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Alphabet Do-a-Dot Marker Printables

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One of the favorite ‘painting’ tools we have at home are our Do-a-Dot markers. You might know them as bingo markers, but these handy, chunky, and colorful markers have been such a fun addition to our learning time. Somehow when they are out…well, giggles abound and it doesn’t seem so much ‘learning’ as it does ‘art’.

Alphabet Do a Dot pages


Alternate Ideas for Using the Do-a-Dot Pages


Do a Dot markers

If you don’t have Do-a-Dot markers, here are a few other suggestions to use in place of the markers:

  • Circle stickers ~ You know the little colorful circle stickers you can use to tag for yard sales? Those are another great fine motor activity to use with the do-a-dot pages.
  • Power magnets ~ Put your pages on a cookie sheet and have fun sticking the magnets on the spots. Kids love magnets too {the power magnets are the ones we have}. With little ones you have to be careful of what might go in the mouth, but they are a hit at our house.
  • Transparent counters ~ We have what seems like a gazillion of these little plastic coins and have used these as well on the sheets.
  • Cheerios or other round cereal
  • M&M’s or Skittles
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils


Download the Alphabet Do-a-Dot Printables

Ready to download the printables? Just click on the links below, download, print, and start having fun with your kids!

Download the letters A-M Printables here

Download the letters N-Z Printables here


Other Printables You May Find Helpful

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. These are SO much fun! Thank you for sharing – you are SO generous!

    Please feel free to come link up any of your activity related posts on Wednesday at our Artsy Play Wednesday LINKY! We’d love to have you.

  2. These are great would you possibly looking at including lower case alphabet, Im looking at starting the alphabet with little one but here in the UK we learn lower case first and these would be a excellent aid to our learning

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