x 15″ Felt Play Board, over 20 pre-cut felt pieces and a handy plastic storage bags with handles. I absolutely love that the pieces have already been cut out for you. The sets are ready to play with the moment you pull them out of the bag! The storage bag has been WONDERFUL for keeping track of all the pieces and also is a slim case for storing.

The first time I pulled them out with the intention of distracting the kids ~ and they ended up playing for hours! Kaleb even pulled out his toy dinosaurs to interact with the felt set. :)

I was planning to use the space themed felt set a little later for Kaleb {and we still will}, but McKenna has pulled this one out several times to play with already.

The biggest hit so far has been the camping felt set. All of the animals included are much loved especially because we’ve seen the majority of them in our own backyard.

All the sets are ones that we will be using throughout the year as part of our learning time and just for fun! The website has a variety of felt sets to choose from, including felt activity books, Bible felt sets, educational sets and more. The Carville felt set is one that I am sure our boys would love…and is on our Christmas list for them.

Betty Lukens has also offered my readers a 15% off coupon code ~ use Creations during checkout and you’ll save a bit on any order you place!

I received four felt sets from Betty Lukens at no charge to use with my family in exchange for my honest opinion and review. I do not have to return the products and I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine…or my kids.

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. I like the ABC set – but with six, we could do so much more than that!

  2. We’re studying the creation right now so I would choose that but any of the Bible ones would be great.

  3. I’m also an e-mail subscriber.

  4. I really like the Let’s Play House set!

  5. Kristina Best says

    I love the North American Desert. Being from Arizona but no longer living there I can share that with my sons. :) 

  6. I subscribe via email!

  7. What a great giveaway!  I would love to have the fun on the farm felt set.  

  8. The kids enjoyed the interactive Daniel and the Lion’s den – I love that they could write the story as part of the playing!

  9. I have had my eye on these sets for a while!  I even have the Bible set on my Amazon wishlist!  I like the learning sets best – the Learning your ABCs and the Basic Learning:  Colors, Shapes, & Numbers – but I know my son would like Carville and my daughter would go straight for Princess Dress-Up.  This is an awesome giveaway!

  10. Rozgwiazdnia says

    We like Fun on the Farm

  11. Rozgwiazdunia says

    I subscribed by email.

  12. Sarahs_sweeties says

    The rainforest set looks really neat!

  13. Sarahs_sweeties says

    I’m an email subscriber!

  14. Melinda Franklin says

    My daughter would love the princess sets.  My son would love the dinosaur.  I liked the bible stories.  They all look great!

  15. Melinda Franklin says

    I subscribe via email!

  16. I love the learning your abcs!

  17. I subscribe via email!

  18. Sigalit Chana says

    My Boys would love the nature and science ones =)

  19. Tracy Glockle says

    I’d love the rainforest adventure to use with your Geography study that we are doing this year! I love Betty Lukens stuff. I inherited a felt board and some Bible story displays from my mother who used to use it for Children’s church. The kids love it! Thanks for the giveaway. tracyglockle(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. Tracy Glockle says

    I subscribe to your blog in my Google Reader. tracyglockle(at)gmail(dot)com

  21. I subscribe via email =)

  22. SigalitChana says

    My boys had so much fun with the interactive… thanks for the link and the giveaway =)

  23. My daughter would love the Cinderella set!

  24. Tracy Glockle says

    I tweeted about the giveaway. tracyglockle(at)gmail(dot)com

  25. I’m a subscriber!

  26. I like Rain Forest Adventure.  It looks so realistic and great colors

  27. My son would love the carville set, but the safari set would be awesome for this years science book(zoology)

  28. Wendy Clark says

    These are incrediable!  Love them all, but I know my son would love the safari one.  

  29. I tweeted the give away @lauridaniels:twitter 

  30. Wendy Clark says

    I subscribe via email.

  31. I subscribe to the email updates.  Sally May

  32. This is hard!  I like the bible themed ones, the camping one and the beach one!

  33. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations by e-mail.

  34. After looking at the Betty Lukens site any of the animal ones, or the space one would be something my son would enjoy.

  35. Visited her site… I like the dinosaur set for my son.  My daughters would love the princesses.

  36. I subscribe on google reader

  37. I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.

  38. Momto3plus1 says

    I like the ocean set best.

  39. Momto3plus1 says

    I subscribe via e-mail.  :-)

  40. My daughter would love the princess set!

  41. I subscribe to your emails.

  42. I tweeted about the give-away.

  43. I let my daughter play with the online felt set. She thought it was cool.

  44. I subscribe via e-mail!

  45. The Farm one looks like fun or any of the bible story ones.

  46. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations already.

  47. I liked the solar system on the best!!

  48. Oh my goodness these are amazing! I like all of them, but love the Night at the Ball one!

  49. I follow her on twitter and tweeted about this giveaway! :)

  50. And oh my the online site is amazing too! My daughter had so much fun on it!!

  51. The Adventures in Space set is MY favorite, but my daughter’s favorite is the Under the Sea one!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  52. We have been camping this summer, so the camping set would be a BIG hit here. But, I would also want to choose some of the Bible playsets.

  53. I subscribe via RSS

  54. WhatIsTheQuestion says

    I subscribe via RSS feed!

  55. WhatIsTheQuestion says

    Love the Under the Sea set since I am a scuba diver, but my son says space is his favorite!  My daughter says the Forest set!

  56. My daughter would say the castle one is her favorite, and my son would say the space would be his favorite.  I love them all!

  57. I follow you through  Google Reader. I love getting new posts!

  58. My son has been playing to online felt set on his sisters laptop next to me this morning!  He just said “Mom, I have a great idea – instead of starting kindergarten today with you, this could be my schoolwork !” 

  59. thecrazyelephantboutique says

    How do you even pick?! I think my faves are the alphabet and number sets. Jayne would probably love the dino and train sets.

  60. thecrazyelephantboutique says

    I do subscribe to the e-mails : )

  61. Emily Edwards says

    These are awesome!!  I love the Katelyn and friends sets!  My girls would love these, but also can’t wait till my son is old enough to use carville!

    Emily Edwards

  62. rachel mellard says

    I love the Bible sets! It’s endless of which ones I’d want for our boys!

  63. rachel mellard says

    I’m a follower!

  64. Emily Edwards says

    I subscribe via email to homeschool creations!

    Emily Edwards

  65. The spring garden tea party looks fun.

  66. We love the farm set!!!  What a wonderful tool for learning and fun.

  67. Peggy1martin2 says

    I LOVE the under the sea felt board set!!!!

  68. I suscribed via email and requested a catalogue.  Left a comment there.  I love the Under the Sea but all the Bible ones are my favorite. 

  69. We subscribe via email to homeschool creations.  And love it!! :-)

  70. rachel mellard says

    Following Betty Lukens, and I tweeted it!! @rayleigh06

  71. My kids (and myself too!) played with the online felt board.  My son liked the lions.

  72. Deniseskelton05 says

    I love the Bible sets!

  73. Deniseskelton05 says

    I subscribe by blog reader.

  74. Deniseskelton05 says

    I posted on twitter!

  75. Danielle Hull says

    I love the Bible story ones and the shape/color/number set. I had no idea there were so many! Thanks and blessings! hull_danielle at yahoo dot come

  76. Danielle Hull says

    I receive your e-mails! hull_danielle at yahoo dot com

  77. I love the ABC set. I’ve been trying to win it for some time. If I don’t win it soon, I might just have to buy it!

  78. I follow Betty and I tweeted.

  79. The online sets are so awesome! How creative!

  80. ourfamilyishis says

    We like the Children’s Bible Felt sets. The creation story would be perfect right now as we are in that area of the Bible this week.

  81. My kids would love the rainforest one. kbalman@gmail.com

  82. ourfamilyishis says

    I subscribed by RSS feed to your blog.

  83. I love all of them!  If I had to pick a fav it would be the Farm set.(or any of the Childrens Bible sets) Hope we win!!

  84. i subscribe via email kbalman@gmail.com

  85. Follow @bettylukens on Twitter and tweeted kbalman@gmail.com

  86. I subscribe by email, so enter me again, please.

  87. We all played with the interactive online felt set kbalman@gmail.com

  88. I love the Rainforest scene and animals.

  89. danielbondi says

    I have a dino expert in my house, so I’d have to say “Days of the Dinosaurs” is my favorite!

  90. I subscribe via RSS!

  91. I love all the Bible ones, my favorite?  Maybe Moses or the Birth of Jesus.  LOVE FELTS so much.  

  92. I like the Little Engine that Could set as I have a train fanatic!

  93. The ‘Under the Sea’ one would be great to have to go with our science this year! I also love the Bible sets too though!

  94. I subscribe to HC via email

  95. I love the Rainforest Adventure set… and I know my girls would love the Spring Garden Tea Party set!

  96. I subscribe to your blog via RSS!

  97. Following Betty on Twitter.

  98. Maurinespencer says

    The tabernacle set!  What a great way to visualize something that is so difficult to read and grasp the significance of!

  99. AMommysAdventures says

    I love the lets play house set and learning your abcs. 
    kme0310 @ yahoo.com

  100. AMommysAdventures says

    I subscribe to homeschool creations!!

  101. I subscribe via RSS

  102. AMommysAdventures says

    I follow on twitter and tweeted


  103. I’ve had my eye on these sets, and have been hemming and hawing over purchasing them… it would be so much easier to win them!

    We started with the creation story, so I really wanted that set.  I also REALLY like the Under the Sea set, and could see myself playing with it!  I also like Let’s Go On a Safari and… maybe the Thanksgiving one, since both my kiddos were born around the holiday. 


  104. I subscribe!

  105. hope jackson says

    Hard choice, I like the Fun on the Farm set.

  106. Parent Led Reform Oregon says

    I loved the Learning Your ABC’s set, because my daughter is doing just that :)  
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

    Jennifer Gallegos
    fjgallegos5 AT gmail DOT com

  107. I like the rain forest set…this is a great giveaway thanks!!

  108. Parent Led Reform Oregon says

    I also subscribe to Homeschool Creations through email.

    Jennifer Gallegos
    fjgallegos5 AT gmail DOT com

  109. Ooh la la….I loved the ABC and shapes/colors sets, but I know the boys would love the dinosaurs and space and desert and jungle and forest and camping….should I just stop now?

  110. hope jackson says

    tweeted your giveaway!

  111. I  subscribe via email

  112. I like the rainforest one this is a great giveaway thanks!

  113. I subscribe.

  114. I love the space one!!!  The letters and numbers ones would be great for my preschooler, too!  What a great giveaway!

  115. I subscribe via google reader!

  116. I love them all, but my girls would love the spring tea party set. 

  117. I subscribe to Homeschool creations

  118. Fiona Reyna says

    I love the “under the sea” set…but they are all gorgeous – wow!!  We’d love to win one!   I also subscribe via email.

  119. How cool is that virtual felt board?  I… er, my kids just played with it!  And I’m bookmarking it so we can play again!!!

  120. I like the small size Bible felts. It’s amazing all the Bible stories that can be told with that set. My kids would love it!

  121. My kids are enjoying playing with the online interactive felt

  122. Anjanette2004 says

    I love the camping set,  but also the basic learning set with the numbers and shapes is awesome!

  123. Anjanette2004 says

    I am also an email subscriber.

  124. I just LOVE the Nature and Science felts.  Betty Luken is awesome!  We used her felts at our church in Florida.  They are wonderful!

  125. I subscribe by e-mail!!

  126. I follow Betty Lukens on twitter!

  127. Also, I subscribe.

  128. oooooh please pick me!  I really want the Bible characters set to go with our preschool learning this year, but haven’t been able to afford it!  Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  129. And yes, I subscribe to Homeschool Creations by email and love it! :)

  130. Laura @ Homemaking Joyfully says

    Oh my!  What a wonderful giveaway.  I just created a few very basic felt board sets for my youngest, but I know she would absolutely LOVE these!  Thanks for the chance.

  131. Laura @ Homemaking Joyfully says

    I’m now subscribed via RSS!

  132. I  would love to have the ABC set to use with my 2 year old!

  133. I subscribe by email.

  134. We just ordered a couple of sets and are enjoying them.  The camping set is on our list!  
    heidisink at g mail dot com

  135. The ocean one is my favorite!

  136. I subscribe to homeschool creations email.
    heidisink at g mail dot com

  137. I love the Fun on the Farm set, the kids would have a blast with it!

  138. I’m a subscriber already!

  139. I subscribe to your blog.

  140. The camping one would be great.  We love camping on the weekend.

  141. my favorite is the camping set.

  142. I love their basic Bible sets!  They would be so nice for illustrating family devotions for littler ones!

  143. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations and LOVE it!

  144. My kids love the online interactive play!

  145. Kelly-tillotson says

    oh my gosh! there are so many great sets! id love a biblical one for my boys, but i know they would go crazy over a dinosaur set!! thanks so much!

  146. Shanna Carlton says

    I love the Forest Camping Adventure!

  147. I would have a hard time deciding between the sets.  The learning set looks great though:)

  148. Kelly-tillotson says

    im an email subscriber and big fan of yours :)

  149. Shanna Carlton says

    E-mail subscriber

  150. Kelly-tillotson says
  151. The dinosaur set would be the favorite at our house!!

  152. Already subscribe via email.

  153. Kelly-tillotson says

    we were just playing with the interactive set, looks like im getting kicked off so my son can play with the it!

  154. I really like the colors, shapes, and numbers. This is what we are working on with my tots right now.

  155. I am a subscriber.  :)


  156. I think the Thanksgiving set is my favorite.  I love Thanksgiving :)


  157. I follow your blog on an RSS feed.  I always look forward to checking it out every morning.  Love that space set. They look like so much fun!

  158. I love the Space set!

  159. So hard to choose just one, I love them. The Bible sets are great. Also I think the kids would like the Fun on the Farm, it would be great for therapy for my son.

  160. I subscribe to your emails =)

  161. I like the Creation set! Thanks for sharing this site!

  162. I like it!!

  163. I love the Noah’s Ark alphabet set.

  164. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations via email.

  165. Tamara Lewis says

    I like the space one.  My kids would love it!!

  166. Tamara Lewis says

    I’m a subscriber to your emails.

  167. I love Betty Lukens!!  My favorites are the Rainforest, Ocean, and Farm sets.  It’s so hard to choose, because they’re all darling!!

  168. Thx for this chance to win.  I have been wanting the deluxe Bible set for years, but it’s not in our budget.   That said, I LOVE all the sets!  mmstangerjunk (at) comcast (dot) net

  169. I subscribe.  Thx for the second chance  mmstangerjunk (at) comcast (dot) net

  170. Oh and I am an email subscriber!  Yahoo me!  =0)

  171. How cool!  I did not know about those interactive online sets before I read your post  Love them and the kids are excited about them, too!  mmstangerjunk (at) comcast (dot) net

  172. I follow Betty Lukens on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway.

  173. AND I let my kids play with the online Daniel and the Lion’s den story.  They loved it!

  174. i love the princess sets!


  175. i subscribe!

  176. My daughter would love one of the Princess Dress Up sets but I would like the Learn Your ABCs set.

  177. I love the dinos, the space, and the alphabet sets! Of course my little princess would love the castle one.

  178. I subscribe!

  179. I am an email subscriber.

  180. I tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/pinkiefae/status/111099935809732608

  181. It’s so hard to choose, but I think Forest Camping Adventure is my favorite.

  182. I already subscribe to Homeschool Creations by email.

  183. I love Betty Lukens!  My favorites are the Rainforest, Ocean, and Farm.  They’re all darling, it’s hard to choose!

  184. I subscribe via email!  Yahoo me!

  185. I already follow @bettylukens on twitter, and I tweeted about this giveaway @debalynn71.

  186. My daughter would love the Cinderella set!

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  187. I subscribe via email.

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  188. I follow BL and tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/MadelineMiller/status/111104354542567424

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  189. Thanks for the link to the interactive set – what fun!

    madelinemiller at gmail dot com

  190. My kids enjoyed playing with the interactive felt sets online…my son particularly enjoyed putting lion heads on the people, lol.

  191. I really like the Bible story felt sets…great at home and for Sunday school!  


  192. I love the rainforest set! 

  193. I also follow you on Reader…thanks!


  194. I follow your blog via e-mail.  Thanks!

  195. We tried the interactive Daniel set…a little beyond my 3 y.o., she isn’t totally adept at the mouse yet, but she liked the idea of recreating a story she knew…thanks!


  196. My favorite would be the Under the Sea set since we have been studying Zoology 2 with Apologia Science.

  197. Laureldawnbritton says

    I loved the creation set when I was a kid… I would love to use it with my own kiddos =) 

  198. My boys would LOVE the space felt set!!!

  199. My son would love the Adventures in Space set.

  200. Email subscriber

  201. I think that the Adventures in Space set would be my grandson’s favorite.

  202. My wife would love to have the general Bible set for Homeschooling.

  203. I liked the Rainforest Adventures Set. It just looks like so much fun!


  204. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations and love it. I look forward to what’s new everyday.


  205. Night at the Ball.  They’d never stop playing with that.

  206. I sub in google

  207. I love the desert set and the rainforest set.

  208. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations via email

  209. I like a lot of them. What really caught my eyes are the Children of the World and the Bible sets :) Thank you for such a nice giveaway. 

  210. They all look wonderful but my kids would probably like the camping one best because they love animals.

  211. I am an e-mail subscriber too!

  212. I am subscribed to Homeschool Creations by email.

  213. Abby Carpenter says

    Absolutely love the Noah’s Ark Set.  Perfect for my preschooler and toddler.

  214. I like the Creation Bible Story set!!


  215. E mail subscriber
    Dress Up Dolls would be our choice~
    Thank you!

  216. I am an email subscriber!


  217. Abby Fuller says

    I subscribe to HSC e-mail.

  218. Abby Carpenter says

    I follow Betty Lukens on Twitter

  219. I tweeted and now follow @bettylukens! {@AFthfulJrney}

  220. Abby Carpenter says

    How clever to have an interactive set online!!!!

  221. My daughter enjoys playing with the online interactive sets!


  222. I subscribe via email to your blog. Enjoy it very much. I’ve always admired the Betty Lukens felt sets.

  223. My girls would love the Spring Garden Tea Party!

  224. They are all beautiful…. I think it is a toss up between the space & dinosaur ones for me!

  225. My four girls would love the International Dress-Up dolls.

  226. Katherine A says

    I liked the camping one and carville

  227. Katherine A says

    I am subscribed by e-mail

  228. Katherine A says

    Following @bettylukens on twitter as @mumoffunkids:disqus 

  229. I love the Bible story sets. So cool!

    Thank you!

    Brenda F

    brendalyn25 at yahoo dot com

  230. I subscrbe to Homeschool Creations via email. :) Thank you!
    Brenda F
    brendalyn25 at yahoo dot com

  231. I let my son play with the online felt set (Daniel in the lion’s dan). So cute! I bookmarked that page!  Thank you! 

    Brenda F
    brendalyn25 at yahoo dot com

  232. I liked the Rainforest set the best.

  233. I really like the letters and numbers . . . . I would have Gabe play with that.  But then we are also going to be studying animals . . . so the reality . . . I like it alll!

  234. You are in my in-box!!!!

  235. Tweet, tweet!

  236. Sarah @ Feed My Family says

    I love the Fun on the Farm set.

  237. I subscribe via email.

  238. Sarah @ Feed My Family says
  239. I think my favorite is the rain forest! acowan 04 at hotmail dot com

  240. I am subscribed by email. acowan 04 at hotmail dot com

  241. JustSomeonesMom says

    I love the Children of the World… but it would be a really hard choice. I also really loved teh complexity of the rain forest… and if I were the young homeschooler in our house I would have flipped over the dress-up dollies. What a tough choice!

  242. JustSomeonesMom says

    I just followed @bettylukens – because of a giveaway, but also because I am really delighted by these felt sets and want to play with them!

  243. JustSomeonesMom says

    And I subscribed to this blog!! 

  244. My daughter loved the interactive felt set!  acowan 04 at hotmail dot com

  245. I think my boys would enjoy any of the animal sets, but the Fun on the Farm and Forest Camping Adventure ones look especially fun.

  246. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  247. Kori Ireland says

    Oh I can’t choose just one! :-) But I would begin with the farm set. Farms are always fun!

  248. Kori Ireland says

    I subscribe via email!

  249. LeahAdams81 says

    I’d love fun on the farm!

  250. LeahAdams81 says

    I also subscribe to your blog.

  251. Thekidsplaceabc says

    I really like them all and my children are bored with the felts I have.  I love the dress up ones for the girls and for the boys I like the animal ones.  I myself love the ABC ones.


  252. Love the Days of the Dinosaurs! My mother-in-law has used Betty Lukens flannelgraph for years on the mission field in France. 

  253. I love the north american desert one! lots of animals my kids know and love (or are at least fascinated by)

  254. I also subscribe via RSS!

  255. With six kids and so many to choose it is really tough to pick a favorite. But, I think we all really like the Under the Sea set. Simply beautiful! 

  256. I subscribe by email!

  257. Alexandra Howard says

    I liked the Fun on the Farm set!! Alexandra Howard Alexandra.howard@yahoo(dot)com

  258. Alexandra Howard says

    I follow you by rss feed!!! I wanna win!!

  259. I like the Fun on the Farm and the Adventures in Space sets.

  260. I subscribe via email

  261. We’d love The Little Engine felt set.  That’s one of my kids’ favorite books right now!

  262. I subscribe by email.

  263. The ABC set would be a great help with my 3 year old!  Love it!

  264. Tlwenzel7304 says

    I subscribe through email too! :)

  265. wow! these are fabulous felt sets! thanks for the heads-up about this website.  i love the farm friends set.  i have been desperately looking for great felt sets to use with my preschool class….these would be perfect!  here’s hoping!

  266. My gosh, it is hard to choose one out of all because they all look like fun! The Adventures in Space would probably be the first choice for the kids. Limitless imagination!

  267. i subscribe by email!

  268. My kids would love the Fun in the Sun set.  They love to go to the beach and that would let them play “at the beach” all winter.

  269. I loved the Rainforest felt set! Thank you for the chance to win!

    Rricheal1331@gmail:disqus .com

  270. I like Princess Friends.

    joycelau319 at yahoo dot com

  271. Homeschool Creations RSS subscriber

    joycelau319 at yahoo dot com

  272. We love Betty Lukens!  Our favorite is a toss up between Days of the Dinosaurs or Adventures in Space!

  273. Through the bible in felt is my first pick, but I’d take any of those awesome sets!!!

  274. I subscribe via email :)

  275. Charlene Chartier says

    We would love the safari set!

  276. Charlene Chartier says

    We follow via email

  277. hippie4ever says

    I like the books the best OT Bible stories and animals of the world, but I also like the northern dessert scene silenttributary at yahoo dot com

  278. hippie4ever says

    email subscriber silenttributary at yahoo dot com

  279. Mary Trampel says

    We would love to win this!  My kids would love the outerspace set!  

  280. Mary Trampel says

    I subscribe via email.

  281. Oh, very hard to pick! Spring tea party? under the sea? space? camping?
    berly at uw dot edu

  282. Kristina Demoline says

    I think that any of the bible felts would be my FAVORITE.  Thanks

  283. I would certainly be an email subsrciber if only feedburner would let me!

  284. I subscribe by email.  

  285. I really like the camping set, but the Bible ones are awesome!

  286. Those are fun interactive sets!

  287. Justducky245 says

    The days of the dinosaurs would send the boys imagination wild!

  288. Tweeted about it!

  289. I am a subscriber!!

  290. I love them all! But love the Bible set!

  291. I will love the outer space set!

  292. lindseyzackman says

    We would just love any of the bible sets, thanks for the oppotunity!!

  293. lindseyzackman says

    I’m subsribed to HSC!! :)

  294. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations…..

  295. Carrie Heffel says

    The Days of the Dinosaurs is my favorite. My son is dino-obsessed, so he would love it! :)

  296. Carrie Heffel says

    I am also an email subscriber. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  297. Follow B. Lumen on twitter… Tweeted about giveaway ;-)

  298. Heather Leonard says

    My husband was just saying last night that our boys would love a felt board set like they have at church, but we didn’t think anyone made them anymore! My older son is obsessed with dolphins & orcas, so we would love the ocean scene & animals! hrleonard at gmail dot com

  299. Heather Leonard says

    I subscribe via RSS

  300. Heather Leonard says

    I followed & tweeted, my twitter name is augustgirl01

  301. I like the Jonah and the Whale set.

  302. I subscribe via email.

  303. I played with the online interactive set.  Does that count?  ;)

  304. Girliegirl119 says

    Yay! We would love this!

  305. I like the Letters and Numbers set, and the Bible sets! Thanks for this kind opportunity!

  306. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations by email.

  307. Christine Johannes says

    I would love to enter, my favorite is the Night at the Ball set, or anything girly for my princess!

  308. I love Adventures in Space!  Been watching these for a while – my friend has the bible set and uses it almost daily!

  309. I posted on Twitter as well!

  310. And, I subscribe to this wonderful blog on RSS!!!  You are amazing!

  311. I have my eye on their Bible sets – I’d probably get the Birth of Jesus set first so we could use it this Christmas.  :)  Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  312. I follow your blog via RSS!

  313. I follow Betty Lukens on Twitter and tweeted this giveaway:  http://twitter.com/#!/kindred_spirit/statuses/111282317414236160

  314. We played with the online felt set – LOVE it! 

    kindredspiritreviews at gmail dot com

  315. My older kids had a felt human body(This is Joe’s Body) set, now its time for the grandkids to start learning, maybe start with Fun on the Farm

  316. Love the Underwater Set!  My boys would all love it too! 

  317. I subscribe!

  318. Oh so many!  I like the ABC set, the numbers set, the underwater set, the dress up set, oh goodness I can’t pick just one.  

  319. I really like Forest Camping Adventure.

  320. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations by e-mail.
    Thank you for your blog.

  321. I like the camping set, the under sea set, the space set and my girls would love a princess dress up set. All the sets look really beautiful. I would love to win these.

  322. My son had fun playing with the online interactive felt set. Thank you for sharing.

  323. Brooke Greenstreet says

    Our favorite is the super cute girl and her pet care set (Katelyn and friends).  What a GREAT giveaway!

  324. Christina MacMillan says

    I like Adventures in Space. My boys would love this!

  325. I like Adventures in Space. My boys would love these!

  326. I love the Little Engine that Could set…one of our favourite books!

  327. I subscribe to your blog.

  328. I love the space, rainforest, safari, bible… They are all cool. Fun giveaway.

  329. I am a follower

  330. Facebook fan already!

  331. I love the space set and th rainforest animals, safari, bible ones… Really cool!

  332. I already follow your blog

  333. I have to pick one?!  Lol, The science and nature ones all looked great, I loved how the ABC one had short vowel sound pictures (harder to find all 5 short vowels than I realized!).  I also really liked the castle life set and my daughter would love the dress up dolls!

  334. I also follow Homeschool Creations via email :)

  335. I love the under the sea set!

  336. I love any of the bible sets!
    jkdemeyere at yahoo dot com

  337. I subscribe via email
    jkdemeyere at yahoo dot com

  338. Christine Apolenis says

    I love the “Night at the Ball” set – my daughter is into princesses and princes right now! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  339. Christine Apolenis says

    I subscribe by email – your site has been such a blessing to me!!

  340. I already ordered I was so excited about some of these for Christmas gifts!! But I would love to add the learning my ABC’s to what we’re getting!!

  341. I follow via google reader!

  342. I love the Bible Sets.

  343. I subscribe via email.

  344. I follow @BettyLukens.

  345. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  346. Jerri mayfield says

    I love they the camping theme.  They all look really great and my kids would love them.

  347. So hard to narrow it down to just one…is there a time when the coupon expires because I see these in my nieces and nephews future as Christmas gifts?  But, I like all the Bible sets probably cuz I’m always teaching SS.  My son loves the rainforest, my daughter the dress up dolls and my youngest was fascinated by the farm.  Hmmm….

  348. It’s hard to decide, but I like the zoo animals set.

  349. I subscribe via email.

  350. I think my favorite is Under the Sea but I also love The Four Seasons

  351. I am a HSC subscriber.

  352. I subscribe via email.

  353. My children have a felt set that they play with all the time. It is left over from my teaching days at the charter school and is the story of the ugly duckling, so I already know they would love more felt. Anyway, to the question at hand… the castle times, forest camping, good health, Thanksgiving… one could start to covet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  354. Giordanorton2 says

    The space set!

  355. Erinfjohnson says

    I subscribe via email!

  356. Erinfjohnson says

    I like the adventures in space!

  357. I love the Thanksgiving set, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hopefully it’ll be the bambino’s favorite too.


  358. The Zoo – Animal Park

  359. following on twitter & tweet this giveaway

  360. subscribed RSS

  361. my kids loved the online felt!

  362. My very favorite on the site is the Bible set, but assuming you mean which is my favorite of the regularly-priced sets…

    I like the rain forest set!  We’ll be working on rain forest soon, and that would make such a neat addition to our preschool work!

  363. I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader.

  364. I like the camping or any of the nature sets. – Marie

  365. So many choices…We would have to get “The Little Engine” – the boys love that story!

  366. I’m also an email subscriber.  Thanks!

  367. I have to pick just one as my favorite:) these are great. We had felt boards when my 2 olders ones were little, but lost all the pieces. I know any of these would be great for our family of 6 kids, even our 2 oldest (9 and 8) would enjoy playing with these boards.

  368. I also subscribe through email.

  369. I like the under the sea, but all of them are so cute!

  370. I subscribe to homeschool creations. I just found you site, and love it!

  371. My child checked out the online felt fun!
    Shannon – msseneczko@att.net

  372. Oh, what a hard choice!  I really have to pick a favorite?!  I love them all!  I guess I would currently say the Outer Space one is very cool since my children are just beginning to learn about this topic.  Thanks for the chance to win!
    Shannon – msseneczko@att.net

  373. Heatherneroy says

    My kids love felt play!  My fave set is the Kaitlyn & friends play pals!

  374. Heatherneroy says

    i subscribe using google reader! :)

  375. I really like the Under the Sea set.


  376. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations via email


  377. This would be so fun! I really like the Camping set! But they are all great!

  378. I subscribed to emails!

  379. I would love to have the Basic Learning: Colors, Shapes & Numbers set :-)

  380. Love the desert set!!!  And can see my kids playing for hours with it . . . or with the camping set . . . or with the safari set! :)   armydairymom at yahoo dot com

  381. Email subscriber :-) 

  382. Just subscribed to your email feed – been lurking for a while though – thanks for the great resources you offer!  Our chidren are just turning 11, 9, 7, and 5! 

  383. Oh I have LOTS of favorites! But I love the Panda Dress Up, so sweet! Thanks for the chance!

  384. Pamela Naugler says

    I would love the Cinderella one… my daughter is really into fairy tales right now!  Or any of the Bible sets would be wonderful!  (These would make great birthday gifts too!)

  385. Pamela Naugler says

    I subscribe via e-mail!

  386. Pamela Naugler says

    I followed Betty Lukens on Twitter and tweeted!  @mommy_stories:twitter

  387. My son really wants the camping one. 

  388. I would LOVE any of the Bible stories!  momofky@gmail.com

  389. Countrycraftsdiana says

    I like the princess and bible stories sets .

  390. Countrycraftsdiana says

    i shared is link on facebook

  391. Addiesmom123 says

    Oh my what a great giveaway. I loved so much of it, I think my daughte Addie would love the farm set and creations set. Thanks for the chance.

  392. I’m also an email subscriber. momofky@gmail.com

  393. Oh man the forest set would be a HIT over here!

  394. I subscribe to ya of course :)

  395. I follow BL on twitter and I tweeted!!  @CraftyClassroom:twitter 

  396. I love them all… it was hard to choose just one.  I’ll pick for my favorite the carville!!!

  397. all of them!!!  :)  but i think my boys would love the farm best.  these are so cute!

  398. These are awesome!  I like all the science ones, but especially the Adventures in Space.

  399. I subscribe via email, also!

  400. leathaburke says

    we would love this for my 2 kindergarten girls.

  401. leathaburke says

    would love this for my 2 kindergarten girls

  402. leathaburke says

    subscribe by email

  403. I liked the space set but I could see taking these to the church to let the kids in my moms bible study play with these.  Thanks

    contact: homeskoolinmom@yahoo.com

  404. I like so many of them, but I am gong to mention the Play House that looks like a felt doll house.

  405. I get email updates for Homeschool Creations.

  406. leathaburke says

    follow betty lukens on twitter and tweeted

  407. leathaburke says

    played with online interactive set

  408. Tina Savasuk says

    my kids love trains so “The Little Engine” one would be super fun for them.  They also love anything outdoor or animal so there are several more we would really enjoy.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    thesavasukfamily [at] comcast [dot] net

  409. Tina Savasuk says

    I follow Homeschool Creations.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  410. Tina Savasuk says

    I tweeted about it.  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  411. Shannon Alexander says

    I like either the Children’s Bible in felt or the Little Engine the most.
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  412. Shannon Alexander says

    I signed up for your emails
    shannonsweep at gmail dot com

  413. Mommywood314 says

    My son is obsessed with sharks so I would have to choose the Under the Sea one! The dress up dolls are adorable too though…tough choice.

  414. I love the spring time tea party and the felt books esp the bible story one!  Love a felt board!

  415. I think it would have to be the Spring Garden Tea Party.  I have 3 girls, and we’re all about tea parties right now!

  416. I’m also a subscriber

  417. I love a the children’s bible sets.

  418. I follow via rss feed.

  419. The online interactive Daniel and the Lions’ Den just kept my 3 and 4 year olds occupied long enough for me to finish putting up the laundry!  Hooray!  And led to some good discussion of Daniel’s faith.  Very cool resource!

  420. Wow! They all look so great, but I’m thinking trains and dinosaurs would be popular at our house!

  421. I added you to my Google RSS feed!
    Nicki at 400things@gmail.com

  422. Carla Grubb says

    I just subscribed to your feed!  This is my first time on your site and I look forward to reading more of your interesting things!  What drew me here was this giveaway, listed on http://www.springhillhomeschoolers.com.  I love these sets and have been eyeing them for awhile, would love love love to have even just one – 4 is amazing!!!

  423. Carla Grubb says

    We like the fun on the farm and the zoo – my preschooler would LOVE those!  I used to make these myself but they are NOWHERE near as nice as these.  My kids would FLIP.  If I win these I will wrap them up and save them for putting under the Christmas tree!

  424. Celenadavis says

    I love the camping set!  celenadavis at nc dot rr dot com

  425. We love the princess set.

  426. I subscribe via email

  427. Sarah Peloquin says

    I love all of them, but the Through the Bible set is my favorite. My family used to have one for our Bible time and we kids got to tell the story while mom read it. :)


  428. I really like Fun on the Farm. nannybubba@gmail.com

  429. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations via email. nannybubba@gmail.com

  430. Hard decision, but my son is currently obsessed with rocket ships, and we are planning a Space Birthday Party for November so that would have to be the favorite. However the Dinosaurs and camping are both wonderful as well.

  431. I subscribe via email.

  432. They are all wonderful!  My kids  love animals and dinosaurs so I would choose those ones.

  433. Mudsockacres says

    just found you and liking what I’m finding. thanks. please enter me in the contest. Kandi  mudsockacres@live .com

  434. I like the numbers,shapes and colors set!

  435. my kids would enjoy all of these!  the camping one looks great.

  436. email subscriber

  437. follow on twitter

  438. kids tried the online one

  439. Thanks so much for sharing this! I would love to win a set but even if I don’t I think I’ll be buying some for my four kiddos. My favorite? It’s so hard to decide but I think my boys would love the dinosaur set.

  440. I subscribed via email.

  441. I followed on Twitter and used the sample Tweet.

  442. We’re checking out the online felt games right now!

  443. Absolutelykathy says

    I would love to get Fun in the Sun for my daughter. 

  444. Too many to decide but I like any of the Bible ones and the Forest Camping! 

  445. I already am subscribed to your email – thank you!
    Dawn O

  446. Thank you for offering this giveaway.  I think ‘The Little Engine’ would be enjoyed by all children.

  447. The Children’s Bible in Felt is Beautifil.  Deffinatly my top pick.

  448. Fun on the farm is my fav!

  449. joyfulcreations says

    I love the Rain Forest Adventures!  Would go great with our curriculum this year!

  450. joyfulcreations says

    Subscribe to you by email.

  451. joyfulcreations says

    Follow on Twitter.
    And tweeted….

  452. joyfulcreations says

    We played with the online felt board.  It was cute.  We were kinda silly with it:)  Wish there were more choices online.

  453. Awesome giveaway! I love all of the sets offered by Betty Lukens but my favorite felt sets are the Creation set and the Birth of Jesus.  We are currently doing a study on God’s Creation Days and I could use the other one during Christmas.
    God bless, 
    Tracey M. at Tot Play: A Learning Journey

  454. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations via e-mail.  
    Thank you, 
    Tracey M. at Tot Play: A Learning Journey

  455. I am following Betty Lukens on Twitter and have tweeted about this giveaway.
    tlmasters2009 Tracey M.Win 6 felt board sets, over a $100 value from @bettylukens ~ giveaway hosted by @jolantheerb! Enter here: bit.ly/nlnrjPnow Favorite Reply DeleteThank you, Tracey M. at Tot Play: A Learning Journeytlmswt2000(at)msn(dot)com

  456. I like both the Learning your ABCs and the Basic Learning:  Colors, Shapes, & Numbers Sets!

  457. I subscribe via email :)


  459. The Rain Forest Adventures is an amazing set. All of them are wonderful educational tools.

  460. I am subscribe via email. Thank you.

  461. I like them all!  If I had to pick a favourite, either the Katelyn dress up or the play house.

  462. Thank you for this giveaway!  I love the alphabet set and the very cute quiet books of Bible stories.  

  463. I subscribe to Homeschool Creations on Google Reader.  Thank you for this giveaway!

  464. Thank you for this giveaway!  I follow Betty Lukens on Twitter.

  465. Thank you for this giveaway!  My children played with the online interactive felt sets.  Fun!

  466. I love the abc set and my little guy would love any of the animal sets!

  467. Jessica Adams says

    Fun giveaway opp! My daughter would love the princess dress up set. toopahsmomATgmail

  468. I think the Rain Forest Adventures set is my favorite.

  469. I subscribe via RSS.

  470. I love the little engine set, it would be a favorite at my house!

  471. I would love the princess or the abcs or the dinosaurs! I love the felt sets!

  472. Pamela Frohn says

    My daughter would love the dinosaurs best!

  473. Pamela Frohn says

    I subscribe to Homeschool Creations.

  474. I think this is a GREAT idea.  I have grandchildren and preschoolers that I teach and I think among them they would the the Dinosaurs, the Space, and the Farm.  Thank you for the opportunity.

  475. My 3 years old son is a dinosaurs fan. I like that set and I have to admit that it is really good and colorful set comparing to some others that I’v seen on Internet.

  476. Hi,

    My daughter would love the dinosaur set! She loves everything about them and spends half of her day pretending to be one!


  477. Hi,

    I subscribe to Homeschool creations through email!


  478. Hi,

    I follow @bettylukens on twitter and just posted a tweet about this giveaway!


  479. Hi,

    My daughters had a blast with the online playset. They loved that they could create their own story to go along with the pictures. These sets would be a valuable asset to our homeschool routine!


  480. your blog is AMAZING!!  just recently delved into homeschooling, and i LOVE your ideas!  my favorite felt set is the Forest camping adventure. 

  481. AND I just signed up to get your email posts ;)

  482. and my son is excited to play with the flannelboards online!

  483. domestic diva says

    Fun on the Farm looks great.

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