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$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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While the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over, the Christmas shopping still isn’t done in our home – and maybe not in yours either. To help you along with your Christmas shopping (and budget), today we are giving away a $50 Amazon gift card!!! It’s not fancy, but maybe your Amazon cart is brimming with various ideas like mine (grins). 

Super easy to enter – have fun browsing Amazon (and shopping from your pajamas!). And several of the entry options allow you to enter once a day, so be sure to visit and share often. 

Enter the Giveaway

Ready to enter? All you need to do is follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway is open to those who can receive the $50 gift card via email. Giveaway ends on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 11:59pm.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Samantha Fry says

    My Amazon wish list is always full. I would use it for homeschool supplies.

  2. I still need to buy several gifts for my 15-year-old daughter, and I’m sure I could find plenty she’d like on Amazon ;)

  3. This would be great to offset costs this holiday!!

  4. I’ve got lots of Christmas gifts for my family to purchase, an Amazon gift card would be wonderful!

  5. I always have at least a couple dozen items on a wish list at amazon for gifts or schooling.

  6. Currently on my Amazon list is a doll for one of daughters, some books for other daughters, and watch batteries. Everyone’s watch batteries seem to have died recently.

  7. Heather Kelly says

    For myself, just a few CD’s and movies. What I really want it to help make two boys Christmas wishes come true. One wants a Thomas the tank engine train track and trains. The other wants his first Star wars and Minecraft lego sets.

  8. I have a few more gifts to buy and most are from Amazon.

  9. marcicornelius says

    I want to get my daughter a kindle fire

  10. I really want a nice bread knife (I bake my own bread) or a tea holder (started drinking loose leaf). Thanks for the chance to get something for myself.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  11. I would use it on something for the family.

  12. Gina Barnowsky says

    School supplies & household things that always get put on the back burner

  13. What a wonderful gift!

  14. I haven’t bought a thing and I have 4 children and a son in law to buy for. Yikes!

  15. Trinity52607 says

    I’ve bought most everything we need for gifts, but maybe some last minute stocking stuffers

  16. Gina Liddick says

    I would use it to finish checking off my sons wishlist.

  17. Yay! So much in my cart! Thank you, Sweet Lady!

  18. I am still thinking about a few bedding gifts and ornaments.

  19. Heather Holdaway says

    This would be a blessing for our Christmas!

  20. I am having problems finding gifts for the adult males in my family. I will use the gift card to check out Amazon and buy them some gifts! I need to get this done. Not much time left!

  21. So many choices…i still have gifts to buy, school things that are on my “wishlist” and some books I’ve been wanting to read!

  22. I still need to buy for my son, as well as nieces and nephews. A gift card could really come in handy!

  23. I would use it for my kids presents.

  24. Would love to get a Kindle Fire for the kids!

  25. I would use it for gifts for my girls. My wishlists are full of ideas.

  26. I really want to buy Life of Fred Calculus to read about Fred’s parents and it is only found in this book. My kids aren’t in calculus yet but we are all dying to read about Fred who is such a part of our family now. We have all the math books up to algebra. Thanks!

  27. Shauna Schulz says

    Amazon is wonderful for those that don’t want to go Christmas shopping with a small army of children!

  28. I still need to buy a video game for my son.

  29. I still have a few gifts left to buy – mostly for the people who have everything and if they don’t, they go buy it immediately! :) I would use the gift card for gifts for others, but save a tiny bit for myself. :)

  30. My boys lists are loaded with Legos – so that’s where the $$ will go. :)

  31. I would buy another Lego set for my son

  32. I’d be thankful for the giftcard of course! I have a huge list of books and supplies I’m pining for. While I’m commenting, I just wanted to say thank you to Jolanthe and her work of putting this blog out there, over the years it is one of the few blogs I’ve stuck with because of the real, honest, and practical information she shares. Where I live homeschooling is not very popular and your family makes mine feel less alone.

  33. Leiloni Schulz says

    Thank you for the opportunity. I have so many books and other items as well as gift ideas in my wishlist on Amazon right now!

  34. I still need to buy for my brother-in-law and his wife. A few more things for my kids too.

  35. I’m still mulling over all the presents! Haven’t even started!

  36. Sandra Lobdell says

    Would love this gift card! I’d buy more science stuff for my sons! :-)

  37. Crystal Abel says

    I have a Amazon wishlist a mile long. I would use this for gifts for family and myself. I have homeschool supplies and other things on my list I would love to get.

  38. We’ve decided to make it a Lego Christmas this year. We’re starting the Lego Advent set tomorrow ;D This would be a major help to purchase my kiddos favorite sets!

  39. I’d definitely be able to put this to good use for my girls!

  40. Sandy Minnich says

    This is something I can use for gifts

  41. Shannon Romein says

    I’ve been considering Magna tiles for my boys but they are so pricey

  42. I would still like to get an area rug for my new condo!

  43. I’ve got a couple family games I’d love to get and play over Christmas break with the kids!

  44. This would be great for the holidays!

  45. HS kraftmaking says

    I would use it for holiday shopping.

  46. Most of what we have left is sitting in our amazon cart so we would Love this!!

  47. Janet Watson says

    I would definitely use this towards my grandsons this Christmas. There’s always something on Amazon they want!

  48. I’m still mulling a few gift baskets that I want to include a cookbook along with some good ingredients. There are some nice recent cookbooks, so I expect it will be towards these gifts!

  49. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this website! It has been a great blessing to our homeschool! Hubby has been out of work most of the year so this would be a great help for Christmas!

  50. I would use it for my husbands Christmas gift

  51. definitely will be used for Christmas gifts

  52. Stephanie Radtke says

    My daughter has been asking for an alarm clock for months and I have yet to find the right one! :)

  53. Just started shopping and I definitely have a wish list full at Amazon lol so I would put it towards the books and music that I have in there for my kiddos. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway <3

  54. I would use it to get some DVD’s that my daughters have been wanting.

  55. I would use the gift card for gifts for others,.

  56. There’s always something to get on Amazon!

  57. Tiffany Greene says

    If I won, I would use it on my kids! This would help out so much! Thank you!

  58. Kristin Parkin says

    I’d love to use it to get my husband or son a gift for Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. i would buy books for me

  60. I’d use it to buy games for my sons’ new game system.

  61. would like to get some homeschool stuff for my daughters for january.Have lots of stuff on the wishlist like calender and dot pens etc.

  62. We are tossing around the idea of a computer building kit for our middle son. I think he would like it, but my husband is unsure.

  63. on my kiddos. Still holding out for a nintendo for my kids.

  64. As always I use gift cards for my homeschooled kiddos….they have a long wish list. lol. Thanks for this giveaway!

  65. Still not sure what I’m getting my husband and little girl. This would definitely help out with that! Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. With a large family there is always something someone wants to get on Amazon!

  67. AStableBeginning says

    Each year my children get a stack of books for their “something to read” gift. This would help offset the cost of the books. :-)

  68. I’ve bought my Christmas gifts for everyone already! But I could definitely use this Amazon gift card for myself ;)

  69. I would use it to buy computer paper and ink.

  70. I still need to buy a gift for my 5 year old granddaughter. She likes to build so maybe a set of girl’s Legos.

  71. I’m still working on Christmas shopping so it would probably go toward a gift for the family.

  72. pickled pandas says

    Homeschool games!

  73. Kelly Wright says

    It would be fun to use for me. But I will probably use it on my kids.

  74. I have all of my gifts to still buy! it’s a little overwhelming.

  75. Loretta MUSSER says

    I’d probably use it for homeschooling supplies.

  76. Sheena Anderson says

    I still have all of my shopping to do!! Oops!! I would use it for my children.

  77. I need to find something for my 13 year old nephew. However, I would use the gift card for myself. We need some new cups. I want some sweat-proof Tervis cups. I’m so tired of the water spots on my table and I’m going to refinish it.

  78. Amazon and I are pretty.much BFFs. ;-) We several gifts for other people and this gift card would help a lot with that!

  79. I would probably use it on my kids. Thanks for the giveaway. :-)

  80. greentopiaries says

    I’m still trying to find the perfect gift for my sister – have no idea what to get!

  81. Jessica Miller says

    I need a gift for my Fiance! I would use this for Christmas Gifts!

  82. There are so many gifts I haven’t bought/made yet, but I think I would use it for primary texts or an art book.

  83. Cathy French says

    I need to buy for my boyfriends’ mom, sis and nephew. He just wants gift cards so he’s easy to buy for.

  84. We have a lot of things still to buy for our kids. Would use this on some books and movies for the kids.

  85. Felicia Mogavero Johnson says

    $50 would go straight to Stocking Stuffers!

  86. I am still thinking about what to get my mom and sister in law and will use this towards their gifts. Thanks for the chance! :)

  87. Adventum Academy says

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Edis Zukić says

    Well a nice backpack would be great, but when I start to look for one I start to want them all, hard choice indeed

  89. jalapenomama says

    I still need a few things for the grand kids.
    So the Amazon gift card would be shopping for them.
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  90. shannon fowler says

    I have to find so many gifts still. Everyone in my family has birthdays right around christmas too, so I need to find both birthday and christmas gifts for most of them.

  91. We love Amazon! I have multiple lists and would use it for the kid’s Christmas gifts!

  92. Still pondering possibilities for my parents who have downsized – they need nothing and don’t want “stuff.” I would use it on something for our whole family.

  93. I am thinking of some kind of fitness band

  94. shellypeterson says

    I have so much to still buy. I would use this on gifts if I win.

  95. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would use this to buy gifts for the kids. I am almost done.

  96. mommaofthree236 says

    I will use for my teen daughters presents. She wants her own diffuser and a himalayan pink salt lamp.

  97. I haven’t bought many gifts yet. But I do have it planned out in Amazon lists! So one evening I can fill up my cart and be mostly done.

  98. Sonya_Morris says

    I am trying to figure out what to buy for my oldest daughter! I would spend the gift card on books for next semester.



  100. Sarah Hayes says

    I will use it for my childs christmas gifts

  101. anita leibert says

    I am still needing to get something for my parents. I would use the Amazon to help with Christmas gifts.

  102. Andrea Gardner says

    I would use it to help buy things we always need like Toilet paper. I know, totally not fun, but it is where we are at right now

  103. Debbie Snell says

    Always books I love books to give to receive books fuel the body mind and soul. They improve your memory and encourage children to feed and stimulate the brain plus reading can be so relaxing. Did I mention books? :)

  104. I am mulling over a dollhouse for my daughter. I would use the gift card for my kids.

  105. Julie Murphy says

    I would use it to buy something on my amazon list.

  106. I’d love to buy some board games–ones I think are educational but the kids just think they are fun!

  107. stefaniegladden says

    I would use it for my niece, she wants some disney movies like the lion king and finding nemo

  108. Deborah Freeman says

    My kids each have their own wish list under my account, so shopping for them can be done in a couple of clicks! Thank you for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  109. Judy Thomas says

    I would use it for stocking stuffers :)

  110. I would definitely use it for a gift for homeschooling that we so need for my kiddos. Homeschool learning is always put on the backburner at Christmas time in favor of toys.

  111. dianeredcay says

    I still need to buy a gift for my MIL but I never know what to buy her

  112. My family is still recovering from a major job loss and so this year there isn’t very much extra for presents. This gift card would be a huge blessing and allow me to put something under the tree for each of my kids. Thank you for the chance to win !

  113. Neat giveaway! I’m always looking for deals on items from my kids’ wish lists.

  114. Yes! Would help with Christmas!!!!

  115. Always searching for the perfect gift on Amazon…my list grows constantly. Would love to add to our homeschool collection too :)

  116. Oh man we haven’t bought presents for anyone yet! :P I’d use it to by books :P – LeahA

  117. Adarsh Verma says

    for others

  118. Marcia Greenfield-Cabaday says

    There’s a few items in my Amazon cart that I haven’t been able to find in stores. This would be a HUGE blessing.

    Thanks for the chance!

  119. gina Davis says

    I’m thankful for having children during the age of Amazon. I hate having to get out by myself with our 4 children, ages 6 and under, just to get something simple. With Amazon, I don’t have to!

  120. Brandon Sparks says

    A new computer for my son.

  121. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love Amazon! I just bought a gift on there this weekend!

  122. James Robert says

    My daughter has a Nike hoodie she still wants badly.

  123. I won’t tell. :)

  124. Aimee Place says

    I will use it to get things off of my kid’s wishlist for Christmas. All my kids want boots this year so it would probably go toward those

  125. Sihem Sihem says

    i need to buy some books

  126. Laura Wilson says

    Would love to win!

  127. Sign me up. I need pajamas. LOL

  128. PhancyPheet says

    I still need to get my parents something.

  129. I am still deciding on gifts for my son and daughter.

  130. Juana Esparza says

    I need to buy a Kindle because I have run out of space on my 2 tablets.

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