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10 Reasons to Attend the HEAV Homeschool Convention

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For the past 4 years I have attended the Home Educators of Virginia Homeschool Convention {HEAV} in Richmond, VA. It has been one that I have absolutely LOVED and look forward to each year. Want to know why?

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the HEAV Convention

  1. A hands-on look at curriculum. HEAV has a exhibit hall that has over 300 vendor booths. This is truly one of my favorite parts of the convention. As soon as the doors open on Thursday, I love to browse the new products, talk to the different companies and open and see first-hand so many great products.
  2. The price is right. The registration fee for attending is very reasonable and that includes the entire family {spouse and kids ~ should you decide to bring them along!}.
  3. Parents of preschoolers can attend free. HEAV has such an amazing heart for getting parents started off with homeschooling and qualifying families are able to attend for free!! If your oldest child is under the age of five, check to see if you qualify!
  4. A HUGE used curriculum sale. By huge, I mean HUGE! This is another one of those highlights for me during convention.  Thousands and thousands of items to browse through and find deals for, sorted by subjects and grades ~ something that you don’t want to miss! Last year there were over 60,000 items
  5. Wonderful speakers and workshops. There are always new faces teaching workshops and seasoned homeschool favorites each year. There are typically over 125 workshops scheduled, meaning there is PLENTY to choose from and lots of wisdom to be gained.
  6. Session Recordings. With so many workshops and only one of me, I am so happy that HEAV offers convention recordings via mp3’s that I can store on my computer and listen to in the months to follow. They have given me so much encouragement in years past ~ and just when I needed it!
  7. Relationships. Over the course of the last few years I have met some amazing people at HEAV ~ various vendors such as Virginia Soaps & Scents, WriteShop, and Nancy Larson Science. I love coming and visiting with the companies and building relationships with them ~ connecting on a different level. It makes all the difference in the world!
  8. Free Virginia Home Educator magazine!! While this doesn’t only depend on the convention, HEAV offers a free quarterly magazine, The Virginia Home Educator, available to anyone ~ even if you don’t attend the convention.
  9. An amazing children’s program. Although our kids have never attended the convention {I’ll admit I’m selfish and grab a weekend away!}, several of our friends have used the children’s program and their kids have loved it. Just don’t forget to pick your kids up for lunch! {not that my friends have ever done that…ahem}.
  10. Meeting with friends! Over the years I’ve been able to meet up with friends from far away, friends that I’ve made via blogging {we’ll have another meet-up this year!!} and hang out with friends from home that are attending with me.

Do you have a favorite homeschool convention that you attend yearly?

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This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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  1. Soo stinking excited about going this year!!! Even if I am snuggling in a King bed w/ a friend ;-) Def. let me know the details for the meet up!

  2. We are very new on this journey of homeschooling and I could use the encouragement and inspiration of a conference!

  3. I would love to attend the conference to not only look first hand at curriculum (my children are polar opposites so what’s working for the oldest is definitely not going to do for his sister), perhaps make some connections for homeschoolers in nova, and really for some refreshment and encouragement. This is our first year of homeschooling and we added twins to the family so it has definitely had its rocky moments!

  4. My husband and I usually attend CHAP {in PA}…we’ve considered going to HEAV but haven’t taken the plunge yet.  

  5. I’m going!!!  Very excited!

    • OK – forgot to say why… the exhibit hall and the used sale are amazing… but I love the encouragement I get from the workshops.  First couple times I went I didn’t go to the workshops, but last year I did, and I was so encouraged and equipped…

  6. I would love to go especially since its close to where my family lives ( I live in Indiana) so we would be able to see my family. I would love to go to look at all the curriclums so I can figure out what I am doing this fall.

  7. I have never been to a homeschool convention so I would LOVE to go.  I need inspiring and motivating right about now and I could so use a weekend away…plus, it would be fantastic to meet you in person!

  8. Why would li like to attend?  THe price is right, and there are Charlotte Mason Talks!  It seems less like curriculum folks talking about curriculum, and more about homeschooling issues and life!

  9. I would love to meet other homeschoolers in the area!

  10. Looking forward to HEAV this year!  My kids love it as much as I do!  Hannah is looking forward to volunteering at the AHG booth again this year and I love the used book sale!  You will be blessed!  Thank You HEAV!!!

  11. Samantha Moore says

    I’d like to attend for the opportunity to buy the used curriculum

  12. Fiveacorns2oaks says

    Would love to check out the used curriculum sale

  13. Stephaniebeninghove says

    I’ve actually been on the fence this year about going.  I usually love to register early so I can get to the UCS early–or volunteer, but we’ve moved over an hour away and I’m just not sure.  I love the convention, I look forward to it every summer as a great way to end the year and exhale.  I would love to hear most of the speakers and receive that encouragement.

  14. Kristen Seguin says

    I haven’t been to a convention in a couple years and would like to get to one – I want to have a look at several math programs as we make the decision to switch. 

  15. Lindsey Hull says

    I live in Virginia and am a first year homeschooler.  This would be such a blessing to be able to attend this conference.  

  16. I would like to attend so that I can see this awesome curriculum sale!

  17. I would love to attend, it’s my first year homeschooling and I would love to learn some new ways to handle everything, as it has been a rocky start! …i’m also happy that this is only a few hours away from home.  :)

  18. Kristinannking says

    We are planning to attend this convention this year and would love a family pass!

  19. I’ve been to one homeschool conference and that was last year.  It was so encouraging and amazing to see the curricula choices out there and to meet such wonderful, helpful folks.  The workshops were outstanding as well!  We so enjoyed it!

    • We are thinking of changing curricula this year and really want to look through our other options and maybe even find some that is used to try.

  20. We need the vision of what is happening in the HS field!!  Thanks!

  21. I would love to be able to view all the different curriculum in person and to be encouraged by the different speakers.

  22. YES!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

  23. went last year and had a great time – but on the fence about going this year … guess i’ll go if i win a ticket!

  24. I’ve never been to the convention before and would love to check it out because I’ve heard so many good things about it.

  25. Rebekka S says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a family pass to the convention. We’ve never been before and it would be such a wonderful experience for us. 

  26. I’d most like to go for the encouragement of being with other homsechooling families!

  27. I’d love to attend the conference, and getting this pass would assure I’d be able to go!!  woohoo!

  28. I went to the convention a few years ago and was very inspired!  I was no longer apprehensive about home educating, but very excited to get started!

  29. apheartsong says

    I would like to attend because I only went once with an infant several years ago. We’re kind of stuck and I’d love to be able to visit the vendors with the older kids and hear some speakers. I have attended conferences online, but I have trouble processing the information I hear only.

  30. Tricia Tiller says

    I love to attend the convention because it motivates me and gives me the encouragement and confidence to homeschool another year.

  31. Baranski1987 says

    The curriculium sale. Love shopping Rainbow!

    Cheryl B


  32. It would be great to browse through all the books!

  33. Bowandjenn says

    What an awesom opportunity!!

  34. Bowandjenn says

    What an awesome opportunity!

  35. I want to go SOO bad this year! In 2010, we had plans to go but a delay in my sweet Joshua entering this world threw those plans out the window. He was 9 days late and I just couldn’t risk going to the convention (2 hours from home) being a week past my due date. Last year there was no give in the budget to go :( 

  36. That sounds AWESOME!! I love it that parents of preschoolers are free …. can you tell I have preschoolers? 

  37. Brooke Greenstreet says

    I am a (new!) co-op leader!  I need to sink my teeth into as much information as I can find!  I’d LOVE to win!  Thanks!

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