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Alphabet Flash Cards and Alphabet Wall Posters

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If you’re looking for a fun (and smaller) way for kids to remember letter formation and also have a quick reminder of beginning letter sounds, you’ll enjoy these alphabet flashcards.

Each card feature both an uppercase and lowercase print letter along with a guide for how the letter is formed. Along with the letters, cards show a picture of an item that begins with that letter (a – apple, b – butterfly, etc.). 

There are two sets of cards in the download: one with a cartoon image and another with a photo of a real item. 

The alphabet flashcards each print off around 2” x 3”, about the size of a deck of cards. We printed our cards off onto cardstock, laminated them to make them more sturdy, hole-punched them and then put them on a jump ring. {Note: this is how we laminate more inexpensively}.

You can also use the smaller cards to make a fun banner to hang in your classroom.

Alphabet Wall Posters

If you are a classroom teacher, or have more space on your walls, you may want to download the Alphabet Wall Posters. The wall posters show how the upper and lowercase letters are formed, giving children a great visual on letter formation.

Alphabet Wall Posters

These posters are 8 1/2” x 11” in size and one set features real images {they match the Beginning Sounds Poster and several of the other Preschool Alphabet printables} while the second set has clip art images ~ both are cute!

Check out these free Cursive Alphabet Printables

Cursive Alphabet Flashcards Cursive Alphabet Wall Posters

Prefer a cursive handwriting font to model? Check out the Cursive ABC Flashcards and Cursive ABC Posters and download them today!

–> Download the FREE Alphabet Flashcards HERE (xray)<–

–> Download the FREE Alphabet Flashcards HERE (xylophone)<–

–> Download the FREE Alphabet Wall Posters HERE <–


Other Early Learning Printables You May Enjoy

You can find more Early Learning Printables {all for FREE} on my website. Have fun!!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. These are wonderful! I love that you did photos. It’s so hard to find, and exactly what I need for my special needs son. I printed off two sets of the photo alphabet flash cards for matching, and I’m going to get small items to match to the pictures (I already have some that match exactly!). And the poster size is great for tracing practice (laminated, of course). Then, we can move on to the cartoon version and do the same (match identical, match 2D to 3D). Thank you so much!

  4. Laura Letiecq says

    I have been looking for a good alphabet to put on my wall in my preschool classroom. Thanks so much for creating these!

  5. Thanks Jolanthe! I have been looking for a nice set of wall posters and love the ones you made with the clipart! I plan to hang them in our new schoolroom!

  6. Believingin1 says

    These are really cute! Great job girl! as usual ;-p

  7. Hi Jolanthe.I really love to download the alphabet wall posters but it says that its damaged.Is there any other way to download it?Thanks

    • Have you tried opening and downloading the files using a different browser? They are opening fine for me and I am using Firefox on both a Mac and PC. Let me know if that helps!

  8. Exactly what I needed! Thanks a ton!

  9. These are so great! I’ll be printing and laminating them for this year. Thank you!

  10. These are wonderful! The 8.5×11 is a little too big for me to hang in our school room and the flash cards a little too small for the kids to see hung. Is there a way for me to shrink the 8.5×11 to a 5×7 or 4×6? I was trying to figure it out but I can’t seem to make it work. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  11. I love these wall posters and printed off a couple a week or so ago. Today I wanted to print off the rest and I can not open the file. It says that it is damaged. I can open the flashcard file but not the wall posters, which is what I need. Any suggestions? I tried opening it in both google and internet explorer.

  12. I am having the same error message when I try to open only the regular ABC posters PDF. (I can open the the cursive ones.) I tried Fire Fox, Explorer and Chrome. I’d love to get those posters:)

  13. Adiel Knafo Litterat says

    i don’t know how’s blog it is . but i want to say thank you so much!!! i’m a teacher for spicel education on israel and i’m teaching my kids english and i was looking for a long time abc posters to hang in my class- thnx so much!

  14. Thank you very much for the flash cards have printed, laminated and joined together with string :-)

  15. Samantha says

    First, thank you for all the great resources. On the handwriting posters the letters M, W, w, V and v arrows and numbers do not coordinate with the HWOT or other Zaner handwriting curriculum. Is there a reason you have chosen to write the letters/lines and numbers in a conflicting direction from the writing programs?

    • No specific reason – just the font that I had. It did not tie in to a specific program like HWOT. Our kids haven’t had any issue with it at all and typically go with the program we have worked with. Basically they have used them as a quick prompt when working on letters.

  16. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tools!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing all of your printables. I am excited to use them in our homeschool.

  18. THANK YOU for all of these amazing freebies! They are so great!

  19. Natalie Ontiveros says

    Hi what site do you use to get the photos from?

  20. Thank You Jolanthe for these free printables. I will use it for my personal use with the 5 kids I help at home with their Early Childhood Development before school. I appreciate your time and effort helping others with these free printables. May you be Bless

  21. HI Jolanthe, Several of these download links do not work (specifically the cursive ABCs). ~ Eva

    • I’m trying to figure out what is going on – there is a glitch that has to do with the post date. Checking with my host – thank you!

  22. Thanks for this your very generous person indeed may GOD bless you always ,This a big help for my in my room decor .

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