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Sometimes the best thing that can happen to a week is the lack of anything planned or expected. And this week just so happened to be one of those weeks. 

It all started with the mere fact that we woke up on Monday morning. While we had been busy sleeping, outside our house the snow had been falling all night long. It left more than a dusting and there were some whoops and hollers happening in the house when it was discovered {all too early in the morning}.

I did what any mom {who doesn’t see snow that often} would do. We called it a snow day, dropped everything and we ALL went outside to play in the snow. Took a hike through the woods and found animal tracks. Built snowmen. Went sliding down the hill. Did a whole bunch of reading.


Had fun.

Tuesday was a back-in-the-swing day, which was followed by Wednesday. A friend ended up in the ER and her children spent most of the day at our house. Another day spent playing together. Thursday we did some basics {handwriting, math, and science} and then had a belated Valentine’s Day party and enjoyed the fact that it was almost 70 degrees ~ after a snow day earlier in the week.

Go figure.

When all was said and done, I can honestly say that it was a most MARVELOUS week that boiled down to us spending a lot of fun, relaxed time together. There may not have been any specific focus overall for the week, but I’m very much okay with that.

Very much okay.

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  1. What a perfect week!! 

  2. Absolutely LOVE your site! Thanks so much for sharing such great resources!

  3. Jolanthe – absolutely love your site – you are such an inspiration!  I’ve been wondering how your girls are liking the Greek study you have been doing…  Has that been going well?

  4. Some weeks are meant for play and others for work. When you sum them up – you’ll have one well educated and happy kid!

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