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A Little Origami, Sushi, and a Volcano

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Preschool CornerWe didn’t have a set theme this week during our school time, although quite a few of our activities revolved around our geography fun with Little Passports.

This year we have a one year subscription and it is just for Kaleb – something that he is really enjoying {especially because it means that he has a package in the mail addressed to HIM}.

Homeschool Week 20 -0177

Getting mail isn’t a common occurrence in our house, so it makes it extra special! I love that I can keep track of the countries because they are stamped on the outside {not that I would ever forget the order we received them – cough}.

Science Fun

Homeschool Week 20 -0158

During science time this week we talked about mass and made predictions on what things were heavier than others {part of our Nancy Larson K program}. We then used our balance scale to check out predictions.  First we compared the characteristics of the different objects and then had much fun weighing everything in sight. Literally. Had I not stopped the boy, the poor cat would have been part of the experiment process.

Homeschool Week 20 -0198

We also did a sink or float experiment using a variety of objects. Many more than the experiment originally called for, because a little boy cannot help trying out additional things to see if they sink or float in water. Thankfully, he didn’t find the cat for this one.

Homeschool Week 20 -0235

We finished off the week with a volcanic explosion. Because we were talking about Japan via Little Passports and the ‘ring of fire’ in that area of the world, it was the perfect time to pull out the volcano that we made back in November and never got around to using.

The volcano was super easy to make. We used the Crayola Model Magic and formed it around an empty spray bottle {minus the top}, then let it dry. To make our volcano explode, we added 2 Tbsp. of baking soda with a little food coloring {dish soap will also make it suds up more}, and then slowly poured 1/2 cup of white vinegar into the top.

Much fun!! Our volcano is now drying out and we’re hoping to use it again when I have RED food coloring on hand to add to the explosion. Notice that the cat made it to this experiment?

Math Time

Homeschool Week 20 -0179

While our wall calendar is a part of our school everyday, since we started back to school in January we MAY have forgotten to use our daily Calendar Notebooks, so we spent some time catching up with our weather graph and getting our 100 days of school chart done as well.

Friday is the 100th day of school for us, so we’re celebrating with a breakfast at Chick-fil-A {thanks to free breakfast morning} and a few hours at the roller skating rink.

Homeschool Week 20 -0187

We also used The Mitten Even and Odd Number Sort game to practice sorting numbers up to 30. I really thought that the numbers 21-30 would confuse him, but he is sorting them like a pro now {yay!}. Going to have to think of a few more things to kick it up a notch for the boy!

I’m also searching high and low for our coins so we can practice a little more money counting. Of course I COULD just walk downstairs and find a bunch of dimes, but the thought that those play coins are hiding somewhere in the schoolroom…. I’ll be pulling up the real coins next week. :)

Fun with Little Passports

Japan was the country that we visited this week via Little Passports and inside our package was a fun letter, a packet of origami paper to make some animals, a code for more activities online, as well as a few other fun surprises.

Homeschool Week 20 -0195 Homeschool Week 20 -0200

Kaleb decided to make a cat {translated: I folded the cat and he drew the face} and saved the rest of the origami paper for later when he could figure out what else he wanted to do.

Homeschool Week 20 -0216 Homeschool Week 20 -0224

The big treat of the week? In the letter from Little Passports they mentioned sushi and Kaleb suddenly developed a hankering to try sushi. So we stopped at the store and picked up a small tray for him to try with me – and he absolutely loved it! Now he wants to know when we can have it again. Just when I thought my love for sushi was safe…now I have to share {grins}.

{Quick note – if you are interested in signing up for Little Passports, use the code JAN10 this month to take 10% off your total price.}

Reading the ‘ch’ Sound

Homeschool Week 20 -0203 Homeschool Week 20 -0208

This week we added the ‘ch’ sound to the ‘sh’ and ‘th’ blend to Kaleb’s reading pile. We played a fun mouse game from All About Reading – Kaleb would pick up the pieces of cheese to feed the mouse and read the words on the opposite side. Although he is reading the blends well now, he still has trouble with the short ‘e’ sound, which has made for some umm…interesting words now that the ‘sh’ blend has been added to his reading {ahem}.

History Time with Mystery of History

Homeschool Week 20 -0165Kaleb sits in along with us during our history time with Mystery of History. This week we learned about St. Boniface and the evergreen tree, the Iconoclast controversy, and also ‘The Hammer’ {Charles Martel} and The Battle of Tours. He really loves the coloring pages that go along with the lessons {coloring is this boy’s favorite thing next to Legos!}.

Not sure what some of those history lessons are about? You aren’t alone!! I don’t remember half of this stuff, so it is really rather fun to go through this with the kids!


That’s about it for our week. Our kids had a BLAST this week. What was the BEST part of your week with your kids?


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  1. Rose @ Walnut Acre says

    I linked up the Heart Owl Craft and forgot to leave an age (2-5). Thank you for hosting :-)

  2. Looks like a great week! Yay for trying new things!

  3. Claire @ angelicscalliwags says

    I ALWAYS forget to leave an age (sorry) Mine’s is for a 1 and a 4 year old. I’m so dipsy! I love history as well. Our history at school consisted of writing notes off a black board! The education I’m getting at 38 is much more fun and memorable than when I was at school!!

  4. Little Passports looks like a great program! Thanks for sharing your awesome activities … and thanks for hosting Preschool Corner! :)

  5. Eddie@The Usual Mayhem says

    If it makes you feel better, I found a Little Passports package the other day (from a subscription 2 years ago) that had somehow been filed without opening it. It was the highlight of my daughter’s day!

    • I still have a few to open – I had wanted to save one to do a month, but think we need to do them a little more frequently. :) He loves them so much!

  6. Discovering Montessori says

    I really like that sh sound work.

    Thak you for sharing.

  7. I have been wanting to try the Little Passports….but have been thinking my 3 and 5 yo boys wouldn’t get as much out of it as they would if they were older. Maybe we should give it a try – Caleb is 5 right?

  8. We had a family come over on New Year’s Eve night. Their teenage daughter made origami swans with my girls and they loved it. So I am going to try my hand at it very soon. I found a preschool origami website which seems to be a good resource. Thanks for hosting the link up.

  9. Jenny Rosales says

    Thanks for hosting! I made a boo-boo with my first linky sorry!

  10. JoannaTopazT says

    That sink or float experiment is obviously fun. We did it a year or so ago for the first time, and I am still rescuing things from my 6-year-old’s bath. No cats though, lol.

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