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All About Reading Pre1 Progress Chart

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All About Reading progress chart

If you are using the All About Reading Pre1 program with your kids, be sure to download the progress chart to go along with it! Our kids absolutely love being able to track their progress on things ~ and the stickers that go along with it!


We have loved the All About Reading Level Pre-1 program and recently started working on the All About Reading Level 1 program with Kaleb. You can read my full review of the review of All About Reading Pre1 program here.

If you are interested in a peek at the program, download the FREE Activity Book from All About Reading by clicking on the banner below!


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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  • Juliejacks4

    I use All About Spelling and the kids love it.  The problem is the price.  We are using volume 1 and the kids sped through it.  I went to purchase the remaining volumes and they are about $30 each totalling around $200 for the entire All About Spelling program.  I’m trying to find it used.  I’m not sure how expensive the All about Reading program is but look into it before purchasing the program.

  • Julie – i know that it is a bit more, but since we are using it with multiple kids and the spelling program is non consumable it is great since it can be resold without an issue. The reading program is also the same (with only one activity book that is consumable) so it can also be resold or used again with future kids. For me, that is definitely a huge plus.
    I break down the cost of our curriculum that can be used with multiple kids to see how much it averages out per kiddo and then factor in an estimated resale on the product…and bith AAS and AAR have a great resale value and are in wonderful demand. :)

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