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A Great Big $500 Giveaway

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The back-to-school items are already out in the stores. I’m realizing that there are a few things I forgot to pick up. Do you have a few things too?

This week a team of bloggers have teamed up for a fun giveaway – $500 in PayPal Cash! If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can choose an Amazon or Target gift card instead!

Entries are simple.

  • Mandatory entry – leave a comment on the blog post below the Rafflecopter and tell us how you would spend your winnings.
  • Do not forget to indicate on the Rafflecopter widget that you left a comment.
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It’s that simple!

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  1. i would love to use this prize for the next year of school curriculum….so many new things i would love to try out….Mystery of HIstory, Apologia…..
    thanks for this great opportunity!

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! I would use the money to buy books, art supplies, pay for field trips…anything to enhance our homeschooling experience! :-)

  3. Carissa S. Renner says

    I would use the money for supplies of course! who couldn’t use more supplies and books! Thank you!

  4. I would use the money to buy more books.

  5. Still haven’t ordered all my books yet. This would be very handy for that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer says

    I certainly could use this. I’ve never heard of some of those who teamed up for this. I’ll be visiting them, though. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  7. Anne Gibbens says

    I would buy curriculum that I am dreaming about for my kids, especially my son: Engineering is Elementary from the Museum of Science in Boston (http://eiestore.com/storybooks.html). It introduces different aspects of engineering to Elementary aged kids. I have spent a lot on other core subjects, so this will be on the back burner otherwise. Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Heather N. says

    This is our first year homeschooling so I would use it to get a new homeschool sdesk and some items i’d love to have like a globe and a big calendar (not to mention some new art supplies!)

  9. Definitely buy some extra curriculum/supplies…those things that I can never afford like montessori stuff, nice paper cutter, etc.

  10. I would buy new wall maps, art supplies, more books for our library… Really the list of what I would buy is too long to write out :D

  11. Wow!! What a fantastic giveaway!! Will be visiting all these sites. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  12. AStableBeginning says

    Books, books, and more books! Plus a few manipulatives and things that have been on my wishlist for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. jovialjen says

    Math manipulatives, puzzles and the remainder of the curriculum I need for the year…. Thanks!

  14. Books of course… and a few painting supplies as well. My little girl loves to paint and goes through a lot!

  15. Wow – this is a FANTASTIC giveaway! I would use it to buy a few more pieces of curriculum, those homeschool “extras” (books, supplies, etc.) and maybe I would feel as if I should use some towards Christmas instead of just fun homeschool stuff…nah!

  16. MelissaH says

    Would love to purchase some new organization supplies … shelves, bins, etc. I need a bit more order in my home! :)

  17. Carole Marra says

    I would donate the money for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis for my son Joey,diagnosed when he was only 8 years old.He is 15 now and homeschooling for the past three years due to his illness…If a cure comes,I would still homeschool! In fact,I am starting to homeschool my other son Jacob,12 years old,entering 7th grade.Homeschooling has been the BEST decision I have ever made and would not have it any other way!!!!

  18. Michelle says

    It seems my supply list keeps growing, so this would be awesome to win. Thanks

  19. Christie Hepburn says

    We officially begin our first year of homeschooling next month so I would use the money to buy supplies, books and furniture for our “schoolroom”

  20. Kathleen P. says

    I would buy bookshelves and Kindles for my two teens.

  21. Elizabeth Pritchett says

    I need help with school supplies.

  22. danielle says

    I would buy as much wonderful school-ish things as $500 could get me! Definitely and interactive globe and AAS Level 1 though…


  23. Kimberlee says

    What a gift winning would be! I would purchase books, supplies, some of the fun activities kits I never purchase because of money going to curriculum. I would also the money for field trips and more!!

  24. September hails the first full year of us homeschooling. We’re in the UK and I’d use the money to purchase Christian homeschooling materials from the US as the stuff we can get from here is few and far between.

  25. I would use it as homeschool budget money–field trips, supplies, etc. Or I could pay some bills?? :)

  26. Kaysha Ballentine says

    We would buy as many educational items as we could. Things like alphabet beads, counters, art supplies, etc. Maybe even curriculum for when he is older…

  27. I would stock up on paper and ink (always need that!) and some organizers for crayons, pencils, etc. I would also invest in another industrial strength pencil sharpener…one of my kiddos decided to try and sharpen crayons in the one we had, and, well, now we need another one!!

  28. I certainly could use it (who couldn’t?). As a single mom, this would be quite the prize to receive! I would use it for supplies and field trips to numerous places within our state!

  29. I lead a group of homeschoolers and it would be fun to buy items that I know some of them need and help them out.

  30. Julie Brown says

    I would use it for school.

  31. I would buy books for the kids! Plus some education toys to add to preschool!

  32. Michelle L says

    I would use the money to buy lots and lots of books!

  33. Shelly H says

    This is my first year homeschooling and expenses seem to be adding up:)! My husband is in ministry, and we really try to live within our resources and not above. That being said we have a small budget for homeschooling this year, and he’s been gracious to me in allowing me to go beyond that already! I still need to purchase All About Reading Level 1 and Interactive Kit, as well as Apologia Science and Mystery of History at beginner levels. I am also hoping to get a great map for our “School room”. I would LOVE to win this money and be able to buy more school resources as well as simple school supplies! thank you!!!:)

  34. I’d probably buy a ton of books for homeschooling and art supplies that I don’t usually splurge on as well. I’m sure I’d find some books for myself, too! :)

  35. I’m excited to begin tot school with my two year old. My list of “hope to get”s is LONG :)

  36. Amanda Phillips says

    What an awesome giveaway!! I would love to have this extra money for our school projects throughout the year!

  37. Collette says

    Books, books and books!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome giveaway!!!

  38. kelly tillotson says

    paper, ink, books, books and more books. and perhaps a curriculum set {havent decided on it yet for my kinder} this would be such a blessing! good luck to all!
    thanks for the chance!!

  39. What a BLESSING this would be. We have not yet purchased curriculum for next year…our budget has been TIGHT! The money would be used, 100% for the upcoming year homeschool supplies for my 2nd grader, Kindergartener, and pre-schooler. Math (rightstart math), homeschool art (from the 1+1+1=1 posts), supplies for sensory boxes, montessori print shop, reading and read alouds that are not available at our library, discount school supply and materials for the Mystery of History. The $ would provide a tremendous relief to our cash strapped home!

  40. We just redecorated and reorganized the schoolroom. I should probably use the $500 to pay for what I already spent!

  41. Stacy Wood says

    I would use this to buy my son a Spanish learning program like Rosetta Stone, purchase curriculum books to start homeschooling, purchase a day of fun at the museum and aquarium. I would also save a good chunk of it to place in his college fund

  42. LaRissa Weimer says

    I would purchase hands on activities for my 5, 3, and 1 year old along with many items to donate to the co-op I run.

  43. I would so buy the new curricuum I need this fall!

  44. I’m just getting started homeschooling and I love that you do these types of giveaways! I especially like that you link up to the other blogs and sites so that I have more exploring I can do. As homeschooling parents know, looking at the big picture seems a bit overwhelming…but I am trying to take it a day at a time. I would use the money for some rolling cart drawers to use for my work-box system. Not only would the earnings bless me for this year, but the things I would purchase would probably be used throughout our entire journey! Thank you for your help with information and your generousity.

  45. Laura Letiecq says

    $500 would go towards new hearing aids for our seven year old. That is our next big expense we have planned.

  46. Denise Wilson says

    I would love to get some goodies for our homeschool! We are just beginning this journey with my Kindergartner and I have another child who will start in a year or so. So, I’ve been trying to build up some resources. This sure would help!

  47. I’d use it for school supplies- and maybe get some early Christmas shopping done!

  48. This is awesome! I’m so behind in school curriculum….like I have none….for next year I would buy school stuff definitely.

  49. I would definitely use it to buy things for our homeschool. Anything extra would go toward paying for a new transmission.:)

  50. melissa martinez says

    Would love to win. Thanks for the chance. I would use it for my first grade daughter curriculum.

  51. I’d hit those back to school sales!

  52. This is my first year to homeschool so I have a ton of stuff that I could add to our home!! We have big dreams of an art center and deluxe calendar area and some other items to enhance our curriculum!

  53. If I win I would use the money to buy all of the resources for school that I still need to buy!

  54. I would use the money to finish buying a few pieces of curriculum yet, some science readers, art supplies and a table for the school room.

  55. Books! Lots and lots of books!

  56. Karen Robuck says

    I would use it for last minute school supplies, maybe AAS and AAR or something similar, maybe something for math that my son will actually do.

  57. This is only our second year homeschooling, we survived the first year with just the basics and limited funding. We would use the money to create a ‘school’ within our home to make it much easier to teach and learn. We have many years ahead of us (with a 6-5-4 year olds), so it would be very helpful!!! Thank you.

  58. I would use it toward a new child sized table. The big desk is too big and the coffee table has become too short!

  59. Charis Chapman says

    I would buy extra art and science supplies!

  60. Sofia Pylypiak says

    I think if I won this much money I would buy all the school items that are on my wish list but never make it to the need list:)

  61. Mystiqua Kimble says

    This would be a tremendous blessing for our family as it would help me to redo our homeschool room (to actually have a specific place) and have everything my children would actually need to be comfortable while they are learning. I would use the winnings to purchase tables, desks, supplies etc.

  62. I would use the $500 to book school supplies and to make small repairs around the house. I would also use some of it for hubby and I to go out to eat for our 14th anniversary next week!

  63. This would be a tremendous blessing for our family as it would help me to redo our homeschool room (to actually have a specific place) and have everything my children would actually need to be comfortable while they are learning. I would use the winnings to purchase tables, desks, supplies etc.

  64. Heather S says

    I would use this to purchase all we need for home schooling this fall. Anything left over would go towards our adoption.

  65. I’d use it for shelving. We never have enough shelving for all of our books. I’d also use to buy supplies for our cooperative.

  66. I would use use it to buy some of my homeschool wishlist – things I’d love to have to home educate, but that are out of our current budget =-)

  67. Books, supplies and storage!! Those are a few of the first things that come to mind. There are so many things! It would definitely be a huge help.

  68. I would use the $500 to supplement our current homeschool curriculum and revamp our current homeschooling space. With 3 students and a new baby on the way, it would come in very handy!!!

  69. I’d use it for school supplies and clothes and maybe a mini camping trip before school started.

  70. I would use it for school supplies and back-to-school clothes! These growing children need new wardrobes each season! Plus, #3 is due any day and will need plenty himself!

  71. Michelle Edmondson says

    This would be a huge blessing to win!! Thank you for your blog as I love reading it.

  72. Brooke Mcduffy says

    This is our first year homeschooling and I feel like I have absolutely nothing! I have been raiding the school supplies stores like crazy trying to find good prices. Thanks so much for doing this give away it will be useful to anyone who receives it good luck to everyone!

  73. We really need a scale for our science program. I would put some towards that and the remainder would go in our savings account to help us purchase our home this year.

  74. I would use it to pay a hospital bill and for prescriptions for my son. We have already gone over the medical flex account $5000 limit for the year it’s all ready gone, so everything comes out of my husbands paycheck. We homeschool so we are a one income family. We also would really like to buy new books for all three boys but it’s going to be tight so we are making do with what we have. Our middle son was born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart sugery when he was six. We are still recovering from that, and praising God that he is here with us. Congenital heart defects effect 1 in 100 children born we would also make a donatation to Palmetto Hearts Here in the Upstate Carolinas to help raise awarness and help other families like ours. Please our family could really use the help right now. It would be a huge answer to prayer.

  75. Michelle says

    First year homeschooling so the list is never ending…this would be a huge blessing!

  76. I would use the funds to fill up our Art Supplies cabinet. I asked my son what subject he wanted to focus the most on this year, and he said Art. Looks like I need more art supplies! :)

  77. I would use it as needed for shoes, clothing, and other things that come up as needed. Thanks!

  78. Christine says

    I’d use it for the violin lessons ds has been wanting! :)

  79. Homeschool Room remodel.

  80. I would use for my in home daycare supplies.

  81. Leslie B says

    I would use it for some kid clothing and some curriculum.

  82. Kandi Collins says

    I still need a microscope, world globe, and laminated wall maps. I was also hoping to start my youngest on All About Reading and All About Spelling programs.

  83. I would use this money to actually buy a curriculum for my daughter instead of using dollar store workbooks. :)

  84. I would love to get the rest of my wish list and be able to reorganize our school/dining room. Although I may pay a few small doctor bills too.

  85. I would use the money to finish buying homeschool supplies (like laminating pouches and construction paper) and books that I just don’t have the budget for. And possibly a box of diapers for the baby.

  86. I would pay some bills, pay the registration for next years homeschooling, and purchase some craft supplies for the summer if I had $500 right now. What a great giveaway, Thanks so much!

  87. we would use the money for some christian curriculum and few more bookcases to store our school supplies! :)

  88. I would use the money for school stuff for my three kiddos!

  89. gidgetnfroggi says

    I would use the money to buy Christmas or Clothes then with what we have left we might even get in a American Girls splurge trip :)

  90. I would buy schoolbooks and maybe a laptop for my daughter to use.

  91. I would use it to purchase long term storage food for my family.

  92. I would use it for extra school supplies and lots of hands on things that would help my oldest son learn

  93. Amazing giveaway! Would love to be able to purchase new clothing for my kids,as well as other needed school items!

  94. Danielle Hull says

    I’d buy the few school books we need, then save the rest to go to Texas to see my oldest graduate from basic training!

  95. i would use the money to help renovate my school room and by some educational items for my girls.

  96. WrinkledShirts says

    Would use the $500 to complete my curriculum purchases and for field trips!!

  97. We would get some new manipulatives for school and some new curriculum

  98. Laura Barth says

    I would buy curriculum. Thanks!

  99. First I would buy a devotional book for my 3 year old along with scripture DVDs. Second,Would be on learning toys…clocks, lacing games, fun things that would help foster a learning, creative problem solving mind.


  100. Tabitha B says

    I would buy LOTS of educational toys, books, and supplies for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She is bored with what we have and is starting to act out in boredom. I’ve tried rotating toys and things, but she needs more stimulating and challenging things to keep her little hands and mind busy and growing! I might buy some preschool curriculum just so that I can get ahead of the game. She is already asking me to teach her to write her name and is very eager to read on her own!

  101. It is a generous offer and it would cover our first curriculum and some book. Good luck everyone!

  102. I would spend my winnings on getting my preschooler all set up for homeschooling. I would buy learning toys, art supplies, and organizational materials.

  103. momof4barkers says

    I would purchase supplies and books ofcourse!

  104. I would purchase books, books, and more books! And homeschool supplies!

  105. Wow…500 bucks!! How amazing and generous! I would get my soon to be VPK-er son set for school, then get all the materials I would love my students to have to facilitate their learning…math manipulatives, alphabet activities, dramatic play items, instruments…I would have so much fun! :)

  106. Jennifer Coe says

    Our first year of homeschooling begins on Sept 10! We are so excited, and we want to give every opportunity to our Kindergartener and third grader to help them have a fun and inspiring school year!

  107. I would spend it on some homeschooling materials as well as do one big trip at Costco.

  108. I am starting back to school in the Fall myself, this would help pay for my tuition!

  109. NancyinCA says

    With four kids, that money would be so very helpful for purchasing school supplies to start the school year off well. Thanks!

  110. $500 would get a lot of things off my homeschool convention wishlist!!!

  111. We are beginning our homeschool journey this year! $500 would be an amazing blessing to help get the curriculum and supplies we need!

  112. Gina Rouse says

    I would use the money to buy curriculum for our kids.

  113. I’d buy an ipad for my husband – he really needs it for work and he’s been waiting patiently for the extra money to get one (but it never materializes! :) He works hard for us so I can stay home with DD5 – this would be a fun little treat that would make work easier for him. I’d buy some things for our local animal shelter with the leftover money. Thanks for the opportunity!

  114. Ajene (KingdomMommy) says

    $500 bucks..well, I could think of A LOT of ways to spend that money…maybe a mommy vacation…just kidding…..I would buy books or course :)

  115. I’d love to buy some serious curriculum for my kids with this!!

  116. This would help with my 2 kids school supplies, and clothing, but what I would love to get most is some cloth diapers for my 7 month old. Though mommy could use a date night!

  117. I think I would get the Life of Fred math books. And ink for the printer for this school year. Also the kids need shoes and jeans, I would get those.

  118. special homeschooling purchases: organization, supplies, fun projects!

  119. I would definitely get a laminator and have too much fun with it. Probably another bookshelf to make my life and home more organized. Thanks!

  120. I would finish buying our pre k curriculum.

  121. I would get education cubes and yearly membership for sure! I’d also get some organizational stuff – shelving, buckets/bins, and stock up on lamination, paper, ink, etc.

  122. I would purchase the remaining curriculum, supplies, and 1st day back to school surprises for my children.

  123. I would use the gift cards toward an e-reader for me and the kiddo. We’re building our own curriculum out of source documents.

  124. Samantha Lehmann says

    Am I the last person to order my homeschool materials this year? I squeaked the cash to order your planner !!! so I’m way ahead on planning – but just waiting… this would really, really help…. My girlfriends at church all say it’s better that we haven’t been able to order the stuff – it would just sit around and collect dust – need organizing lol – God bless good girlfriends…. I entered a rafflecopter 2x. :)

  125. Hmmm…I might just put that toward the new laptop I’ve been eyeballing.

  126. I would finish buying curriculum for this year and use the rest to get caught up on some bills.

  127. Jessirose says

    I would love to win, I have been wanting to get my youngest some tot school manipulatives, but can’t spend the money right now.

  128. I would purchase a new science curriculum and math manipulatives.

  129. Lori Denton says

    I would finish buying some of our curriculum and maybe buy some things for our new baby which is due August 2nd.

  130. Buy my daughters curriculum stuff for the upcoming school year!

  131. Kristy Patterson says

    I would buy cirrculum books, crayons, sissors, and art supplies

  132. This would be so helpful for us right now!

  133. I would put it towards adoption costs

  134. Melanie Torgerson says

    I would use the money to make a school room..a space just for school to get everyone excited for the school year. Also to buy a nice dictionary and a bible curriculum. This is our first year of school! would be so cool to win this!!!

  135. I would put it towards schoolbooks and Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. whew so many things I would like to buy with that. All About Reading
    level 2, the next level of our math curriculum, and a bookshelf for
    storing some of our resources!

  137. I would love to put this money towards supplies for preschool for my oldest daughter… we are just venturing into the realm of homeschooling with preschool this year and could definitely use some supplies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. I would buy some Saxon math and art supplies and I’m sure I could find plenty of other supplies to buy. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  139. Rae Varela says

    This would be a tremendous help for a homeschooler!!!

  140. Stacey Trujillo says

    Wow! Such a generous giveaway. I almost hate to start planning what I could use it for. I would really have to think and pray about it before I could decide what the money would best be used for for my 1st grade, preschooler & tot.

  141. I would use it for our homeschool needs. Books and supplies. We are also planning a trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg in the fall to bring our history all together. It would be a tremendous help with that. Thanks for the chance to win.

  142. Since this is will be my first year homeschooling, I would love to spend the money on all kinds of organization containers and furniture (desk, bookcase, etc) to set-up a great little school area in my home.

  143. What a great giveaway! I would probably put the money in the bank to have on hand for all the unexpected midyear curriculum changes, wonderful field trip opportunities, and other odds and ends that I really don’t have a budget for.

  144. Stephanie says

    I would spend that money on the curriculum and picture books we are buying to teach a community Spanish class.

  145. I’d love to have this amazing gift of money to set up a homeschool area in our spare bedroom. There’s space available, but it needs definition and organization. Anything left over would go towards educational outings or activities throughout the year.

  146. Wow, how generous. Well I have a couple of things I need to purchase for school and my dh has been out of work for 5 weeks, so this would be a tremendous blessing to us. Thanks for the opportunity!

  147. i would get all of our school supples and a new laptop! this one is the pits!

  148. Sharon Kristoff says

    I would love to win this money! I would use some of it to buy some items for our Operation shoebox items that we do every Fall. I would also use some to buy Bible felts for the Sunday School class I teach and I would use the rest to re-stock our school supplies and set up a workbox system this year in our homeschooling.

  149. I would purchase the bulk of our curriculum for the year, including a foreign language.

  150. I wouldn’t feel as guilty for buying myself a new Vera Bradley purse and wallet. LOL! Actually, right now $500 would go towards some pull out drawers to organize our kitchen cabinets. I was just looking at them in Lowe’s yesterday.

  151. Well, I would finish buying the remaining curriculum, refresh art supplies and buy some books off our wish list. Then I might see if there was enough left for a membership to our local children’s museum.

  152. Renee K. says

    I would put it towards a special needs stroller for my daughter which is $1,500.00 Ouch!!!!

  153. Jennifer Kochert says

    I would probably start by giving some to my husband to pay some debts of ours. The rest would be used to stock up on supplies, etc for this 1st year of homeschooling.

  154. School stuff, school stuff and more school stuff. Likely spent at Christian Book Distributors…

  155. This is our first year homeschooling so I’d spend it on curriculum and supplies.

  156. oblivion219 says

    It would make a nice dent in my son’s tuition! Would LOVE this! Or I could have Christmas paid for!

  157. sarah stepec says

    I would spend it on homeschool curriculum since we are new and have nothing yet!

  158. I love buying used curriculum and books from other homeschoolers so i would probably use the PayPal card options to pay for my purchases.

  159. Oh…I would be able to purchase all of the things we still need for this bun in the oven!! :)

  160. Muffet m says

    My school room is in desparate need of organization! I would use the $ for bookshelves and storage. Any leftover we would use for a second language computer program. $450 (after tithe) would sure knock a few things off my wishlist.

  161. I would buy books and curriculum for the upcoming school year!

  162. I would pay for this month’s groceries.

  163. Let’s see…. some bins and shelves for books! :) A few more needed items for our almost-here baby girl! Books that are on my library list for the year, but we’d love to own. A dresser for the kids room, maybe? Thank you!

  164. Katie Olson says

    I would spend it on books for my kids and probably on something fun to surprise my husband :)

  165. oh my, this would be such a blessing! I would spend it on books and lots of fun “extras” for the kids!

  166. I would send half as a gift to our Compassion child in India and save for homeschool supplies and classes with rest


  167. Awesome giveaway! This would definitely get us started in the homeschooling world – we’re going to start this fall!

  168. This would help us get starting on the homeschooling adventure for our three kids. It would also help us buy many different items that are needed for the children as my husband has been laid off for the past 4 months

  169. Jonana Jolly says

    I would use it to buy homeschool storage and desks.

  170. E. Vaughn says

    I would probably put a bit towards my “back to school” wardrobe and then clear out some of my wishlist on “Teachers pay Teachers” and definitely add some of the stuff I have listed in my classroom wants/needs on Pinterest!

  171. I would find ways to bless people around us. I would purchase some biblical focused curriculum for all three of my kiddos. Buy a few odds and ends to help fix up our home more.

  172. dawn finch says

    i could really use that for homeschool curriculum
    dawn finch

  173. I would pick up some curriculum items and help out some friends with their curriculum costs too!

  174. I would use it to help pay for next year’s school supplies.

  175. blessedvir says

    I would by the home-school curriculum for my children. That will be an awesome provision. Thanks for the chance to all your great sponsors!

    • blessedvir says

      I would buy the home-school curriculum for my children. That will be an awesome provision. Thanks for the chance to all your great sponsors!

  176. Jennie Shellenberger says

    It’s more like what I couldn’t do with that amount of cash to go towards our homeschooling! There are so many things that I see you guys use that I can’t afford, but would love to have. So of course I’d get some of those items. And then maybe a nice map, a nice chair for my desk, and lots of books!!

  177. This would help kick star my home preschool

  178. I would buy homeschool curriculum! Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. If I won the $500 I’d put part of it toward the carseat my son needs for his daddy’s car and then some winter clothes for him since he will soon have no pants that fit.

  180. fourdaughters says

    it would be hard to spend the $500, I would start with my school room, I am gradually adding to it, but it would be great to get a few more furniture items. I would also invest in some good books, my family will be moving out of the country soon and I would like to bring a good library with us.

  181. Lari Hall says

    I would probably use some of it on school supplies..we’re starting our 1st yr homeschooling this year…and some on some fun things for our deck and pool. Since we’ll be home more, we’ll be able to enjoy it longer this year!

  182. I would purchase the all about spelling program and perhaps put the rest toward homeschool room plans. :)

  183. I have lots of supplements I would get. I homeschool four of our 9 grandchildren (ages 6-12) & there are several science kits they would love!

  184. I would use the money to enhance our homeschool program. I would love the All About Spelling and also the Little Passports. I would also need some organizational supplies.

  185. This would help so much! Thanks!

  186. If I won $500, I’d buy Rosetta Stone French levels 1-5.

  187. A great giveaway! I would buy fall/winter clothes for my children and organizational products for homeschool.

  188. I’d love to win this for my kiddos!

  189. I would put it towards a tablet to use for school for my kiddos.

  190. tammie paul says

    I would get my hubbys truck fixed so we have our second vehicle back!!!

  191. Beverly Dixon says

    I would love to win this.

  192. Books, books and more books. And All about Reading 1.

  193. Chrissy Bryant says

    We are beginning homeschooling next year. I would use the money towards supplies:)

  194. Christie L. says

    I am just starting homeschooling this year and could really use this prize! :) I need to figure out what I am doing still – so I am pretty sure I will hit panic mode come August. I haven’t had time to sit down and figure curriculum out yet b/c I directed VBS this summer for the first time. I’m excited to homeschool my kindergartener and as a former elementary teacher, I am {nervous} looking forward to being back in the {very different} saddle. Would love a great reading curriculum like All About Reading!

  195. I would use the money to help a local family whose son was just diagnosed with leukemia and maybe some would go for school clothes for my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity!

  196. Id use this to buy some supplies to teach my kids at home. I’m always creating some educational materials for them

  197. books, books, and more books. i think i might have an addiction. :) usually i buy for the kids, but there are a few on my wishlist for myself actually.

  198. We would like to invest in the homeschool version of Rosetta Stone Spanish, and this would just cover the cost!

  199. I would use it to get some organization supplies for our school supplies and save some to use for field trips!

  200. I would buy our workbooks for the coming school year and a generator since last year the power went out a few times during the winter.

  201. I think i would probably buy more curriculum than I really need… but I can’t help myself. I’m new to this! I am the original amazon mom so I will use every bit of it on the site… although Target’s $1 aisle is pretty enticing especially for my cc tutoring that I am embarking on…

  202. Magan Weber says

    Oh My – what a fabulous giveaway!! We are moving in a few weeks and there are all sorts of things that I think we’ll need for the kids in the new house…new bedding, furniture, home decor, the list goes on and on!!

  203. i would probably use it for some art supplies and outside toys, i teach preschool as part of my in home day care and we always need more art supplies and we could use some more outside stuff to help with active play to burn some energy and save my sanity lol!

  204. Setting a Montessori classroom for my youngest child.

  205. Charlene M. says

    Wow. What to choose?! I could probably find $500 worth of books I would love to have.

  206. Susangel says

    I would use it for new desks and supplies and some library books……and I’m sure that would almost take care of it lol

  207. Cheryl V. says

    I haven’t began school shopping yet. It would go to new clothes and school supplies as well as some much needed things around the house!

  208. I would buy more supplies for the school room and go crazy buying books.

  209. I would buy all the books on my Amazon wishlist for Homeschooling.

  210. I would use this for a tablet for my boys. They have been saving up for one, so I’d match them dollar for dollar to buy one. Whatever’s left would go towards buying their Math curriculum.

  211. I would use it to set up my home school room! After a couple of years in the public school we are pulling our boys out and keeping them home!

  212. I would love to use it to buy curriculum and tools for teaching! We have NO budget for those things since coming home from our vacation to an unplugged upright freezer!! :( We have to recover from the massive grocery loss and won’t be able to find the money for anything school related any time soon.

  213. My husband has been without steady work for a few years, so there is so much. :) Probably a laptop for my 16 yr old for school, math curriculum, books and art supplies, or a camera.
    Thank you for this chance!

  214. I would spend some of it on a shelf to help keep our area organized, fun art-teaching books, music/piano lessons, or possibly some kind of iPad or small laptop for schooltime learning.

  215. Rebecca J says

    I would pick up our next Math U See set!

  216. I would be able to get the next All about reading and all about spelling sets, not to mention sign up for some music and gymnastics classes that are out of my price range at the moment.

  217. Things are tight until the hubby starts new job in October so this money would most likely be spent on good ol’ bills.

  218. books and supplies for school

  219. I’d start by buying all of our necessities: diapers, household supplies, etc. With any left over, I’d love to use the $$ for Christmas gifts! Things are TIGHT around here, so any extra cash would be awesome!

  220. I’d love to buy school supplies and organization stuff for my homeschool.

  221. I would spend some of it on organization shelving. Piano books, craft supplies, learning books. Thank you!

  222. I would love to win! I would spend it on redecorating my kids rooms! Books for my kids and extra cloth diapers for the little one.

  223. Sara Rojas says

    I’d love to spend some of it on things to organize a dedicated homeschool corner. I’d also probably use some of it for things for our new home. I’d like to figure out away to bless someone else with some too.

  224. School Supplies!!! Updating our Classroom :)

  225. Courtney says

    This would help SO much as we embark on our first journey in homeschooling. Thank you!

  226. Rebecca Hartman says

    We’re starting to homeschool this year, so I would use the money on organization stations (like a table with drawers to put school supplies in a center column that will fold down in order to fit into our tiny, 2 room townhouse) and school supplies (aka curriculum and paper).

  227. This is our first year homeschooling and I sure could use the money to get my curriculum and supplies started. I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I just try focus on what God has called me to do and rely on him.

  228. Andrea Maddiex says

    Organizing and some curriculum, pencils and paper , erasers and markers, just to name a few. The list goes on and on.

  229. Buy a ticket to the Beech Retreat!

  230. This week, I would take my family to Disney, since we are in Orlando. If it were next week, it would have to go to my classroom, LOL.

  231. I have two kids in college and one still in homeschool. My older daughter’s college bill is due on August first and we’re praying for miracles………….

  232. Sarah Beth Sherman Tolchin says

    I would use it for all the school supplies that we need… like paint, construction paper, pencils…all the classics :-)

  233. Andrea hansen says

    I would love to buy art and school supplies and some books!

  234. I would use it for curriculum!

  235. I would use it toward our pending adoption. It has been so cool to see the way God called us down this road and has so amazingly provided along the way!

  236. Wow!! Being new to homeschooling. I am just getting started with shopping for the year. I would use the money towards curriculum and art and craft supplies. With two little ones we for sure need lots of glue and sparkles.

  237. Stephanie says

    I would use it for curriculum!

  238. I would the money towards clothing for the boys, needed curricuclum and some organizational supplies for our homeschool.

  239. Buy some curriculum and a school desk/chair for my daughter.

  240. I would probably use most of it in books. I have most of our core curriculum but books are something I always want and need more of. I would probably also buy more educational resources for my toddler to help keep her busy while we do school.

  241. Yvana Hernandez says

    Curriculum for next year – of course- making my list now. :-)

  242. I would use it for an mini beach vacation before fall.

  243. I would buy my curriculum. I can’t believe how expensive it gets for three kids. Thanks for the opportunity!

  244. I support a missionary family in Kigoma, Tanzania. They are building a trade school there. I would send the winnings for this project.

  245. Daphna Wilker says

    I would probably like most have said here buy Curriculum and items for better homeschooling. We are a one-income family and of course there are always expenses when you homeschool.

  246. winnings would go to the Kelly’s ministering in Kigoma, Tanzania toward the building of the trade school

  247. Cornerstone Confessions says

    Wow! This is one amazing giveaway. If I win there is going to be some serious after-baby clothing shopping. Woohoo!

  248. Sensational Homeschooling says

    Amazing giveaway! If I won, I would spend it on all the extra learning activities and toys that I can’t usually afford after buying the main curriculum. My son would be so excited!

  249. I am new to homeschooling, so I have A LOT of things I could do with this giveaway $$!! Books would be priority number one, then I’d like to purchase a system for workboxes that would fit our homeschool space. I’m super excited for this year!

  250. Lori Rosenberg says

    Wow! What a generous giveaway! I would put the money in the bank for safekeeping!
    Ѽ Lori

    With Love and Laughter


  251. Ashley Clark says

    With $500 dollars this week, I would probably put it in savings until I really needed it.

  252. Lora Webster says

    I would spend $500 on a ZooPhonics curriculum for my preschool!

  253. Tracey Monroe says

    We would definitely put the money into our savings account … my husband’s salary was cut and things are running very close month to month, so this would help with our bills!
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  254. Cindy Clark says

    My youngest daughter is heading off to college so this would put a dent in her textbook costs!!!

  255. I would use this to buy our curriculum for this coming year!

  256. I’d use it to buy curriculum for my DS 17.

  257. Kideducator says

    I would use the money to buy school supplies! I’ve already spent over $200 so this would come in really handy…I might even splurge and buy an Ipad!

  258. I would buy things for my classroom.

  259. heathernnance says

    I would use the money to buy supplies for my classroom, a new teaching shirt for each teacher on my team, and put the rest into savings.

  260. What would you do with $500 this week? I would use the money to buy school supplies and anything else my kids need.

  261. I would use the money on bills! I have a big expense coming up for airline travel & hotel for my friend’s wedding in Boston!

  262. ljohnson51 says

    I would use it for curriculum, books, and supplies.


  263. Katie Arnold says

    Oh boy! Buy curriculum, books, clothes for growing kiddos and on and on!!

  264. I have a few more curriculum items to pick up – that’s what I’d use it for! Thanks.

  265. I need chart paper. Do you know how expensive that stuff is?? I’ve never used it and now I’m freaking out.


    this Book

  266. Would love to put it toward a family vacation that we haven’t been able to take yet!

  267. I would use the money for school supplies and bills.

  268. if i am the winner of the $500 giveaway i would spend the amount very wisely and humbly by purchasing school supplies for my children, donating a portion to my church’s children ministry and anything left i would put in a savings acct. to save for a rainy day for when i get a chance to pamper myself. since being a full time mom and teacher having some mom-me time is not often unless you count shower and restroom lol ;) praying the lord will help find the right winner who shall be blessed with a gift such as this.

  269. Sara Ventrella says

    If I was the winner of the $500 giveaway, I’d spend it on teacher resources from TPT/TN and clipart sets! Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  270. I would buy school supplies!

  271. We are just starting home school this year, and it seems we still have so much we need! I have been trying to build up our library, buy basic supplies, and secure various other things we need all while dealing with a HUGE vet bill (dog has severe allergies), recovering from a recent move and a new baby, and gearing up for deployment (hubby is military), among other things. Ever have one of those years where you just can’t seem to get ahead because everything seems to be working against you? Yeah, that would be this year. :) What would I do with $500? Probably use it to pay off a large chunk of that vet bill so we would actually have some discretionary cash flow to spend on school supplies and other needs again.

  272. We just moved into our new building, but as I am new to the school, I am lacking in many materials the others teachers have. I’m not whining, just stating facts. Thanks!

  273. This would be awesome!

  274. amanda b says

    We are going to be homeschoolingfor the first time this year. So this money would really be helpfull. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  275. I would totally use it for art and music supplies for our first year homeschooling!

  276. I would use it toward curriculum costs and supplies.

  277. Well – five kids – arts and crafts, glue, scissors, the forever missing pencils and erasers – the list goes on – not to mention I could use some things for myself – white board markers – etc.

  278. I’d spend it on school supplies and start a college fund for my boys.

  279. Oh geez, what would I do with $500?! I would probably get a head start on buying things for preschool for my son, get nice art supplies for my daughter, and stock up on ink cartridges! Thank you for this opportunity!

  280. I would buy the rest of my curriculum and supplies, for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

  281. Tiffany Marshall-Stark says

    Since we have recently moved I would use the winnings to bless our new school room… a row of base cabinets & a counter to work on! Funny how I was just working on our Homeschool Weekly Planner… LOVE IT!!!

  282. Thank you so much for the chance to win such great products for my son!

  283. Dawn Kilgore says

    I would buy the rest of our curriculum supplies and

  284. I would spend it on books, music, art supplies…and maybe something fun for the kids.

  285. Kristen Anderson says

    If I won $500 (!!!) I would probably books. I am working towards my Elementary Education Endorsement – and I would buy textbooks, and maybe some new clothes for my student teaching :) maybe a couple of fun things too! Like the new Hunger Games movie that comes out soon….

  286. I would buy the rest of our curriculum notebooking supplies and lapbooks.

  287. My daughters are really interested in science. Yet the supplies for really fun experiences are way expensive. I’d stock up on supplies for science.. and use the rest for the other curriculum that we need for this coming year.

  288. My family and I just moved to a new state and we are now a one income family. If I won I would buy my 2 daughters all their school supplies and clothes needed for the school year. I would also buy any supplies the classroom/teacher is in need of.

  289. I would use it to help pay down debt. Then a would have more to work with in the future

  290. If I won, I’d purchase a LOT of items off of our homeschool amazon wish list for the upcoming year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  291. I would purchase a lot of homeschool supplies.

  292. Angela Rivero says

    $500?!!! I would love to be able to purchase some arts and crafts things. That was where I had to cut back. Then get a massage so I can start the school year feeling nice and relaxed :)

  293. I am starting up a daycare and would LOVE some fun, MESSY craft items as well as some outdoor play items!

  294. Christen says

    I would buy the curriculum I need as a new homeschool mom! I would also use some for the upcoming year — for any “extra” expenses such as field trips, etc!

  295. Oh, I could so use this. I really need to stock up on books in English…

  296. I would buy more books for my classroom library as well as tubs to organize them:)

  297. I would buy the last few books I need for the upcoming school year and stock up on supplies!

  298. Curriculum for sure!

  299. Oh my goodness! This is a jackpot giveaway for a new teacher! I have tons on my list, but hey I just got out of college and haven’t started working so I am on a budget! If I won this I would buy resources for my students! Books!!! Manipulatives! Crayons, glue, construction paper! Oh I could go on and on! Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  300. I love this giveaway-thanks for the opportunity! I have 5 children, ages 4-11, and my husband and I have been stressing how we are going to get by this fall. I am looking for part time work with the same hours as the kids’ school so I can be home for them in the afternoon. This money would be great for supplies, arts and crafts items for home, books, games for family nights, and food. It would be neat to put some toward a trip to discovery center in milwaukee or
    old world wisconsinas a kind of “field trip” for us. I would love to win this!!

  301. I would use it for our upcoming move- can’t wait to set up our brand new school room!

  302. Jaime V. says

    I would use the money to help fund our adoption of a little boy with special needs on ReecesRainbow.com! We are homeschooling, and bought this year’s curriculum before we committed, so bringing home another homeschooler to our family will be a lifetime of blessing!

  303. Bridgette says

    I would spend it on curriculum and supplies for my son with learning disabilities.

  304. I’d finally buy the Oak Meadow curriculum that my daughter would love!

  305. Bridgette says

    I would spend it on curriculum and supplies. Having a child with ADHD he needs LOTS of hand on learning.

  306. Not sure where to start… Definitely classroom supplies! I have seen so many cute ideas, but no $$$ to do them. Then IF I have any money left over, maybe some new school clothes for ME! Good luck to everyone!

  307. this money would help so much with supplies to kick off te begining of the year. Thank you!

  308. I would use this money for lots, as would everyone else! :) Curriculum, books, joining our science center, etc. What homeschooler couldn’t use this money?! Love this blog and site! I’ve found lots of ideas and inspiration! Thanks!

  309. This would help so much to get the school year off to a great start!

  310. This money would be a fabulous way to get the school year off to a great start and would help to keep it running smoothly as the year progresses!

  311. Maricelis Cruzado says

    I would use the money to buy curriculums and school supplies for the back to school.

  312. I would use it towards our curriculum and school supplies for the year!

  313. I would use it to buy school supplies and clothes for my kids. Shoes too, my youngest goes through them so quick!

  314. angela gibson says

    I would use this to buy curriculum for my daughter.

  315. I think I would buy an iPad!

  316. If I won this money I would take purchase all my children back to school items and take my mother out for dinner!!!

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