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$200 Cash Giveaway {Yes, you read that right!}

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$200 Cash Prize
You read that right!! This week I’m participating in a different type of giveaway where one reader will win $200 CASH! I’m guessing there are plenty of things you all use this for, right? Maybe to pick up the last of your homeschool curriculum or using it to fix that washing machine that is leaking in your laundry room.

Homeschool Creations has teamed up with some wonderful bloggers and websites to offer you a chance to win $200 in PayPal Cash! Don’t have a PayPal account? That’s OK….you can choose a gift card for Amazon, or Target instead!

Entering is simple! We have one easy entry, which is to leave a comment on this post below the Rafflecopter widget. Be sure to enter using Rafflecopter though and let us know that you left your comment.

There are additional bonus entries you can earn as well ~ just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter widget. We have LOTS of extra entries on this one because we know you will WANT to win!

Want to meet the other sponsors? You may already be familiar with many of them…

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Ready??? Go ahead and enter now!!

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Cassie Harding Osborne says

    I would buy some books for the girls or take them on some trips.

  2. Ali Lockerman Smith says

    Thank you so much for offering this!

  3. Melody Standswithafist says

    I would use $200 to buy baby essentials for my little boy due in Sept. We are starting completely over with this lil one!!

  4. Amelia Hardman says

    curriculum, for sure!

  5. LaToya {Christian Momma} says

    Curriculum absolutely!

  6. Definitely curriculum!

  7. Wendy Thelen says

    I would buy books, books, books!!

  8. I haven’t heard of all those sponsors, but some of them look great! Thanks for this chance to win.

  9. Ok, so I tried leaving my comment first….I would use the money towards curriculum and the many other items on my Amazon wish list.

  10. Buy Teaching Textbooks 3 and 4.

  11. I’d agree with a lot of others- curriculum I need for next year!

  12. I currently have over $350 in curriculum saved in my cart at Rainbow …so , it would go toward that

  13. Suzanne Delgadillo says

    I would use $200 to help fix up my school room.

  14. liezelgraham says

    Hello! I just entered via Rafflecopter… I don’t have Facebook or Twitter and I recently closed my blog as it was ‘stealing’ time from my real focus… my beautiful little boy who is now almost 4. He is a walking miracle and a blessing from Jesus and I look forward to Homeschooling this little ‘mighty-man-of-God’… thank you for your blog! I have learnt much and look forward to learning much more! Blessings from South Africa, Liezel

  15. JenBaker says

    I’d buy more homeschool books!

  16. I’d use it to purchase the rest of our curriculum for next year :)

  17. Ali Giese says

    I would buy things for my classroom! Th2 $200 would be such a big help!! Ali

  18. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  19. What an amazing giveaway. I would be using the money to stock up on new supplies for next year.

  20. I would use the money for curriculum. That would be a huge help this year!

  21. Karyn McKee Hostetter says

    I would buy books for my homeschooling year.

  22. Yeah, I’d love to win!

  23. Kelly Beam Brown says

    Oh gosh, I would buy books and games!

  24. lotsoflittles says

    I think I would finish buying the curriculum I need or possibly a nook or kindle to help my dyslexic daughter become more independent in her school work.

  25. Yay! that would be awesome!

  26. Save it for homeschool supplies!!! :)

  27. Heather Gross says

    I would definitely order books and curriculum for homeschooling this year!

  28. Oh!, I’m not sure what I would do with a surprise 200 bucks?? Goodies for tot school…more books because you can never have to many books right? new flooring for our play/school room because this carpet is disgusting!…plan to take the kiddos and some friends kiddos to the zoo…?? yeah maybe a zoo trip :-)

  29. I will take my family on our 1st getaway together! (even if it’s just a few nights)

  30. Kelly A. says

    I’d love the $200 to buy more educational supplies for my kids!

  31. I would spend it on the rest of the items I need for next school year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. MoriahEsther says

    wow what a great giveaway! I just got my 3 year old his first set of pastels inspired by nana. We haven’t tried drawing anything particular yet, but you were right about having wet wipes nearby! thank you

  33. I think I’d use it on curriculum! Wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  34. Wow! This would sure come in handy for us! I have some new curriculum I have an eye on, and some other curriculum that still needs to be paid for…this would help!

  35. Our medical FSA ran out and all our pharmacy and medical expenses our coming out of our paychecks every week so I would use it to pay for our sons prescriptions. It would be a huge help! Especially since we are trying to save and buy our homeschooling books for next year as well.

  36. Lori Friedman says

    That wold be great!

  37. Oh boy, to have a extra $200 for my babies would be such a blessing.

  38. I would love to win the $200 and put it towards our adoption of a child! Thank you!

  39. Shelly C. says

    I would buy a kindle fire so I could take advantage of all the free books that FreeHomeschool Deals is posting on FB!!!

  40. This is WONDERFUL; thank you! I’d use it for new educational items for my toddler, who loves his letters right now! :)

  41. Caterina says

    It will go toward homeschool resources that I have had my eye on.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win,

  42. Oh my goodness, this would come in so handy! Thanks for the chance — it’s so fun to dream!

  43. It will go towards the books we need for our next school year.
    Thank you!

  44. Sarah Howell says

    I would more than likely use it to make a car payment that we just aquired.

  45. Cash is always good, lol!

  46. Jennifer Smith Urquhart says

    Thank you for the opportunity and links to the wonderful home school sites that I didn’t know existed! I would use the money to purchase supplies, as I have two home schooled students :o)

  47. I would probably get the Target gift card so I could use it on school supplies for the school year! I have been wanting to get some really good coloring pencils and other nice art supplies for my daughter! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I’d buy a couple of things to round out the up coming school year. Things that aren’t in my budget, but would be great to have!

  49. I would get an iPad so I can read e-books!

  50. Nancy Mosley says

    I would use the money to purchase curriculum.


  51. I would buy books, books, and more books!

  52. I could use the money to finish getting our curriculum for this year.

  53. I would spend this on the rest of my curriculum and extras I can’t normally afford for homeschool :)

  54. Wow! $200 to spend on curriculum! Let’s see…AAS, AAR or something from NATHHAN, maybe Teaching Textbooks 3 or MUS, some books I can’t find locally for our world geography study.

  55. Lori TenHaken says

    WOW! What a great way to finish purchasing our read alouds from Amazon for our next school year. Thanks for the opportunity to win an Amazon gift card or the $200.00 in paypal cash!

  56. Purposeful Homemaking says

    I owe my friend $224 for the ISR lessons she taught my kids so I would pay her !!!

  57. Bills, bills, bills. Husband is out of work so it would be helpful.

  58. I would use it for my girls’ birthdays coming up in July and curriculum for the fall.

  59. Michelle says

    I would buy some books on my Amazon wishlist :)

  60. I would love to be able to buy more homeschool curriculum!! :)

  61. Jessamine Marie Ricafort Dungo says

    Buy some toys and clothes for my 2 girls. :)

  62. I would buy some more FUN things for school! Thank you for an AWESOME giveaway!!!

  63. We will be starting our first year of homeschooling this fall. I would use the money for our supplies.

  64. Sara Rojas says

    If I won I would probably mull over what to buy for quite awhile. Or I might purchase my math curriculum then mull over what to do with the rest. Or I might just get everything I could on my Amazon wish list!

  65. Jessica McKelvin says

    I’d probably put it toward bills, I just bought our new math curriculum, and I’d like to be able to pay that off.

  66. Holly Vanderkamp Gordon says

    Buy the “We Choose Virtues” homeschool set and other homeschool supplies :)

  67. $200 would be a huge blessing!

  68. I will spruce up our new “fixer upper” house!

  69. homeschoolmom1234 says

    I would purchase curriculum and activities for my four children.

  70. Hmmmm… I sure do have alot of preschool items saved to my Amazon wishlist that I need to get before August! :) 200 bucks would definitely help out!

  71. I’m saving up for a new laptop to replace the one I have, hopefully before it dies on me. I’d apply it toward that and if there was left over I’d go shopping at the homeschool store!

  72. Angel Mitchell says

    We already bought our curriculum for next year, but I would probably put it toward some extra school supplies for projects for the kids, or we have quite a long list of books that we would love to have at home.

  73. Rebecca R says

    I would start my pre k curriculum. My son starts this year and it would be awesome to have these supplies.

  74. Tara 'Androes' Kelley says

    I would use the money to buy a reading curriculum! I’ve been so anxious about teaching my 5year old to read, but can’t afford a curriculum. Thanks!

  75. We would use if for curriculum!

  76. I’d have to pray about how to use it. God has blessed us already with so much…but would probably use it to bless someone else with!

  77. I would use it to help pay for Classical Conversations!

  78. vitamins, field trips is what’s on my “to do” list right now! Thank you! :)

  79. I’d get the rest of my school books for fall! I’d love to win this, as it would help out SO much!

  80. Dawn Hill says

    I would spend the $200 at Amazon on school books and supplies.

  81. Awesome giveaway! I would use it towards my son’s curriculum for sure! That would be one expense off my plate (=

  82. Oh! Wow! Which bill would I pay first?

  83. Would love to pick up some homeschool resources for the kids!

  84. Erin Johnson says

    I would get the $200 as an Amazon gift card and use the money to buy books for the upcoming school year!

  85. I could really use $200 to use toward curriculum!

  86. veronique salazar says

    bills grocery..anything i need at the time

  87. Kimberly Womack Dawson says

    if i win i would use it to get the last few things i need for next year..i also would put up half and plan a trip to the tenn aquarium!!

  88. $200= summer fun for the kids- day trip to San Francisco!

  89. Christine Apolenis says

    I would use it to buy homeschool curriculum for next year! Thanks!!

  90. Sonya Hicks says

    I would definitely use the money to buy homeschool curriculum for this fall.

  91. I would use the money to buy plastic tubs for science and sensory play.

  92. This would go a long way towards curriculum and other learning products for my daughter to start preschool.

  93. I would use this to finish up with what I need for the science program for this year. Lots of stuff out there.

  94. I would use the prize to order our fall curriculum.

  95. I would use the money to get the rest of our curriculum for next year.

  96. Krista Landenwich says

    We are replacing the carpet in our master bedroom due to a toilet leak while we were on vacation.

  97. I would buy more books for homeschooling!!

  98. I would probably pay off a medical bill. Ooooo fun, I know! But the weight off the shoulders? priceless!

  99. I could buy more home school stuff with 200 dollars.

  100. I need to get next years school supplies ordered and this would come in SO handy!

  101. I need to buy our homeschool curriculum for next year!

  102. Not sure, but maybe get some Christmas shopping done early?!

  103. I’d buy more fun curriculum!

  104. Definitely would help with school supplies and curriculum for next year. Wow! What a great give away. Thank you for the possibilities.

  105. I would use the $200 to get homeschool items for my children.

  106. We have all our curriculum for the year already, but I have really been wanting to get the What’s in the Bible dvd series and that would be a great chance to get it : )

  107. Jessica T says

    I’d use $200 to buy TP, soap, and other necessities that our EBT card won’t buy. And also pay some on our son’s trumpet rental that we are now behind on paying. Losing a good job sucks…

  108. Ohh…so many things! But most importantly probably get things ready for the new baby coming to our family in October!

  109. Mary Arnett says

    Wow! I can’t imagine how many children’s books this would buy on Amazon! Thanks for this chance!

  110. Angie Hernandez-Torres says

    With $200?… It will greatly help to buy school supply for next school year. I have so many ideas for the boys and running short on budget. So, I would spend it all on school stuff.

  111. Homeschool curriculum and maybe a dress or two for my dress loving girls.

  112. I’d put it towards purchasing a Silhouette machine which I’ve wanted for a LONG time!

  113. $200 would by a whole lot of books!!!!

  114. I’d finish buying my curriculum for next year if I won $200!

  115. I would love to be able to buy my son all the science kits he wants! That stuff adds up fast.

  116. Buy more teaching materials and prep them for next year!

  117. I would use it to buy the literature package to go along with our My Fathers World kindergarten homeschool curriculum! Thank you for hosting the giveaway :)

  118. stephanie says

    I would use it for curriculum! LOL… just like I do all my extra money:)) hey, its my life too!

  119. I’m really wanting to get a bible felt set for the fall, but I can’t afford it. This would cinch the deal, here’s hoping!

  120. Danielle Hull says

    We’re pretty good on books, so it would probably go to the orthodontist or oral surgeon!

  121. Jessi Overton says

    What will you do with $200 if you win? – We’re officially starting Kindergarten this year. I’ve got my curriculm list all ready to purchase, just need the money!

  122. This would be such a blessing to win! Josh is starting his dyslexia therapy next month and the payment will be coming out of my PayPal account. I really wanted to have the first two months’ worth of payments in the account at the start since my funds there seem to grow in fits and spurts. This would go a long way toward making that happen.

  123. I would buy homeschool materials for next year.

  124. Sarah LJ says

    What an awesome giveaway! There are a lot of things I could use $200 for, but I think I would tuck it away into savings for future curriculum or homeschool needs (my oldest will be kindergarten age next year and I already have my list going).

  125. A homeschooler can’t afford to miss out on extra cash… :)

  126. $200 would definitely go toward more homeschooling supplies or books. Likely to be spent at Joann’s, Michael’s, or Barnes & Noble. ;)

  127. I’d use this to pay off some of our debt.

  128. $200 would help with curriculum for next year…cool giveaway! :)

  129. We’re getting ready to move, so this would be such a help!!!

  130. We are moving next month, the money would definitely go to helping me put together our new homeschool room!

  131. Courtney says

    This would really help us as we embark on our first year of homeschool. We will have two beginning kider. This is amazing. Thank you!

  132. We need a new refrigerator and this would put us almost to the top of our savings for that. :)

  133. I am looking for several things: Virtues curriculum, nutrition curriculum, and I have been saving for our main history/language/etc curriculum for next school year.

  134. Kristin Peterson says

    I would use it to organize our school room:)

  135. I would love an Amazon gift card! My wish list is three pages long!

  136. I’d buy curriculum. This will be my first year homeschooling, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by the price of everything!

  137. Put it in our adoption fund, of course! :)

  138. Pick up a few Extra school things on my want but not need list!

  139. oblivion219 says

    Allow us to have some fun ths summer, or put towards my son’s school.

  140. I would use the $200 to pay for homeschool books. Or maybe a short getaway for hubby and me. Or maybe… :-) Please enter me to win.

  141. Christine Johannes says

    I would use it towards curriculum.

  142. Heather Benza says

    Normally I’d say curriculum, but we had some hiccups this last month so it would go towards our newly acquired debt. Thanks!

  143. I would love more fun curriculum!

  144. I would LOVE to win $200 to buy some new books and long needed Montessori materials, especially Knobbed and Knobless Cylinders.
    Thank you so much for a great giveaway!

  145. The list of what to do with extra cash is never-ending! What a fun giveaway!

  146. it would go towards the work my car needs!

  147. Brittany says

    I would spend $200 on the rest of the boys’ school stuff for the fall. The rest I would use on a special family outing/trip!

  148. I would love to buy curricula for next year with this. Thank you for the chance!

  149. I would one of two things with $200…I would either finish buying our curriculum or finish redecorating our school room. The practical side of me says curriculum, the other side of me says school room because otherwise I may never get around to it.

  150. All About Reading!!!!

  151. Magdalena says

    I would spend the $200 on some Learning Resource toys as well as, finally, get the All About Spelling program for my daughter!

  152. I would use it towards our curriculum’s for the upcoming school year…

  153. Wow…this would be so great for so many books and homeschooling goodies!

  154. Brooklyn says

    Thanks for the giveaway- I would use it for schoolbooks for next year.

  155. This is quite the giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  156. That money would help me finish some home projects.

  157. I would use it towards curriculum for my children.

  158. This would be a blessing to our homeschooling family….I’d use the $ for buying curriculum.

  159. I would use it to buy art and craft items for my 19 month old! :-)

  160. Wow! What a blessing! I would use the money for our home-school supply needs.

  161. I’d buy curriculum…or more books.

  162. Ashley Hartman Sumners says

    We need clothes! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. Tricia Ensz Watson says

    Fun! I’d purchase curriculum!

  164. Andrea Maddiex says

    Homeschool for sure!

  165. Since it is a gift card for Target or Amazon- I would likely buy some summer clothes for my daughters

  166. I would buy homeschool curriculum. Thanks for the chance!

  167. Michelle Grunkemeyer says

    I would by curriculum for next year – 7 school age kids.

  168. I’d put it towards an iPad!!

  169. Mary Bream says

    Use it toward redecorating my living room – it looks pitiful.

  170. Ashley W says

    I would buy fun preschool curriculum !

  171. Kati Cantu says

    I would definitely use it to buy some fun new preschool supplies to use with the tots.

  172. Margret Schlageter says

    I would put it towards a Kindle so I could read more books. :D

  173. Jennifer says

    I had my eye on some curriculum books but just couldn’t afford it currently…so this would help (if the websites take Paypal ;))

  174. Cynthia Adduce Norris says


  175. I would put it towards some clothes for my twins and homeschool curriculum.

  176. Christina Robinson says

    I would use it for the last of my curriculum for the year! Or maybe to supplement the family vacation we are trying to take this year!!!

  177. Christina Robinson says

    I would use it for the last of my curriculum! Or maybe to help fund a family vacation this summer!!

  178. Charis Chapman says

    I’d love to win this to buy some All About Reading and Spelling products!

  179. Wow! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  180. Carrie Hernandez says

    Finish buying the books for our 1st year at home!

  181. Donyel S says

    $200 extra bucks, sounds like a well overdue teacher spa day!

  182. Oh my gosh, I would *love* the extra money for homeschool supplies/books (or even just a trip to Ikea to get things better organized)!

  183. Courtney says

    Thanks for the opportunity! It would be such a blessing to be able to buy new materials for my preschoolers.

  184. I would buy more hands on manipulatives for my PreK kiddos!

  185. Sarah Mahar says

    I would love to invest in some manipulatives for both of my kiddos! I just can’t squeeze the money out of my regular budget.

  186. I would put it towards our curriculum for this year and field trips I would love to take the kids on!

  187. Kaysha Ballentine says

    If I won I would probably buy some more manipulatives and tot school tools for my son.

  188. We are in the process of building a house, so honestly I would use the money to help me set up my new homeschool room and purchase some new Ikea shelving….just like yours. ;)

  189. Books, books, books – I bet almost everyone will say that – but also, use it to add to some of our summer trips. We’re going to the Smithsonian, but we’d like to do some “extras” too!

  190. Definitely school supplies and books, but maybe a nice something for my hubby, too!

  191. Oh man, my Amazon cart overflows with all the fun stuff I want for homeschooling the kiddies!!!

  192. What a great giveaway! Of course, I’d spend it on fun stuff…you know – like curriculum and manipulatives…hmm…or organizational tools…or shelving units ….or…the possibilities are endless!

  193. I would love to have this for buying books via Amazon or paypal!

  194. Kristina says

    I would buy books, art supplies and learning tools through amazon or paypal!!!

  195. Vacation fun!

  196. Jessica Johnson Pace says

    I would get some more things to finish my sons education room with, and maybe a desk or pay a bill!

  197. I would use it to get some things to begin homeschooling my daughter with or pay off a medical bill.

  198. Lindsey Safford says

    Save it for grocery money or towards washer and dryer. :-)

  199. I would spend the money on curriculum or a berkey water filter!

  200. I’d buy more books :)

  201. I’d buy a microscope for our classroom.

  202. I’d use it towards doing something fun with my family :)

  203. Barbie Fisher says

    buy some school supplies

  204. Melanie W says

    would be great to have for books & supplies!

  205. aSprinkling says

    Something fun for me…or maybe…possibly…some fun homeschool trip or supplies.

  206. I would finish buying curriculum for next year!!! :)

  207. I would love to use it for buying some more homeschool curriculum! (This will be my first year homeschooling!)

  208. Dorothy Walters says

    I would use it to by things like laundry soap, hand soap, all the things food stamps don’t cover.

  209. Amy@Crunchy and Green says

    I still need a few curriculum pieces and a few fun items for the schoolroom.

  210. Carol Hodam Castillo says

    Oh my goodness! Not sure what I would buy right now … I just know that I would bawl my eyes out!

  211. Charlene M. says

    I would use it to pay for the curriculum that I already ordered at the homeschool convention a few days ago, plus a few more fun school items.

  212. 200 dollars would be great!

  213. Ginger Hilson says

    I would love to win this! Especially a amazon gift card (insteads of paypal) as there are tons of homeschool things I could purchase from there!

  214. An amazon gift card would be awesome.

  215. would love to buy curriculum for next year

  216. michelle says

    I would pay for our curriculum for this year.

  217. OMG! this is an amazing giveaway!!
    I would use the money to buy curriculum and set a bit aside for a few field trips

  218. amanda burt says

    Wow. I can’t believethis giveaway!! would use this for my curriculum for sure! Thank you for the opportunity.

  219. AnnMarie Kolb says

    If I win, I will register for massage continuing Ed classes in the fall! Or use it on our next camping trip. Or finally buy a new summer outfit, including shoes…. The choices are endless. Thanks for the offer!

  220. I went to a homeschooling conference yesterday, and got some info. on great resources! If I win, I will definitely be putting some of those resources to use! Thanks for the opportunity!!!! ;)

  221. WOW! This would be great. I would use this to buy curriculum.

  222. Summer Spending $$!!!

  223. SpeedyMom says

    I’d put it towards curriculum as I have bought nothing yet…

  224. This would be perfect for the expedit I want to get for the school room!

  225. Carla Marvin says

    Wow, $200 would help out a LOT! I could get the storage shelf I’ve been looking at for our homeschool area. Right now things are kind of disorganized!

  226. I would love the $200, the upcoming school year will be my first year homeschooling my 4 children. I would use it towards all the curriculum I need to purchase.

  227. Angel Hildreth says

    I would use it to get supplies for homeschooling my son. I just started and have virtually nothing so I would love to get some things for the classroom.

  228. A repeat of others – curriculum and books for next year! :)

  229. Michelle Gills says

    Put it towards our vacation in September:)

  230. Put it towards our vacation!

  231. Field trip!

  232. Jenny Morris says

    I would add it to our Christmas fund!!!

  233. Suzanne Broadhurst says

    Buy a couple new cute housedresses and maybe sock the rest of it away for next year’s blog rent. :-)

  234. I’d have to buy books, of course! :)

  235. April Jackson says

    We recently moved and I could use that money to get our school room put together. :)

  236. Tracey Monroe says

    I will put it towards my son’s homeschool curriculum!! We are looking at purchasing Heart of Dakota’s KG package.
    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!!

  237. Jennifer Miller says

    I’d buy a new camera with some of it.

  238. What a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting this and for the opportunity to win! Going to check out your sponsors.


  239. there are so many great resource books I have been holding off on buying due to cost, I would definately purchase those for next year.

  240. Something to make my life as a homeschooling mom easier and better for my precious boys!!

  241. I would use the money to purchase all my “wish list” items. :)

  242. Virginia says

    Curriculum it would be!

  243. Curriculum!!!

  244. It would go straight to curriculum!

  245. Curriculum

  246. Stacia Emory says


  247. I would buy our 2013 Curriculum

  248. RedOakLane says

    I would put it toward art classes for my daughter :)

  249. Love your site, thanks for the giveaway.

  250. I would put it toward school stuff for my crew!

  251. I would purchase curriculum and supplies as we are just starting out with preschool!

  252. I too am just starting preschool with my little guy and would buy some more books and maybe more art supplies for the fun stuff.

  253. Left a comment here’s to hoping I win. :)

  254. I would buy all the curriulum I really wanted instead of just what we could afford!! :)

  255. I would buy math manipulatives and organizational bins etc. to organize all of my school stuff that.

  256. Jennifer says

    Yes, I’d like to win $200. Have many wish lists, the question would be which one to go with LOL! I have 5 kids, 7th grade through preschool whom I home school :)

  257. LouanneMason says

    I would use it to pay for gymnastics in the fall and laminating sheet refills for sure. after that I am not sure, but we always need something for school around here

  258. Renetta Anderegg says

    As i begin to homeschool in the fall, there are so so so many things on my wish list!!

  259. Brianne Hager says

    It would go towards a microscope that we are saving up for.

  260. Purchase learning toys to keep my littles entertained while I school the older children!

  261. Laminating sheets galore!!!

  262. Michele D says

    It would be lovely to win! Maybe purchase some fun stuff for my two year old to do while the older ones are schooled.

  263. I would purchase our curriculum for next year!!!

  264. summerleighwilliams says

    I’d love to win this $200!! I’d first pay tithe…then I’ve been wanting to purchase the letter of the week curriculum (prek) and i also found a us geography/travel pack from livinglifeintentionally’s blog – all for my almost 3 year old!! I could also purchase some other school stuff or add to our monthly budget for “extras”. Thanks for the giveaway!! Have a great day!!

  265. Lisa Malone says

    I would have a shopping spree galore! So many things I want to purchase for my kids!

  266. I will by a telescopic lens for my camera!

  267. Nicole Szymanski says

    homeschooling supplies and present for my daughter who’s birthday is on the 26th!

  268. I’d use it buy an annual zoo pass for our local zoo!

  269. I would use it for groceries and a date with my man!

  270. We would use it toward one of our fall vacations and school supplies!

  271. I would use it to buy a new math program for my son.

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