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10 Gifts of Wisdom by Sally Clarkson – a new ebook

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There’s a new ebook available from Sally Clarkson – 10 Gifts of Wisdom. I’m currently reading one of her other books, Mission of Motherhood, and highly recommend anything by her. (Yes, I love her that much). She truly is a HUGE encouragement to mothers everywhere – homeschooling or not.


10 Gifts of Wisdom by Sally Clarkson

Her new book, 10 Gifts of Wisdom is now available on Kindle and  TODAY ONLY is just 99 cents!! It is in ebook format only at this point and will be $4.95 after the sale ends.

Here’s a little more about the book {via the publisher’s Amazon blurb}

Every parent wants their child to grow into a gracious and competent adult. Gratitude, perseverance, generosity; these are just a few of the social and spiritual skills children need to gain before they leave home. Yet few parents today have a clear vision for how to cultivate those traits in their children. What does it look like to form character? How can a mother train her child’s heart to be excellent and good? The 10 Gifts of Wisdom answers those questions.

In these pages you will be inspired, instructed, and empowered to give your children the foundations they need in order to build a life of strength and meaning. This book presents ten gifts of character and wisdom that every parent can give their child before they leave home. A hands-on guide to character formation, is crammed with practical suggestions, personal stories, and encouragement for moms in the thick of child training. But this is also a book of vision, offering moms the inspiration and comfort they need as they seek to form children with excellent characters, strong minds, and loving hearts.

Discipleship and Discipline for the Desperate Mom

And in case you missed it earlier, Sally Clarkson is also the one that teamed up with Sarah Mae to teach a four-part Discipleship and Discipline course. Their course was live-recorded, so if you missed their initial webinar, you can still take part in this fabulous class. You can re-watch segments of the program at any time! Find out more about that here.

Enjoy and be encouraged!

This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy .

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