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Art Projects Galore and a Service Project

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Preschool Corner

Can someone please tell me where our week has gone? While it has been a light and FUN week at our house, somehow the time managed to just slip by us. We actually spent very little time in our schoolroom – but lots of time around the rest of the house reading the stashes of Christmas books and just enjoying time together.

Believe it or not, I have little photographic evidence of our week. My camera and/or phone has been elsewhere during the week {or a certain mom may have been distracted and neglected to use it}.

A Service Project

Our entire family {minus Daddy} spent most of Tuesday with a group of friends making fleece blankets for children at a local shelter. The kids all helped tie knots on the simple blankets, made Christmas cards for the children receiving the blankets, and had fun together.

Kaleb and I worked on a blanket together {a fun print that Kaleb said reminded him of Africa} and in all our group finished over 20 blankets. The goal was to make sure each child at the home had a blanket of their very own, since these were families that no longer have a place to call home.

Lots of Artwork

You’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that the art projects in this house were in ABUNDANCE this week. If you listened closely enough, you were likely to hear the joyful shrieking of our children when they found out we were making up for lost art time this week.

While the mere mention of ‘art’ makes me hide all of the supplies in sheer terror, our children begin dancing in delight at the prospect of making our home even more of a disaster than they typically do in a day. Just keeping it real here….

The only one that we have picture evidence of is the Christmas Star Chalk Pastel that we worked on thanks to HodgePodge {she has a tutorial you will want to check out!}.

Pastel Art project

The chalks came out this week and there were smudges of fingerprints everywhere – on faces, tables, wall, and paper. The kids worked on the Christmas Star Chalk Pastel using the tutorial from HodgePodge. Kaleb said his favorite part is the smudging. Imagine that!

Star of Bethlehem Chalk Pastel-9761

Kaleb was very careful getting the details of his ‘just so’ and adding some color to the night sky.

Star of Bethlehem Chalk Pastel-9769

The finished project!!! I have to tell you – the kids are pumping out so many great art things lately, it’s making it hard to figure out what to hang up in our house and where to put it all {although that is a GREAT problem to have!}.

How in the world do you all solve the art dilemma in showcasing all of the designs?

We do have a few more art projects planned for next week including the Christmas tree in the snow and the Christmas ornament. I may have to get another chalk pastel set soon because the kids are enjoying these so much!! A bit ago we worked on a chickadee pastel that was much fun too!

That’s the quick look at our week – how was YOUR week?

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  1. I like the chalk pastels! I may be guilty of forgetting the camera some weeks also. And it always seems to happen when we are doing something that would be particularly photogenic. :-)

  2. What a neat art project…I love how that turned out!

  3. I love Kaleb’s art work. He is done a very good job! Aarya (son) loves it when I showcase his art work ( scribbling mostly) on the wall in the front room – so showcasing the art-work is a huge deal for kids. I am sure you will have lots to display and maybe you can gift some to the Grandparents ( they will definitely love it). Aarya loves seeing his scribbles in my parents house as well :)

  4. Loved the art project!

  5. We have a few designated spots for art around the house. My daughter fills them up. When they are all full (all of the time) she chooses which one to take down and replaces it with new artwork.

    For pieces we want to keep I have folders titled by month. If the artwork goes along with a holiday or time of year, I file it in that folder. Then each month (or season) we hang up items from the monthly folder.

    It seems to work so far, but I am sure we will need to tweak it as the girls get older.

  6. Your children did such beautiful Christmas Star chalk pastels!! Makes me so very happy to see what fun they had! Thanks so much for sharing. (Smudging is our favorite part too!) I’m pinning to my art tutorials showcase Pinterest board.

  7. Discovering Montessori says

    I love service projects involving hands on activities with children. Your family is awesome!

    I apologize for linking up incorrectly. Hannukah(ages3-6). I’ll be sure to link up correctly next time.

    Thank you for hosting and for sharing.

  8. I just found out about a new app called artkive. It allows you to take a picture of the art piece, label it with your child’s name, grade, date, and make little notes(which is helpful to remember what all the little details are). :) You can also share it with your circle of family and friends and have it printed into book form. The best part is…it’s free! Woo Hoo!
    Merry Christmas, Jolanthe! Love your blog!

  9. I’ve been going through those chalk pastel lessons too! We’ve done one so far, and will be doing more next week.

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